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Fly a paper airplane and upgrade its abilities with money earned from every flight.

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How to Play


  • Use your mouse to pick up and throw your paper airplane
  • Once you have the rudder control upgrade, you can direct your plane with the A and D keys
  • Once you get an engine and you can activate it using the Spacebar

Game Description

Spreading Cheer all Over the World

Little Sandy only wants one thing for Christmas: to see her mom again. Therefore, she writes a message for Santa so that the most wonderful time of the year can indeed become the most wonderful time of the year. Help get the message to the big guy up north by guiding the paper airplane all the way to his workshop! Throw it with all your might and let it soar through the air, grabbing as many goodies as you possibly can. It’s unlikely you’ll get Sandy’s message to its destination at first, but with enough upgrades, you can ensure that this plane will go on a journey all across the globe!

Do it the Wright Way

A paper airplane by itself isn’t capable of much. However, by buying a few key upgrades, you can gradually fabricate the smallest and most astounding flying machine the world will ever know. The Wright brothers will wish they had your ingenuity!

  • Install a rudder into your airplane so that you can steer it in the air.
  • Attach a fire engine and fuel tank to your plane so that you can give it a much needed boost of speed.
  • Decrease the plane’s weight, make it more aerodynamic, and give it more efficient fuel sources.
  • Turn your humble little paper plane into a more sophisticated-looking machine over the course of the game.
  • Improve the effectiveness of items and power-ups that you grab in mid-flight.

Prepare for Miniature Takeoff

You don’t play a game called Flight just to walk around on the ground. You’ll guide your paper plane across the world, using the wonders of miniaturized flight technology. Sadly, you can only stay in the air for so many minutes, but there are plenty of ways to maintain altitude if you have the skill.

  • Start the plane up by picking it up and throwing it with your mouse.
  • Grab stars as you go to get free money. Get the gold stars to get even more money and a speed boost to boot.
  • Pick up paper cranes to increase the amount of money you earn from stars for a limited amount of time.
  • Hit the paper windmills on the ground to extend your flight time just a little longer.
  • Play the wind to your advantage. It can give you some extra lift or send you plummeting down!
  • Use the money you collect in flight to purchase new upgrades from the store.
  • Level up as you fly to advance the story of the game and fly through new locales.
  • Unlock over 20 achievements.

A Pleasant Flight

The aptly-named Flight is a charming adventure that you might have a hard time putting down. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself playing it all night, just to move that little contraption a few feet further. The myriad of ways you can improve your little plane and the little stories that are told over the course of its journey are just the icing on the cake. Buckle your seatbelt, take a ride on Flight, and have yourself a very nice day.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Keeping the nose of your airplane slightly up helps the plane fall a bit slower and extends your flight time
  2. Early on, invest in improving the core abilities of your plane (lightweigth, aerodynamic, engine, green fuel, better model, and crane boosters)
  3. Cranes help you fly longer by giving you a burst of speed.  They can be tremendously helpful in improving your flight times
  4. Wind Detector and Hurricane upgrades are better left for later when your improved plane encounters wind issues at higher altitudes


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