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Crush the Castle 2

Use a catapult and shoot various projectiles to take out enemy castles

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How to Play


  • Use your left mouse button to start and release the catapult

Game Description

Another Hard Day at War

The King of Redvonia is proud of you! You crushed every castle in the land and expanded his realm tenfold. However, his greed will not be so easily sated. There are more lands to take, more kingdoms to conquer, and more castles to crush. Not only that, but the rival nations have gone the extra mile in making their walls sturdier than ever before. As the royal siege master, it once again falls upon you to destroy every enemy castle. Load up the trebuchet with all manner of rocks, explosives and potions, and use them to bring the enemy castle walls crashing down. With a few well-timed and well-aimed launches, this war will be over before lunch.

More Castle-Crushing Action

Crush the Castle 2 features even more castles for you to crush. Look for weak points in the castle walls, see what trajectory will be needed to cause the most widespread destruction, and unleash the trebuchet upon the king’s enemies!

  • Wage war on three kingdoms.
  • Complete each level by crushing every living inhabitant. It doesn’t matter if they’re a king, queen, minister, princess, jester or lowly peasant. They all must be crushed!
  • Launch a minimal number of shots to earn a gold medal on every level.
  • Don’t waste your shots. If you expend them all, you’ll become a royal failure.

Choose Your Ammo

Crush the Castle 2 features even more wild ammunition than you thought was possible. As you play through the game and crush more castles, you will unlock bigger and better projectiles that will make crushing these new brands of castles a snap.

  • Launch basic projectiles like logs, boulders and steel balls.
  • Set off a variety of deadly explosives. Send in basic bombs that blow up what they collide with, long-fused bombs that go off after a few seconds, detonation bombs that you can blow up with the push of a button, and more.
  • Hurl magical potions that affect specific materials. Burn wood to ash with the Flame Potion or fry whoever’s foolishly standing on metal with the Electric Potion.
  • Use the Ice Potion to freeze chunks of the castle into brittle blocks of ice.
  • Destroy everything at once with the slow-acting acid.
  • Launch projectiles one at a time or in sets of three.

Build Your Own Castle

When you’re through with taking orders from the king, you can try your hand at looking for other people’s castles and toppling them over. On the other hand, you can also build a few castles yourself if you’re sick of destroying them. Use what you learned from the main campaign to construct a castle that no trebuchet can crush!

  • Go into the new and improved Castle Builder to make your own castle.
  • Make castles from over 20 different materials.
  • Alter the terrain in whatever way you see fit. Create mountains, hills, gorges and plateaus, and then build your castles upon them.
  • Set the background. Determine the time of day, the weather, and the landscape the castle will be situated in.
  • Save your castle and share it with the world. See if anyone has the wits to crush your creation.
  • Go into the People’s Empire to crush castles created by other players.

A Non-Crushed Dream Come True

Crush the Castle 2 improves upon the original game in just about every way. There are more castles to crush, more ways to destroy them, more challenges to complete, and more achievements to unlock. The ways you can build your own castle and challenge other players to topple it are even more impressive. The fun never ends in Crush the Castle 2!

Tips & Strategies

  1. Every castle structures has its weak point that will take the whole thing.  Experiment with where to hit structures to see how they fall.
  2. Sometimes knocking down a castle involves hitting something else and relying on flying debris to do what you need
  3. Different projectiles have their strengths.  If you aren't having success with one kind, try another
  4. Accuracy is key.  Releasing your projectile at certain points in the catapult's arc determines where the projectile will hit.


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