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Learn to Fly 2

Slide your penguin down a ramp and see how far you can fly.  Buy upgrades to fly further and faster with the money you earn each flight.

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How to Play


  • A key tips your nose up
  • D key tips you nose down
  • Spacebar activates boost (if you've bought this upgrade)

Game Description

Learn How to Fly or Die Trying!

You say that penguins can’t physically fly? What do you know, you smug human? Penguins are just as clever as you; it’s just that their efforts have been hindered by some stupid iceberg that’s gotten in the way of their flight path.

Help the penguins destroy that darn iceberg once and for all while you further develop their flying research. Earn money from your tests, spend it on new technologies, and rinse and repeat until the once flightless seabirds can finally take to the skies!

Research New Technologies

Learning how to fly begins with flapping your arms. When you realize that doesn’t work, it’s time to get serious. The penguins of Antarctica are long past that point and are now ready to expand their technological efforts by literal leaps and miles. By buying newer technologies and testing their capabilities on the official penguin crash test dummy, it’s only a matter of time before they learn how to fly and destroy that iceberg once and for all.

  • Increase the length and height of the ramp to improve your starting leap.
  • Purchase better sleds to increase the speed of your slide at the very beginning of the test.
  • Attach a kite to the back of the dummy to make it glide in the air.
  • Add payloads to the dummy to help it destroy things it crashes into with greater ease.
  • Buy propulsion boosters to get an additional burst of speed in midair.

Begin the Test

The scientific method has never been a passive process. When the test flights begin, you will take direct control of the penguins’ crash test dummy and fly it to infinite and beyond!

  • Lean the dummy left and right to catch better wind resistance and control the angle of its flight and/or fall.
  • Decide when and where to activate your boost ability.
  • Hit gusts of wind to stay aloft in the air for longer.
  • Crash into target milestones to destroy them. Start out with something as mild as a humble snowman and work your way up to that dastardly iceberg!
  • Earn money in a variety of ways. Travel as far as you can, ascend as high as possible, stay in motion for longer periods of time, destroy targets on the To-Kill List, and more.

Achieve the Impossible

It’s not enough that you have to nuke the iceberg and master flight for the emperor penguin. If you want to prove that you have complete mastery of Learn to Fly 2, then try and complete all of the side challenges as well.

  • Unlock over 50 medals that commemorate your ability to think outside the bounds of reason.
  • Complete over 30 Challenges that measure just how good of a flier you really can be.
  • Beat your personal record. Master flight in a shorter number of days than you thought was possible.

You Can Fly!

Learn to Fly 2 is yet another hilarious romp in this crazy rendition of Antarctica. Not only is it fun to watch the penguins’ flying contraptions get progressively better despite their flimsiness, but the game is loaded with many small touches that will bring the world to life and get a laugh out of you. Put on your lab coat and earmuffs, take a trip down south, and prepare yourself for some wacky scientific experimentation with Learn to Fly 2!

Tips & Strategies

  1. Try this upgrade order: Buy The Plank (Sleigh), Buy Kite (Glider), Upgrade Ramp (Length x2, Height x1), Buy Propulsor, Upgrade Ramp Height, Buy Plank Mark II, Buy Sugar Rocket, Buy Old Glider (we'll leave the rest to you smile )
  2. Balancing speed and altitude are key to the game.  Gain speed by tipping your nose to the ground.  Gain altitude by tipping nose up once you have enough speed. Increasing speed and then cruising for as long as possible (and going back and forth) really increases the length of your flights
  3. Don't forget to increase your rocket fuel in the upgrade shop
  4. Using rockets in short bursts with your nose slightly up on the way up after launch can be a helpful tactic.

Have a better upgrade order for one of the game modes? Share it in the comments below


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