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Bow Master Japan

Master the physics of an ancient longbow and take out targets in the allotted time

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How to Play


  • Move your mouse to aim your bow
  • Click and hold your left mouse button to draw your arrow back.  Release the mouse button to fire

Game Description

Learn the Way of Archery

The bow and arrow may look humble, but it was one of the world’s most effective weapons for the longest time. In the hands of a skilled archer, whose training encompassed his entire life, it was something to be feared by experienced soldiers and wild beasts alike. In Bow Master Japan, you will get a taste of the skill needed to wield these fine weapons. Travel from one scenic locale of feudal Japan to another and shoot every target you can find. Learn to time your shots and compensate for the bow’s natural deficiencies; only then will you prove to be Japan’s premier archer.

An Exotic Shooting Gallery

Bow Master Japan simulates the archery experience by arming you with a bow and putting you into a variety of shooting ranges. The object is simple; all you need to do is shoot all the targets. Like most things in real life, the actual methods of doing that will prove to be much more difficult.

  • Tour a variety of gorgeous Japanese scenes, complete with pagodas, Shinto shrines, koi ponds, cherry blossoms and more.
  • Relax to the backdrop of traditional Japanese music.
  • Aim carefully. Your arms aren’t the steadiest things out there and will naturally sway once your arrow is notched.
  • Features realistic physics. Remember that arrows arch after they’re launched, so use that to your advantage.
  • Shoot all sorts of targets, including lanterns, kites, fans and wooden carvings depicting fish and dragons.
  • Solve miniature shooting puzzles. Hit a bamboo deer-chaser to expose a hidden target, open up fans before shooting them down, and more.

Improve Your Score

It’s not enough to just hit targets. If you really want to be a bow master, then your aim will need to be consistently fast and true.

  • Shoot down all the targets before time runs out. Get rid of them faster to earn more points.
  • Aim quickly. You’ll get a bonus for every successful fast shot you can pull off.
  • Be accurate. The fewer misses you get, the better your score will be at the end.
  • Upload your score onto the online leaderboard and show everyone who the best archer in the world is.

Right on Target

Bow Master Japan is an exquisitely-made archery simulator with gorgeous visuals, lovely sounds, and physics that make the shooting feel authentic and believable. The range of targets you have is wide and the degree of skill you need to hit them is challenging without being frustrating. Take a few moments out of your busy schedule to go back to feudal Japan and see for yourself how satisfying shooting a bow can be.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Learning how your arrows arc at various distances is crucial.  Sometimes you need to aim higher than your target and some times lower.  Get a feel for how your arrows behave during the early levels.
  2. One way to hit moving targets is to shoot at them when they are moving side to side the least (i.e. when they are moving toward you, momentarily stopping, or changing direction)
  3. Some moving targets require you to draw your arrow back before they appear so you can quickly hit them before they disappear (i.e. the water dragon on level 4)
  4. Two techniques to hit moving targets are called tracking and trapping.  Tracking is where you move your bow and follow your target and shoot.  Trapping is when you position your bow somewhere in the path of the target and when the target crosses your sites, you fire.  Try both techniques to see which works better for you.

Video Walkthrough


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