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Diablo III

Diablo III

Descend into hell and experience the award winning action RPG fans have been waiting for all this time.

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Game Description

Return to Hell

Sanctuary is in danger. The End Times are coming. Evil is reawakening, its minions now plague the land, and worst of all, you are the only one who can stop it. Return to the dark and gothic world of Blizzard’s award-winning action RPG series in Diablo III.

Official video from Blizzard showing extensive footage of gameplay action with a variety of characters

You must brave the deepest and darkest pits of despair, witness things man was not meant to know, and carve a bloody swath through the denizens that inhabit it all. The rule down there is kill or be killed; there is no room for reason, negotiation or civility. To defeat the monstrous forces that lurk within Hell, you have to become an even greater monster. It is the only way you can ever hope to beat back the embodiment of terror himself and leave something salvageable left in the world.

An Ancient Evil Awakens

Twenty years have passed since the events of Diablo II. Diablo the Lord of Terror was defeated, as were his two brothers, Baal the Lord of Destruction and Mephisto the Lord of Hatred. Unfortunately, it came at a cost; the Worldstone was destroyed and the barriers that separated the world of Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell were lost forever. It has since been left at the mercy of both and it could only be a matter of time before either decide to enact their wills upon it.

Official video that explains the story up to Diablo III

Regardless, Sanctuary has enjoyed a time of relative peace and prosperity until recently. Hushed whispers have begun to spread across the land, reporting the appearance of demons and their related atrocities. Most recently, a falling star has been sighted in the city of New Tristram that has attracted curiosity from scholars and adventurers alike. Taking the role of one of these individuals, you go to investigate the star and discover the horrifying truth; it is an omen for the End Times. The forces of Hell are indeed returning to Sanctuary with Diablo at the helm. This time, there may be no way to stop them.

A Return to Classic Tactical RPG Action

Just like its predecessors, Diablo III is a hack and slash dungeon crawling RPG. You must dive into the heart of the enemy and kill everything that gets in your way until you reach Diablo himself. Over time, you will grow stronger and acquire more powerful spells, abilities and weapons that will help you complete your quest.

That’s good, because the deeper you go, the more desperate things will get. Only the bravest, strongest and most spirited warriors can truly survive in the depths of Hell and chances are likely you may not be one of them.

  • Dive into deep, treacherous and horrific dungeons where the layout, enemy encounters and treasure troves change radically with every play-through.
  • Play as one of five distinct character classes. For the first time ever in Diablo, you can now select your gender for all of them.
  • Collect a growing number of weapons, suits of armor, and potions of assorted rarity. Recover them from the corpses of your enemies, purchase them from the local shopkeepers, or hire an artisan to craft all new items for you.
  • Increase the power of your equipment by inscribing runes into each piece to provide even greater statistical bonuses.
  • Play on four levels of difficulty: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. Add another layer with Hardcore mode, which ensures that when you die, you stay dead. Reloading a save is not an option.

Prove Your Mettle with the Barbarian

The Barbarian class from Diablo II returns in Diablo III. Having no need for scholarly texts or suspicious sorceries, Barbarians rely on their might and physical prowess to see victory. Barbarians know that dominating evil requires only a resolute will and great strength of arms and they have plenty of both to send Diablo and his ilk back to where they came.

Get a good look at the Barbarian and his powerful melee abilities

  • Equip yourself with the heaviest armor and the biggest swords you can find to bring the fight directly to demonkind.
  • Accumulate Fury as you fight to unleash all manner of powerful physical attacks. Hit multiple foes at once with Whirwind, render enemy armor useless, charge furiously and more!
  • Specialize in either using two weapons at once or wielding one big one in both hands.

Master the Elements with the Wizard

Knowledge is power to the Wizards and they are very knowledgeable indeed. There is much to learn from taking a trip into the underworld and only by doing so can mankind truly defeat the demons. With mastery over the natural elements, Wizards can unleash a torrent of devastating magical spells onto whatever gets in their way.

Good a good look at who the Wizard is and what this character can do

  • Harness the power of fire, lightning, ice and the arcane. Shoot elemental beams, magic missiles, explosive surges and more.
  • Use magic to protect yourself from harm. Increase your armor, reduce the amount of damage you take, or freeze yourself in a block of ice that chills everything it touches.
  • Summon blades of pure spectral energy to cut up all enemies in sight.

Fight Darkness with Darkness using the Witch Doctor

By summoning macabre minions and relying on dark voodoo magic, Witch Doctors can cut a sinister figure in Sanctuary. However, they are just as much a force for good as everyone else and they seek to restore the spiritual balance that has been disrupted by Hell’s incursion.

Overview video of the witch doctor and what he can do

  • Call forth any number of minions to assist you in combat, including zombies, locusts, frogs and the Gargantuan.
  • Weaken your enemies by casting any number of curses onto them. Invoke terror with the Horrify spell, poison them with a cloud of acid, or transform them into weak creatures.
  • Phase through enemies and obstacles as if they weren’t there by Spirit Walking.

