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Create defenses by combining gems for defensive towers to annihilate enemies advancing on the road.

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How to Play


  • Use your mouse to click on spells and gems
  • Drag gems with your mouse to move, throw, or combine them
  • Number keys 1-6 will select various spells
  • P key pauses the game
  • Holding down the Shift key lets you place multiple towers, use multiple gems, and throw multiple bombs

Game Description

Will You Deliver Us from Evil?

You are the kingdom’s only hope. One of the most powerful wizards has unleashed a horde of monsters upon the land. There aren’t many wizards left, so it falls to you. As a premier gem crafter, you can create any number of automated sentries simply by infusing gems with magical power. If you can set these gems up in strategic places, you just might be able to eliminate every monster in the land. You need to be wise; these beasts only have destruction on the minds, so you have to ensure that not a single thing will get past your defensive line. Craft your gems, put up your towers, kill the enemies, and learn new spells to eventually stand up against the evil wizard’s full might.

Defend the Land

The demonic battalion may seem like too much for one person to handle, but there is a way. You may not be able to stand up to them all in personal combat, but you can erect strong towers with magical crystals that can and will smite everything that passes by.

  • Set up a defensive perimeter by building towers and installing magical crystals into them. Consider their placement carefully so that you can kill the monsters efficiently.
  • Destroy wave after wave of monsters that come passing by to ravage the next village they invade. Don’t let them reach it.
  • Set up moats in the path of the monsters to slow them down.
  • Create more powerful crystals by combining those you already have.
  • Accumulate mana from the bodies of your slain enemies. Use it to create crystals, build towers, and cast spells.
  • Crystals come in eight different colors. Red ones cause splash damage, orange ones get you more mana, purple gems lower enemy defenses, and so on.

A Wizard Always Learns

This battle will be a learning experience for your wizard. You will gain experience for every monster you kill and every victory you attain. Get enough to level up and learn all sorts of new tricks that let you develop strategies of your own making.

  • Increase the total amount of mana you can store.
  • Start each mission with more gems on hand.
  • Lower the mana cost for new buildings and gems.
  • Improve the rate you accumulate mana.
  • Upgrade the power of your explosive Gem Bombs.
  • And more!

Are You the Ultimate Defender?

GemCraft is one of the most open and strategic free tower defense games you can experience. With a dozen skills to learn and upgrade, there are many different ways to play. With over 40 levels to complete, there’s a lot of material to keep you occupied. With even more achievements to unlock, your total potential playtime can very well triple. Step up to the challenge and fight evil with GemCraft!

Tips & Strategies

  1. You can play levels you have already played to try and get a higher score to help level you up
  2. Poison gems ignore enemy armor and can do high damage on strong enemies
  3. Earning amulets gives you more experience.  Try to get them whenever possible.
  4. If you can handle it, send in the next wave of monsters as fast as possible.  This will give you extra experience.
  5. In general, build your towers close together since killing monsters fast will give you extra experience and manna.

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