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Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions

Engage in fast-paced, arena battles that won't suck hours of your time.  Bloodline Champions will test the limits of your strategy and skill.

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Game Description

Enter the Arena and Test Your Skills

This fast-paced adventure game is simple to learn and difficult to master, and the brisk pace will appeal to casual and veteran gamers alike. Take control your a champion and battle to the death as part of a team. Compete in one of several arena maps in a brisk clash of skills. With numerous combinations of maps, skills and character types available, Bloodline Champions offers a fresh experience every time you log in.

Nice player created video showing you the strengths of Bloodline Champions

Choose Your Champion and Prepare for Battle

Bloodline Champions offers a brisk-paced, skill-based combat experience. Players can face off against each other in one of three different PvP maps, and the objectives of each match will vary depending on the map chosen:

  • Arena is a PvP death match between two opposing teams. Each match is made up of five rounds, and each round is one when the last member of the opposing team has been defeated.
  • Capure the Artifact is a standard capture-the-flag map; each round ends when one team has successfully captured the other team's artifact.
  • Conquest is a map where teams must battle to capture and control various points within the arena.

Regardless of the map chosen, players can expect the game to move swiftly. Each round is designed to last around two minutes, so a match can be completed within 10 minutes. This makes Bloodline Champions a perfect game for casual gamers or people looking to squeeze in gaming time during their lunch breaks or after dinner. For more hardcore gamers, the rapid game play ensures that players can face off against the widest possible variety of opponents.

There are a total of 22 different "bloodlines" that you can play. Each falls within one of four main types: tank, healer, ranged attack or melee attack. Regardless of the champion's archetype, all champions have seven different abilities. Of these, two will be enhanced versions of other abilities, and one ability will be an ultimate attack.

Although all of the bloodlines of a specific type will have many similarities, there are enough differences between each champion to keep players engaged and challenged. The game rewards people who are particularly skilled with a single champion, so most players will tend to choose one or two primary bloodlines to focus on rather than dabbling widely.

A Different Style of Combat

The combat style of Bloodline Champions differs from other games in several important ways:

  • Skill-based combat. Rather than relying on randomized factors like critical strikes, all attacks in Bloodline Champions are based on a player's skill. This means that they must be aimed with the mouse and dodged in real-time.
  • Use of cool-downs rather than mana or other limits during combat. Different abilities will have different cool-downs, and these must be managed effectively in order to get the best use of the brisk combat rounds.
  • No auto-targeting or attacks. Every attack you make must be aimed, and accuracy is rewarded as much as strategy.
  • No character leveling, loot or gear system. All of the elements that can create an imbalance among players of other MMOs are avoided in favor of a more streamlined combat system that's accessible to new and veteran players.

The game uses the keyboard for movement and a combination of keyboard hotkeys and mouse clicks for attacks. The third-person POV distinguishes it from many of the skill-based first-person arena fighting games on the market, and it provides plenty of opportunities for players to admire the fun, vibrant art style.

The Perfect Arena for Challenging Your Friends

The sleek combat mechanics of Bloodline Champions allow players to jump into the game and begin competing right away. The game provides a number of different ways to enjoy fighting with friends or strangers. You can join a match by yourself through a computerized queue, or you can form teams with friends to challenge opponents.

Team size can vary anywhere from a 2v2 match to 5v5; this makes it easy to build a team and challenge opponents regardless of how many friends you wish to play with. The in-game VOIP chat and observer mode will help you communicate with players in-game to discuss strategies and coordinate attacks.

Team work is a major component of success in Bloodline Champions, and creating successful strategies with your friends will help you succeed in future matches. If you allow the computer to match you with teammates or opponents in ranked matches, you will be automatically matched with people with a similar skill level to you; this will help keep the game from feeling too imbalanced and will allow you to face more difficult challenges as you gain experience with the game.

After each match, you will gain two types of feedback that will affect your rank. The first is experience, which is earned through winning and playing matches. The second is grade, which is earned by winning with a specific character. In other words, you may gain experience with a specific character and be ranked quite highly for that character; if you decide to switch to a different champion that you have never played before, you will be matched against players of similar levels for their own champions. As with other aspects of the Bloodline Champions experience, this helps to keep the game balanced and accessible.

Although PvP matches are the lifeblood of this game, you can play against the computer to practice your skills and get the feel of a new champion. This will provide you with the full array of options normally available on an unranked server, and it will not affect your experience or grade for regular matches. As a fun added touch, the AI-controlled characters will even give you feedback and trash-talk you in chat when you make a mistake.

Earn Achievements or Pay for Access

Bloodline Champions operates on a free-to-play model with flexibility for players to decide whether and how to spend their money. After downloading the game, you can begin playing immediately. You will have access to a rotating selection of champions, and the selection changes on a weekly basis. If you wish to buy the use of a champion permanently, you can buy it with one of two currencies: blood coins or Funcom points.

Blood coins are earned through achievements within the game. The more matches you win, the more coins you will accrue. These can then be used to purchase champions for use whenever you want them. Alternatively, you can spend real-world currency to buy the Funcom points, which can be used for the same purchases.

If you would prefer to have more complete access to all of the game's content, you can purchase the Champion or Titan editions of the game. These editions unlock characters for unlimited use, and they come with some additional perks for hardcore gamers. For example, players with the Titan edition receive a discount on blood coins and Funcom points, and they also get free access to future bloodlines.

Players looking for a sleek, fast-paced arena adventure will find what they're looking for in Bloodline Champions. The game was released to high critical acclaim; it earned an eight out of 10 from IGN and an 85 percent from Strategy Informer. Bloodline Champions is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7, and the small game size makes it perfect for players who want to jump into the combat experience quickly.


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