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Chaos Faction

Create a fighter and beat your way through challenging arena combat!

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How to Play


  • Z key - Attack 1
  • X key - Attack 2
  • Left and Right arrow keys move your character left and right
  • Up arrow key to Jump
  • Down arrow key to activate shield
  • Space Bar to pause game

Campaign Mode - Face bosses in arena combat, beat them to get new weapons, levels, and characters

Deathmatch Mode - Create your own custom game

Survival Mode - Defeat as many enemies as you can

Game Description

Get Ready to Rumble

Words are for wimps. It’s time for action! In Chaos Faction, you’ll be using your good old fisticuffs to do most of the talking as you move from one colorful level to the next, beating up ugly fools every step of the way. Create a unique-looking fighter and punch and kick his way to glory in over a dozen levels. Pick up a nasty variety of weapons while you do your handiwork and teach your opponents how to withstand new levels of pain. When you’re done fighting, you can then try creating a few levels of your own using all the toys you’ve collected. When you’re looking for some solid fighting action, then your last stop should be Chaos Faction.


Chaos Faction is a free fighting game that you can play directly from your browser. You’ll take control of a fellow whose small size belies the power his left hooks can deliver. Help him prove his dominance in the ring by traveling all over the world and beating up the wackiest fighters ever produced.

  • Play as a pre-made character, or create your own from a mix of heads, limbs and eyes.
  • Fight across 15 levels, each with their own unique hazards and obstacles. Fight in the mountains, atop skyscrapers, aboard a pirate ship, and even in the vacuum of space.
  • Punch and kick your enemy into submission or throw him off a cliff.
  • Grab over 30 different weapons that appear at random intervals. Subdue your opponents using a katana, assault rifle, freeze ray, laser cannon, taser, rocket launcher and more.

Choose Your Game

There are many ways to beat up a loser who looks at you funny, especially in Chaos Faction.

  • Play Campaign mode to duke it out against every individual character in one-on-one combat.
  • Set up a Deathmatch game for a more wild and open bout. Fight against up to five other combatants, choose the winning conditions, and select which weapons will make an appearance.
  • Put your skills to the test with Survival mode. See how long you can last against a never-ending wave of enemies.

Fight in Your Own Arena

If you want a little bit more variety, then you’re free to make it yourself. Chaos Faction includes an easy-to-use level editor that just about anyone with any sense of creativity can pick up. Get cracking with those new war zones and start a fight in them pronto!

  • Set the background for your new level.
  • Put up a wide array of platforms in whatever way you like. Add assorted layers to the level, put in different pits, and so on,
  • Determine the starting locations for all players involved.
  • Unlock new props by completing levels in the campaign.

Hail to the Champion

Chaos Faction is a wild and wacky fighting game that cannot be denied. The characters, levels and aesthetics are hard to forget, the action is intense, and the weapons are incredibly fun to use. If you need to let off some steam or excess energy, then load up Chaos Faction and start a brawl today!

Tips & Strategies

  1. Knocking your opponent off a ledge can be a quick way to score a kill
  2. Use the Freeze Ray to stun your opponet and then punch them off a ledge for a quick kill
  3. Bosses can be baited into areas where you can easily kill them or knock them off a ledge.  Learn how each boss responds to your movements and take advantage
  4. Some powerups have strong knockbacks that can be used to knock your opponent off a ledge (are you getting the "knock them off the ledge" strategy yet?)
  5. When you opponent has a powerup, sometimes the best thing to do is run away and jump alot to get them to expend their ammo
  6. Make getting the powerups a priority unless you have a powerup you want to keep
  7. Sometimes you can get multiple shots in at once when your enemy keeps running straight at you


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