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Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Guide your team of heroes to recover Greenwood's sacred jewel before evil takes over the land in this RPG adventure

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How to Play


  • The game can be played entirely with your mouse

Game Description

The Fourth Chapter Begins

It has been some time since Matt the sword-obsessed warrior, Lance the ex-Nazi gunner, Natalie the hot chick, and NoLegs the legless cat saved the world from the evil Akron. With nothing else to do, the gang have taken to traveling the land and helping themselves to whatever the heck they like from the hapless populace. Who would have ever thought that the heroes of legend were really just a bunch of petty thieves? In any case, they’ve recently ticked off a ranger named Anna. After ransacking her village of Greenwood, they made off with a sacred jewel that supposedly must never fall into the wrong hands. Miffed by this news, she sets off to take it back and put an end to their crime spree once and for all.

Thus begins another misadventure in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. You’ll guide the old team of antiheroes alongside Anna in a colorful and trope-overdosed RPG adventure. Explore a sprawling world, kill monsters in tactical turn-based fights, learn dozens of new spells, and collect an assortment of treasures to improve your team’s killing power. Can you help them recover Greenwood’s sacred jewel before calamity strikes? Probably not, but it should be hilarious to watch them stumble all over each other while they try.

Level Your Team

As in any good RPG, you must guide a team of would-be heroes across the land. They’re not very strong at first, but given enough time and experience, they should hopefully become the stuff of legends. You never can tell with this pack of fools.

  • Guide the development of four distinct characters, each with their own talents and personalities.
  • Equip them with an assortment of weapons, armor and badges. Not only do items grant special abilities in combat, but they change everyone’s appearance as well.
  • Upgrade your items with the raw materials you uncover in the world.
  • Learn dozens of new spells and abilities. Shoot fireballs, cast puffs of wind, heal your characters in combat, and more.

Engage in Epic Fantasy Battles!

This isn’t called Epic Battle Fantasy for nothing. The realm is dotted with many dangerous foes that eat adventurers and antiheroes for second breakfast. In your quest to save the world and loot it for all its worth, you will take part in many epic and not-so-epic turn-based battles.

  • Fight hundreds of powerful foes, including ghosts, flame spirits, golems, man-eating plants and more!
  • Unleash a devastating Limit Break attack after you’ve taken enough abuse.
  • Every enemy has its weaknesses and strengths. Learn what elements they are vulnerable to and exploit them for all that they’re worth.
  • Summon powerful animals to help you in the midst of battle. Call forth a friendly dog to heal everyone, a Scanbot that can reveal enemy weaknesses, and more.
  • Weaken your foes with some debilitating status effects. Burn them alive, freeze them in blocks of ice, stagger them to make them more susceptible to critical hits, curse them to die in a few turns, and so on.

Get Ready for the Adventure

Epic Battle Fantasy IV is a high quality RPG with fantastic visuals, great music, hilarious but loveable characters, and epic fantasy battles. It’s a game you can lose yourself in for a dozen hours or so before seeing the end. It’s amazing to believe it comes packed with all of this good stuff and it can be played for absolutely no money down! There’s no reason to refuse the call to this hero’s journey. Grab your bow, equip your pirate hat, and join Matt and the gang in yet another Epic Battle Fantasy.

Tips & Strategies

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