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Hedgehog Launch

Launch your hedgehog and steer to hit platforms and coins to earn money.  Use your money to upgrade your launch system to eventually launch your hedgehog into space!

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How to Play


  • Use your mouse to pull back the launcher, release to launch
  • Move the mouse left and right to aim
  • Left and Right arrow keys fire left and right rockets

The goal of the game is to upgrade your launcher to become powerful enough to send your hedgehog into orbit

Game Description

Hedgehogs in Spaaaaaaaace!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a hedgehog went up into outer space? We’re not talking about the speedy kinds that regularly destroy robots; just the regular ones that forage around for insects and slugs. That’s what you and your glorious nation of Minovia are going to find out. It might not be the richest or most powerful county in the world, but it’s going to get its own space program going no matter what the cost. Build a working space station with what funds you can secure, guide the little patriot upward, and see how high up you can take him. Do a good enough job and you can improve your space station with additional funds. Do you have the smarts to launch a hedgehog into space? You’d better, or else you’re the one who’s going to be launched!

Build the Station

Launching a shuttle into outer space is no laughing matter. It requires a lot of complicated stuff related to rocket science that can’t be fully described here. To put it shortly, it’s very expensive. Even worse, your government has only given you a paltry 50 dollars to get things started. Prepare to cut a lot of corners until you can secure the funds to get a real rocket into space.

  • Build a launching platform from the most technologically-advanced materials you can afford: aluminum poles and rubber bands.
  • Improve the miniature jetpack for your hedgehog. Increase the thrusting power of the rockets while making the whole thing more fuel-efficient.
  • Improve your chances for a successful launch by equipping your hedgehog with an emergency rocket and a spare parachute.
  • Buy a radar unit to improve your visibility in the air.
  • Launch the hedgehog with style by giving him a pair of adorable space goggles.

Commence the Launch

When you have your station and equipment up to the standards you can afford, it’s time to get that hedgehog up into the air. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get him into space right away, but don’t fret. The Wright brothers didn’t start flying without hitting the dirt a few times themselves. Prove to the government that you have what it takes to launch a hedgehog into space, and they just might increase your budget.

  • Pull back on the hedgehog to determine the angle at which he will ascend in the air.
  • Bounce off floating platforms to stay in the air longer while increasing your vertical distance.
  • Steer the hedgehog as he rockets upwards and falls down to grab airborne coins and hit bouncing platforms.
  • Use the radar to find platforms more easily.
  • Deploy your emergency rocket to get a one-time boost in the air.
  • Release your parachutes to slow your descent and hopefully find a few platforms to bounce on.
  • Earn money based on how much the hedgehog can collect, how high he ascends, and for how long he stays in motion. Use it to upgrade your station the next day.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Hedgehog Launch is a fun and funny little game with an outlandish premise that belies just how addictive it can really be. It’s amazing how many hedgehogs you’ll fling in the air just to see how high you can get them. Watching your silly little space station grow will be a lot of fun too, as will outfitting your hedgehog with all the gadgets you can afford. Step up to the challenge and get a hedgehog into space as soon as possible now! Minovia is depending on you.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Spend money initially on a taller launcher, more elasticity in your band, parachute, and e rocket upgrades.  The parachute especially increases your in air time and will really help you gain money quickly
  2. The rockets can be very difficult to control.  Use them in extremely small bursts when you are starting out to help steer your hedgehog.
  3. The first few launches you should focus on trying to hit platforms and coins by steering your hedgehog with gentle taps on the rockets.
  4. Once you have the parachute upgrade, the rockets can help you stay in the air longer and earn huge in air time bonuses
  5. Can you launch your hedgehog into space quicker than 14 days?


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