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Achievement Unlocked 2

Move your blue elephant around platform rooms and do all kinds of crazy things to earn achievements.

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How to Play


  • Use the W,A,S, and D keys to control your elephant

Game Description

A Game about Achievements

Do you like achievements? Do you like to go above and beyond what the game expects of you and collect every single one out there to prove your complete mastery over its mechanics? If so, then is there a game for you! The Achievement Unlocked series has no plot or anything whatsoever to worry about here; it’s all about getting the achievements. Do you think you can pull that kind of stunt off in short order? It’s tougher than it sounds. The enormous meta-puzzle is all part of the game, so prepare to use your noggin to think both in and outside the box. Getting all of the achievements in Achievement Unlocked 2 will be an achievement in and of itself!

Achieve, Achieve and Achieve Again

You’re an achievement-seeking elephant. That’s all you need to know. You’re in a video game labyrinth that looks typical at first, but is really teeming with all sorts of secrets and puzzles. It’s up to you to find them all and get every last achievement in the process. Good luck!

  • Collect 250 different achievements.
  • Explore every nook and cranny to find hidden rooms, secret items and achievements of course.
  • Hover over platforms with anti-gravity fields.
  • Collect money from the level. Getting money unlocks achievements. Spending it gets you even more.
  • Stay away from spikes to avoid dying, or jump into them intentionally to get even more achievements.
  • Ascend to higher and higher floors.
  • And much more!

Achieve Your Way or the Highway

There’s no wrong way to play Achievement Unlocked 2. The game not only boasts flexibility, but it also lets you experience it in a variety of different modes.

  • Get the Achievements in any order that you wish.
  • Break the record. Can you beat your best time in unlocking all of the achievements?
  • Play the Campaign mode to get those achievements at your own pace.
  • Play Time Trial to grab as many achievements as you can in four minutes.
  • Play with a friend. Create a co-op room and see how many achievements you and a buddy can rack up together.

A Crowning Achievement

Achievement Unlocked 2 might be one of the oddest and most bizarre premises for a game ever conceived, but that’s just the inherent beauty of it. By consisting of nothing but achievements, the game is an impressive and fast-paced meta-puzzler that will give your brain a workout. Load it up on your browser and get cracking on those achievements.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Buy everything in the marketplace with the coins you collect in game.  This will unlock new rooms and features.
  2. Sometimes dying is a great idea
  3. Some achievements have nothing to do with what you do "in game"
  4. You can fill the rooms with water if you go up high enough.  Doing so will unlock new opportunities
  5. There is more than one ending in the game


Video Guide

SPOILERS: Speed run through the entire game in 12 minutes getting all the achievements


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