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Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution

Fully customize your weapons and armor and jump into a ton of different multiplayer FPS play modes.  Earn Combat Points and buy great new gear to make yourself an even more lethal weapon.

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Game Description

A Shooter with Flexibility

Do the first-person shooters of today feel a little too rigid for you? Would you like a little more flexibility in the way you can fight other players? Do you want to be able to run at whatever speed you like, withstand as much or as little damage as you can manage, and wield whatever weapon your heart desires?

IGN review gives you a nice overview of the game and key gameplay features

You may not in most first-person shooters, but you most certainly can in Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution! In this thrilling multiplayer shooter, you are free to create the perfect warrior of your choice. Choose your armor, choose your weapons, and join of team of highly skilled players from all over the world as you battle it out on sprawling maps set in the futuristic world of Blacklight. Best of all, you can get started on Retribution right away without needing to pay a single dime!

Blacklight does a great job with its top notch graphics

There are Different Ways to War in the Street

Like most multiplayer FPSs out on the market today, playing BlackLight: Retribution will require more than an itchy trigger finger, a sharp eye, and a thirst for pixilated blood. There is a wide assortment of games with varying winning conditions and succeeding in each of them will require a much different strategy and play style.

  • Play Deathmatch for some old-school FPS action. It’s every player for him or herself out there and you’ll earn points for every kill that you make. Whoever scores 3000 points first wins.
  • Play Team Deathmatch to fight side-by-side with a whole team backing you up. The first team to score 90 kills first wins the match.
  • Play Domination to take control of special data nodes that award your team with precious data and points. Stand guard over the node or hack directly into it to earn points and keep the other guys away. The first team to score 750 points attains victory.
  • Play King of the Hill and go to serious war over the data nodes. Fight for domination over every node in the game. The winning team is the first one that takes control of five nodes at once.
  • Play Capture the Flag to steal your enemy’s flag from the depths of their base while you keep them from doing the same to your own.
  • Play NetWar to play a more involved game. Earn points by taking control of one of four bases for your team or by stealing a flag in the center of the arena. Whichever team scores the most points when the clock runs down wins.
  • Play Kill Confirmed for a more complicated form of deathmatch. Simply killing a player is not enough to earn points for your team; you need to confirm that you got the kill by retrieving a dog tag from his or her corpse. Deny points for the other team by retrieving your fallen comrades’ tags. The first team to attain 70 points wins the match.
  • Play Siege to escort a powerful Scorpion Tank into the enemy’s base before the clock runs out.

Promo video for the Kill Confirmed game mode

Get New Weapons

As you fight, kill opposing players, and capture objectives, you’ll acquire Combat Points. These points can be used at a Weapon Depot to purchase all sorts of powerful weapons you otherwise can’t acquire anywhere else. Bringing the right armaments to the field will often be the key to achieving victory for your team.

Lots of nice guns available for your enjoyment

  • Earn extra points by getting headshots, going on killing sprees, dominating other players, and more.
  • Become a Warlord by racking up kills. Such a title proves your superiority in combat, but also means that whoever slays you gets an even greater CP bonus. Stay on guard, Warlord.
  • Spend Combat Points at a depot to refill your health and ammo.
  • Buy an arsenal of powerful new heavy weapons available nowhere else. Set enemies ablaze with the FT18 Flamethrower, give yourself more guns by deploying the AT-D4 Turret, turn enemy players into Swiss cheese using the T56 Trident minigun, and more!
  • Get a Hardsuit airdropped to your position. With this suit of mechanized power armor, you’ll sacrifice speed and mobility for nigh invulnerability and sheer firepower. With a minigun in one hand and a railgun in the other, you can mow down everything in seconds. The only reliable way to defeat a player in a Hardsuit is to use another Hardsuit!

Experience Reality in a Whole New Way

Exclusive to Blacklight: Retribution is the Hyper Reality Visor. Also called the HRV, this cool device gives all soldiers on the battlefield a host of new tools that will make their jobs much easier. When you have some time to breathe and suspect trouble just around the corner, simply put on your visor and make sure that the coast is clear. Fight intelligently with the HRV!

Ah, technology!

  • Highlight the positions of your enemies and allies.
  • Locate supply depots and mines quickly, easily and safely.
  • See through walls and avoid walking into enemy ambushes.
  • Pick up on weak points in enemy Hardsuits so you can take them out with just your regular gear.
  • Use the HRV wisely. It takes time to recharge and you can’t attack while it is active.

Arm Yourself

There are no classes in Blacklight: Retribution and no set weapons that you’re restricted to. If it shoots, you can use it. Not only that, but just about every weapon in the game can be further tweaked and customized so that they work precisely how you want them to.

