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Bubble Tanks 2

Shoot enemies to steal their bubbles and make progressively stronger tanks!

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How to Play


  • W key moves you up
  • S key moves down
  • A key moves left
  • D key moves right
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot
  • Spacebar - fires secondary weapon (if your tank type has one)

Collect enough bubbles and your ship will grow stronger.  Eventually you can choose from different kinds of ships with different weaponry, speed, and armor.  There are at least 26 different kinds of tanks.

Game Description

You’ve Never Shot Things Up Quite Like This Before

In the world of shoot-em-up games, you have likely commandeered fantastic vehicles like airplanes, spaceships, tanks, lone gunmen and dragons, among other things. Likewise, you have probably destroyed alien ships, enemy vehicles, giant bug monsters, and asteroids during your career. However, things go on a much deeper level in the Bubble Tanks series. In these games, you shoot things up with a tank made entirely out of bubbles. You shoot bubbly shells from your bubbly turret to destroy bubbly enemies. Does it sound strange, alien and bizarre to you? It should, but don’t let that deter you. Bubble Tanks 2 is one of the most intriguing, deep and challenging shooters you will find in a long time.

Build and Burst Your Bubbles

You might only be a few packets of air in a vast ocean of water, but being a bubble in Bubble Tanks is anything but boring. There are lots of enemies to shoot, lots of ways to burst them, and lots of ways to expand. Attacks can come from any angle, so always be on your metaphorical toes.

  • Collect bubbles from your defeated enemies to build a more elaborate-looking and powerful bubble tank.
  • Shoot down dozens of different bubbly enemies. Watch out for colossal shooters, bubble proximity mine layers, homing bubble missile launchers, and more.
  • Determine the growth of your bubble tank. Outfit it with rapid fire capabilities, explosive shots, or whatever else suits your style.
  • Try not to get hit. If you lose too many bubbles, you may lose a level.
  • Features freeform gameplay. Choose the direction you want to go in and decide how far you want to take things.
  • Face tougher enemies the further down the line you go.

Test Your Bubble Shooting Skills

In the game’s Normal Mode, you will move from puddle to puddle, taking on greater challenges and opponents. On the other hand, if you want to experience a quicker game with a more tangible goal, then head on down to the Arena. In this mode, you can make a challenge of your own to see just how up to snuff your shooting skills are.

  • Decide what enemies you will face and how many will come gunning for you.
  • Choose your weapon. Pick a bubble tank to lay waste to your fizzy opponents.
  • Play Normal Mode to unlock new tanks and enemies for the Arena.

It’s a Breath of Fresh Air

The premise behind Bubble Tanks 2 might seem a little odd, but you will quickly find out that it’s a very charming and challenging little title that should delight shooting fans everywhere. The designs of the assorted bubble tanks are oddly creative, the ways you can tackle the challenges are many, and the presentation values are oddly soothing. Load up Bubble Tanks 2 and see how good you are at bursting someone else’s bubble.

Tips & Strategies

  1. You can hit enemies even if you can see them on screen
  2. Moving in a circular motion near the outside edge and firing into the center can be a good tactic.  Always move and shoot!
  3. The game can be beaten with any tank type.  Experiment with which style suits you best.
  4. You will fight the boss of the game once you have a 5th generation tank
  5. The enemies get harder the farther you get away from the center of the map (your starting bubble).  If you travel around in a circle from the starting bubble and slowly move outward, it may be easier to level up your tank.


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