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Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Enter the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the original RPG tabletop game available for free play as an MMO.

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Game Description

The World of D&D is Open To You

Dungeons and Dragons Online offers players a chance to get lost in the beautiful world of Ebberon. From exploring long forgotten ruins to defeating powerful foes with the help of others, hours of gameplay await. Active combat, in-depth character progression and a wide array of equipment provide a new take on classic MMORPG mechanics. With unlockable classes and adventure packs available, there are always new places to see, new foes to defeat and new glories to achieve.

Dungeons and Dragons free to play launch video

Enter the World of Ebberon

DDO introduces players to the planet of Ebberon. This world features a variety of environments, from lush jungles to frozen tundra, filled with quests, creatures and potential allies. Each area of the world features a collection of stories to experience with your character. Major plots include the fall of the giants, the rise of the Drow, the creation of the world and more.

A look at some of the gameplay of D&D Online

What to Expect from Dungeons and Dragons Online

DDO is an Action MMORPG. This allows players to engage in combat and work with other players. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, player movement and position can be used to dodge attacks, shield allies or sneak up on foes. The bulk of the gameplay experience in DDO revolves around storytelling and combat. Major cities in each of the planet’s areas provide a place to gather quests, interact with other players or upgrade your equipment and skills.

Dungeons are scattered throughout the world as well. These locations are much more difficult but contain some of the best equipment and upgrades to be found on the world of Ebberon. While many of the quests will have restrictions or prerequisite quests, the game allows you to choose from a variety of options throughout your adventures to allow you to experience the world in your own way.

Creating Your DDO Hero

Dungeons and Dragons Online bases many of its characters in classes on the official Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 pen and paper game set. Each class and race offers a distinct blend of abilities and traits that make certain races ideal for certain classes. However, in most cases, you can choose any class and race combination in the game without worry of problems later in the game. DDO also offers the ability to multiclass. This allows you to choose three different classes per character for near-infinite flexibility.

Player narrated video provides a nice overview of the classes and their strengths

Classes included in DDO:

  • Artificer: Artificers are ranged attackers that can harness magical energies to increase their attack power. Using pet companions, crossbows and other weaponry, this class is ideal for solo players and strong within groups as well. The class is unlocked through gameplay or for a small fee on the DDO store.
  • Bards: Through singing songs and enchanting foes, bards can turn the tide of any battle. They can heal, attack and perform specialized roles with ease. However, they are strongest when used with a party and can be difficult for solo players to use.
  • Barbarian: Barbarians channel anger, fury and raw physical strength into devastating melee attacks. This class does lack some of the heavy armor of other melee classes but makes up for the fact with increased damage. This class is ideal for both group and solo play styles.
  • Cleric: This class is one of the most armored spell casting classes in the game. This survivability makes them great for solo players. The ability to heal and increased damage against the undead make them a powerful ally to any party as well.
  • Druid: Through wielding the powers of nature, druids can damage foes, heal allies or provide other benefits to a party. This class can fight with both melee and spell casting but are unable to wear metal armors. This versatility makes druids a great choice for both solo and party gameplay.
  • Favored Souls: This class is similar to a cleric in many ways. The ability to cast spells quickly makes the Favored Soul an ideal support class and exceptional spell casting damage class. This also makes them great for solo playing. This class is unlocked through gameplay or for a small fee on the DDO store.
  • Fighters: This class has the most weapons and armor available to them of any class in the game. This allows them great flexibility and allows players to use a variety of tactics based on the fight requirements. This makes them a good choice for both solo and group play.
  • Monks: As masters of hand-to-hand combat, monks offer fast-paced gameplay and great survivability. Their weapon and armor choices are limited compared to many melee classes. However, with a little practice, this is made up for by a large list of skills and excellent damage dealing capabilities. This class is unlocked through gameplay or for a small fee on the DDO store.
  • Paladins: As divine warriors, paladins assist party members through spells and auras while damaging opponents in melee combat. This class is one of the most resilient in the game and welcomed in virtually any party. As both a great solo and group class, this is a great choice for players new to DDO.
  • Ranger: Using bows and small arms, rangers deal damage with deadly precision. Abilities such as firing multiple arrows or creating snares for opponents make this a flexible ranged damage class. Keeping enemies at a distance allows the player to deal damage without worry of attack and makes Rangers great for solo players.
  • Rogues: Specializing in stealth and deception, this class can disarm traps, sneak up on foes and unleash devastation from the safety of the shadows. Being the only class that can disarm traps makes rogues an essential part of any group. However, their weak armor and tactical nature can make this class difficult for solo players.
  • Sorcerers: Sorcerers specialized in fast-paced spell casting. Through use of magic items, this class can augment spells and abilities for increased damage. While this class is capable of outstanding ranged damage, they have some of the weakest armor of all classes in DDO. This can make the class difficult for solo players.
  • Wizards: Masters of the arcane arts, this is the only class in the game capable of learning every arcane spell. Spells can be switched at taverns and shrines for greater flexibility as well. While they can be difficult for solo playing, their potent damage abilities and variety of support spells make them a welcome addition to any party.