Official video showing off the anti-material rifle

  • Equip nearly a dozen different primary weapons, including the assault rifle, bolt-action rifle, light machine gun and more.
  • Use a variety of secondary sidearm pistols, like the revolver, machine pistol, heavy pistol and dart gun.
  • Kill up close and personal with a variety of melee arms like the combat knife, machete and Black Mesa crowbar.
  • Throw a number of deadly explosive weapons, including the frag grenade, toxic grenade, proximity mine and EMP grenade.
  • Tune your guns to your heart’s content. Swap out muzzles, stocks and barrels to alter you damage output, spread, recoil and run speed.
  • Add magazines to increase your ammo capacity and provide even more perks.
  • Attach scopes that allow you to kill from greater distances, fire more accurately, or look down your iron sights.
  • Change the type of ammo your weapons will fire. Shoot incendiary rounds, toxic bullets, electro shots, and explosive rounds.
  • Pick up other players’ custom weapons and try them out for yourself.

Suit Up

What kind of soldier do you want to be? Do you want to move fast and dodge bullet with fancy footwork and unmatched agility? Would you prefer to withstand tank shells by decking yourself out in the thickest steel you can find? Would you prefer a middle ground? In Blacklight: Retribution, you choose the kind of protection you will wear, the amount of mobility you will have, and the kind of combat you will partake in.

  • Use armor in three different weight classes: light, medium and heavy.
  • Equip separate pieces of armor onto your legs, torso and head.
  • Your choice of armor determines how fast you can run, how much stamina you can have on reserve, how much health you have, and how much gear you can equip.
  • Put on different helmets to alter the time it will take to recharge your HRV.
  • Customize your appearance by downloading different skins and textures that are available for every individual piece of armor. Let your enemies know who you really are when you send them to the sweet hereafter!

Play with a Team

Blacklight: Retribution is a FPS with a fair amount of emphasis on teamwork. Personal skill will certainly help advance your in-game career, but if you want to consistently win matches, you need to learn how to work with your team. Despite that, you don’t need to worry about having to bring a group of friends along for the ride; there are plenty of servers available for a casual player to just jump in and start gunning fools down. Thanks to the game’s flexible character-building system, there are a lot of ways you can help your team achieve victory. Whatever you do, just make sure you do it well.

Play for Free

You don’t need to spend a cent to get into Blacklight: Retribution. If you have a Windows PC with sufficient power, you can begin playing right now if you want. When you get started, you’ll only have some basic armor and armaments at your disposal. With time, you can expand your arsenal and configure a build for your avatar that plays just the way you like.

  • Use whatever weapons you can pick up.
  • Play every type of game on any server that is available or set up your own.
  • Earn Combat Point during a match and spend them at a nearby Weapon Depot to get all sorts of goodies for that match only.
  • Acquire Game Points as you play and use them to purchase new weapons, pieces of armor, gun components, and skins from the in-game Marketplace.

Name Your Price

If you just don’t have the time or patience to unlock everything you want in Blacklight: Retribution, then you can instead opt to buy you new toys with real cash. In case you are concerned, this is not a pay-to-win game. Everything that has a practical use can be obtained in the base game for free. Spending money is just a way for you to speed things up.

  • Convert real money into ZEN and use it to purchase new gear from the Marketplace.
  • Unlock new items permanently or rent them for an allotted amount of time.
  • Buy new pre-made weapons that have all their components configured for you or purchase components separately to put together your preferred guns.
  • Many purely aesthetic items can only be purchased with ZEN.

What Makes it Great?

Blacklight: Retribution may have a lot of stiff competition in the field of FPSs, but it still finds plenty of ways to stand out from the crowd. Few other games in the genre can boast the sheer amount of customization that it features.

With dozens of different guns to shoot, all of which can be fine-tuned to your exact specifications, there are virtually no limits to what kind of arsenal you can build for yourself. The armor that you can equip further specializes your character, altering his or her endurance, speed and inventory size accordingly.

Promo video for the Onslaught expansion that added new game modes, new maps, new weapons, and a new stat system

The use of the HRV adds another layer of strategy you won’t find in many other games. You can change your play style on the fly simply by paying a visit to a depot in the middle of a game. Most of all, how many shooters let you climb into the cockpit of a mechanized suit of armor at any time? Getting into a Hardsuit alone can be worth the price of admission.

In short, Blacklight: Retribution allows for an untold amount of flexibility on top of a staggering variety of game modes and it lets you partake in it all at no extra cost! Give it a whirl if you want to add a little more variety to your FPS experience. You have nothing to lose with Blacklight!


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