Hunt the Most Dangerous Game with the Demon Hunter

No one else in Sanctuary truly understand the demons like the Demon Hunters do. They know fully well what those abominations from Hell are capable of doing, they know how they fight, and they know precisely how to slay them better than anyone else. Everyone else may consider their quest to be a holy mission, but what do the Demon Hunters think? They are just hunters and demons are their quarry.

Overview video of the Demon Hunter

  • Arm your hunter with a repeating crossbow in either hand and let loose a storm of arrows onto Diablo’s army.
  • Use Hatred to unleash hell upon Hell with your offensive talents. Fire trick arrows to stun your enemies, coat them with elemental powers, hurl explosive grenades with deadly force, and more!
  • Use Discipline to activate a variety of defensive maneuvers. Scatter caltrops on the ground, obscure yourself with smokescreens, or hide in the shadows to plan your next move.

Purify Sanctuary with the Monk

Hailing from the holy land of Ivgorod, Monks are warriors that fight using divine might and the power of their own fists. Through rigorous training and discipline, they are capable of smiting evil, deflecting projectiles, and deftly dodging attacks that could otherwise kill them.

Good overview video about the monk and his abilities

  • Equip vicious claws onto your fists to introduce Hell’s elite torturers to a new kind of pain.
  • Increase the speed at which you move while you cripple your foes’ limbs.
  • Burn your unholy enemies with the holy power of your faith.
  • Avoid damage not by avoiding attacks, but by dodging them with pure agility.

Take a Companion with You

The journey into Hell can not only be a frightening experience, it can be a lonely one as well. Everywhere you go, some deformed monstrosity is going to want to kill you and torture your soul for eternity. Fortunately, you don’t need to do it alone; there are more than a few brave souls found throughout Hell and Sanctuary that are ready and eager to join you on your quest to help stem the tide.

  • Find Kormac the Templar and bring some added protection along with this heavily armored vanquisher of evil. Watch as he draws enemy attention away from you, improves your defensive utilities, and smites his foes with his sword and shield.
  • Recruit Lyndon the Scoundrel to add a constant stream of damage as he riddles Hell’s demonic spawn with fiendish bolts from his crossbow.
  • Team up with Eirena the Enchantress and witness as she warps the twisted minds of Diablo’s minions. She can charm them into fighting on your side, disorient them to keep them from attacking, or transform them all into harmless chickens ripe for the slaughter.
  • Every companion has his or her own personality and character arc that allows you to learn more about them and increase the amount of drama there is to the story.
  • Companions can level up with you and acquire better equipment and more powerful skills.

Descend into Hell Alone or Join Up with Some Friends

The Diablo series may have popularized a lot of the tropes associated with MMORPGs, but it is not that type of game. It can be enjoyed by yourself just as much as it can be with others. You can trek through every dungeon, you can slay every enemy, and you can complete the story as a single-player game.

However, there are a great number of perks available to those that join the extensive online community of Blizzard’s proprietary service.

  • Explore the dungeons of Hell with up to three other players watching your back.
  • “Ninja looting” has been rendered into a thing of the past. Every player is assigned his or her own loot drops from enemies that no one else in the party can see or take.
  • Bring any of the computer-controlled companions with you on your multiplayer endeavors.
  • Customize your own personal banner and use it to warp other players to your location.
  • Buy and sell whatever items you’ve acquired on your travels either directly with other players or via the online auction house.
  • Take your character to the Arena and battle it out against other players in intense tactical combat on a wide variety of maps. See if your skills and builds are good enough to compete with the best out there.

Enjoy Your First Moments in Hell for Free!

If you have a decent gaming computer, you should be all set to play Diablo III. It’s available to PC and Mac systems everywhere. Better yet, if you’re not so sure that it’s the right game for you, then you can get a taste for what it has to offer with the free Starter Edition.

  • Sample all five classes and see what they are capable of.
  • Play through Act I, see how the story begins, and face your first boss.
  • Boost your characters up to level 13.
  • Play cooperatively with other Starter Edition players.
  • Buy the full game to unlock every feature it has to offer without any additional downloads.

What Makes it Great?

Diablo III, like most of Blizzard’s products, has been a long time coming and most agree that the wait was worth it. Its predecessors were some of the most revolutionary games of their time, combining in-depth character progression with fast-paced tactical combat and atmospheric dungeon exploration.

More than anything else, they never stopped giving you the feeling that you were always improving; no matter how strong you were, you could always grow even more powerful. Diablo III does all that and a whole lot more. It upgrades the visuals with new and improved three-dimensional graphics, brings a stronger narrative to the formula, and improves the multiplayer to make it more fun and polished than ever before. In the end, it’s just as eerie, intense and addictive an experience as it ever was. See what all the fuss is about and take a journey into Hell with Diablo III.


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