Races included in DDO:

  • Elf: Elves have a variety of innate resistances, keen senses and a natural bonus to dexterity. This makes the race ideal for rangers, rogues or wizards.
  • Drow: The Drow are descendants of ancient elves. Secluded in the dark caverns of Ebberon, these elves gained numerous special abilities and resistances. High intelligence and charisma make this race ideal for rangers, rogues and spell casting classes.
  • Dwarf: Born in the caves of Ebberon, dwarves are a hearty and stout race. Natural poison resistance and large health pools allow them to survive encounters that other races cannot. This makes dwarves ideal for creating fighters and barbarians.
  • Half-Elves: As a mix of humans and elves, half-elves are one of the most versatile races available. Their racial abilities allow them to mimic the skills of other classes while their resistances and characteristics make them great for any class as well.
  • Half-Orcs: As a mix of humans and orcs, half-orcs are the strongest race in DDO. They have the ability to wield massive weapons and are ideal for fighters, barbarians and monks.
  • Halfling: Halflings are small and agile. This makes them ideal for use as rogues, rangers, bards, clerics or monks. Their size provides an innate boost to armor and allows them to hide in shadows easily.
  • Human: With the ability to boost many of their skills and attributes quicker than other races, humans are a flexible race and ideal for nearly any playing style or class in the game. When specialized to a single class, humans are extremely potent.
  • Warforged: Warforged are a race of beings created as soldiers for an ancient war. They have recently resurfaced and are finding a place in Ebberon society. Their natural resistance to most status effects and a large health pool make them ideal as fighters, artificers, barbarians, wizards and sorcerers.

Play DDO with Friends or Alone

Dungeons and Dragons Online offers a varied selection of solo and group content. The ability to solo content is largely dependent on the class and race of your character. In many cases, melee or healing classes are great for solo play while light armor or offensive spell casting classes can be trickier to manage without a party. Group quests and dungeons are also available throughout the game. These areas often require advanced tactics and five or more players. However, these areas also offer equipment that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Praise for DDO

One of the unique aspects of DDO is the active combat system. In many MMOs, you simply press keys to attack and the battle unfolds. In DDO, your position and movement also play a role in the fight. By moving in front of passing arrows, you can defend other players. By sneaking behind the enemy, you can deal increased damage. Rolling out of the way before a big attack can reduce the damage that you take. This makes the fighting system in DDO faster paced and more interactive than many other MMOs.

System Compatibility

Dungeons and Dragons Online is currently exclusive to personal computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Broadband Internet is also recommended for an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Free Content for DDO

The amount of content available for free within Dungeons and Dragons Online depends on the amount of time that you have available to play. Most of the classes and races available at no extra charge. There are also over 80 missions that free players can take part it with no additional time or money investment.

Further classes and features can be unlocked with Turbine Points. These points can be purchased through the in-game store or earned through various achievements within the game. Through playing the game, it is possible to earn enough Turbine Points to unlock all of the additional adventure packs as well as many of the additional races and classes.


Video Guides

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons Online


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