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GemCraft Chapter 0

Create and place powerful gems in defensive towers to stop the enemy hordes from advancing!

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How to Play

  • Use your mouse to click on spells and gems
  • Drag gems with your mouse to move, throw, or combine them
  • Number keys 1-6 will select various spells
  • P key pauses the game
  • Holding down the Shift key lets you place multiple towers, use multiple gems, and throw multiple bombs

Game Description

Evil Rises

Every villain has his start of darkness. In GemCraft Chapter 0, you will learn about the origins of the wizard who started it all in the original game. Join him as he tracks down a forbidden gem of unlimited power called the Gem of Eternity. The land it is hidden within is fraught with many dangers; more monsters inhabit this untamed wilderness than anywhere else.

In order to get past them all, you will need to once again utilize the art of gem crafting. Create magically-infused gems and install them in towers of your own making. Place them strategically around the map so that every monster that passes by will die. Kill the monsters, find the Gem of Eternity, and learn the sordid tale of how this story began.

Defend Yourself

A wizard in the world of GemCraft does not have the strength of arms to stand toe-to-toe against any sort of malevolent monster. Instead, he must utilize the power of magical gems to create an impenetrable defense between his enemies and himself. Turn your gems into automated weapons of destruction against the tides of darkness.

  • Place towers anywhere on the map and swap crystals between them at will.
  • Create gems out of thin air using your mana or fuse them together to create even more powerful gems.
  • Lay gems directly onto the road as traps for enemies to walk on.
  • Different gems have different properties. Red ones cause splash damage, blue gems slow enemies down, green gems inflict poison, and so on.
  • Generate mana over time and for every enemy you slay.
  • Use the Gem Bomb spell for a variety of effects. Kill several monsters at once, eliminate harmful Beacons, destroy infested buildings where monsters spawn from, transmute several gems at once, and more.
  • Beware of Beacons. They can strengthen monsters, heal their wounds, impede your tower-building, and so on.

Learn and Grow

As you complete missions and kill monsters, you will gain experience and level up. With higher levels, you gain access to more content, including new maps and abilities. Find a strategy that works and lay waste to all demon kind!

  • Increase your pool of mana, decrease the cost of spells, and/or improve the rate at which you accumulate mana.
  • Improve the power of gems in your towers or in your traps.
  • Bolster the power of the Gem Bomb spell.
  • And more!

More Than One Way to Tower Defend

If you seek a greater challenge than what the campaign can offer, then consider revisiting completed levels. Over the course of your journey, you will unlock even harder game modes that can be experienced in lands you have already conquered. If you are up to the task, you will earn more experience and level up faster.

  • Don’t let a single monster reach you in Sudden Death, or else it will all be over.
  • Battle an even greater force of demons in Swarm mode.
  • See how long you can stay alive against an invasion that never ends in Survival mode.
  • Eliminate a swarm of exclusively armored foes in Carapace mode.
  • Prove your mastery of GemCraft by unlocking over 200 Amulets.
  • Increase the speed of any level at any time. Doing so will get you even better rewards.
  • And much more!

Become a Gem Master

GemCraft Chapter 0 is an even greater game than its predecessor. There are more maps to complete, more monsters to kill, more Amulets to earn, and greater challenges to pursue. It’s a well-crafted tower defense game that you can experience for free! Erect the towers and claim the Gem of Eternity now.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Place towers to cover the most road possible
  2. Invest in the Focus skill first as this will give you more Mana to do other things
  3. Invest in the Replenish skill once you hit level 16
  4. If possible, use gem bombs to destroy every building on a level for extra experience
  5. At low levels, use towers rather than traps to kill enemies

If you need more help, see this complete GemCraft Chapter 0 Walkthrough


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