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Build a base, develop superior armies, and take out the enemy base.

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How to Play


  • Use the mouse to click on the base, make structures, and deploy troops
  • Move the mouse left and right on the screen to scroll and see more of the battlefield and the enemy base

Game Description

War Has Been Declared

Stand at attention, soldier! The colony has been attacked by an old enemy and it’s high time to launch a counterattack. The colony must now be repurposed into a base suitable for war. You need to train soldiers, produce tanks, build up a formidable air force, and send them after the enemy. You cannot afford to waver even once because they most certainly won’t. Know when to advance, when to retreat, and when to hold your ground. Only then will you have any hope of eliminating the army standing right outside our gates. We need you. Colony needs you!

Strategize for Free

Colony is a thrilling real-time strategy game that you can play for free on your browser. It has all the strategic trappings we know and love, including resource management, troop placement, base-building, and tactical combat.

  • Complete a story campaign across eight challenging missions.
  • Set up a custom game on Quick Play. Play on five levels of difficulty.
  • Accumulate three different resources over time: money, manpower, and electricity.
  • Play as three distinct factions: Capitalists, Fascists and Communists. All have unique attributes, buildings and units.
  • Train infantry soldiers and combat medics to fight on the frontline and heal personnel respectively.
  • Produce vehicles like tanks and helicopters to bolster your forces and make them more destructive.
  • Issue orders to your troops. Amass them at your rally point, send them forward slowly but surely, hold the line, charge the enemy base, and make tactical retreats when necessary.

Human Minds are the Best Minds

If you find that the computer is just not proving to be a worthy opponent, then you can be thankful that Colony boasts an impressive multiplayer mode. Play with or against another human and see who truly deserves to be a general.

  • Log in with your Armor Games account. Keep track of your statistics and hook up with your friends more easily.
  • Play as a guest if you so choose.
  • Team up with an ally. Work together against a common goal by dividing responsibility up in terms of unit production and employed battle tactics.
  • Message your allies and enemies in-battle using the in-game chat client.

Are You Ready for War?

It’s not everyday that you can experience a challenging RTS for free, but Colony provides exactly that. There’s enough solid resource management, unit production, and battle tactics to impress any strategy aficionado. The ability to challenge or team up with your buddies is the cherry on top. Sign up for Colony today and earn your stars in its personal army.

Tips & Strategies

  1. The in-game Tutorial is a must for new players.  To access it, choose "Quick Play" then "Tutorial Level"
  2. Every troop has its strengths and weaknesses against enemy troops.  Learn which troops can attack air and ground targets.  Here is a guide to troops and what they can do
  3. Upgrade structures to get access to more powerful troops.
  4. The more troops you have in the field, and the more battle area you control, increases Influence.  Influence makes your units stronger.
  5. Mass building Marines can greatly help if you are getting destroyed by air units
  6. Meditechs are deployed from hospitals and automatically heal ground units
  7. The most effective weapon against enemy bases is the Light Weapon carried by some ground troops like Romans


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