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Crush the Castle

Use your catapult skills to take down enemy castles!

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How to Play

  • Click to start the catapult and click again to release the projectile
  • Where you release the projectile in the catapult's swing determines how high and how far the projectile flies
  • R key resets the level
  • Use your arrow keys to view the castle target
  • M key mutes the sound

Game Description

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

By royal decree, the king has declared war on all the foreign nations in the realm. As his majesty’s most trusted siege master, it falls upon you to carry out his will with swift and ruthless efficiency. Bring the royal trebuchet to your nation’s enemy leaders and destroy their castles one by one. Leave not a single soul alive! The lords, ladies, royal guards and court jesters all must be crushed beneath your heel. Please be efficient while you do so. The king’s coffers are only so generous and he can only tax the peasants so much. Therefore, you have a limited number of shots at your disposal. Use your keen eye and experience for destruction to bring glory to the king’s name in the form of countless piles of rubble.

A New Kind if Siege Warfare

Your mission in Crush the Castle is simple. Use the king’s trebuchet to destroy every castle in the land and eliminate the enemy nobles. The good news is that the lords are poorly defended and will not be able to fight back against your onslaught. The bad news is that their castle walls are strong and their architectural designs are brilliant. It will take a clear head and impeccable aim to bring them all down.

  • Complete each level by crushing every coward who’s skulking in the castle.
  • Release the boulder from the trebuchet at the right time to determine its trajectory and distance.
  • Hit weak points in the castle walls to send them tumbling down.
  • Do not expend all of the shots you have at hand. Doing so will fail the level and forever mark you as a “royal failure.”

Bring the Right Ammo for the Job

Your trebuchet is so advanced, that it can launch more than just boring old rocks. As you destroy more and more castles, the king will give you access to better and more destructive ammunition. Use your judgment to determine what will penetrate the enemy walls and send your foes straight to Hades.

  • Choose which kind of boulder you would like to fire on every turn.
  • Launch boulders in three different sizes.
  • Fire a single boulder at a time, or send three to the walls simultaneously!
  • Shoot explosive bombs to cause even more destruction.

Build Your Own Castle

When you have had your fill of Crush the Castle’s pre-built fortresses, you can try your hand at making some of your own. Assemble a castle piece by piece with the game’s easy-to-use editor and see how well it can stand against the trebuchet’s might.

  • Put together your castle using a variety of materials. Build its walls and floors out of wood and stone, add as many layers as you see fit, and top them off with fancy ornaments.
  • Assemble your castle with a user-friendly point-and-click interface.
  • Populate your castle with noble lords, ladies, maids-in-waiting and royal guards.
  • Set your castle to one of five different backdrops.
  • Save your creations, load them up anytime you like, and on any computer you want.

Conquer in the King’s Name!

Crush the Castle is a challenging game of siege destruction with a darkly humorous twist. By using the built-in physics to your advantage, you can cause widespread destruction across the continent and invoke terror in the hearts of aristocrats everywhere. Meanwhile, those who are more creatively-inclined can try their hands at building their own castles and knocking them down. If you’re a budding demolitionist or builder, then load Crush the Castle up on your browser and begin your reign of terror today!


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