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Money Making Guide - MapleStory

Learn the best way to make money in MapleStory from expert level players.  Save yourself a ton of time and read this guide!

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The Best Way to Make Money in MapleStory

Leaping into an old and established MMO for the first time can be daunting. Even more so for a game like MapleStory, with an economy that has run beyond the bounds of sanity. The first time you step into the Free Market and look at the godly weapons is a bit of a culture shock. 2.1 billion mesos isn't enough? How do people even afford these things? Making money is difficult, but it is far from impossible. You simply need to know what to do.

Experienced player details how you can go from 0 meso up to 100 million

Making Money Organically

To make your first few million mesos, you're going to need to do it the hard way. There's no shortcut unless someone gives you seed money. This isn't impossible, if you get in a charitable guild, but don't count on it.

  • Pick up everything. This means the money monsters drop, the ETC drop they leave behind and any other items they happen to drop. The money is wasted if you let it disappear, of course. The ETC drops, unless you need them for quests, are worth money to sell to an NPC (or non-player character) shop. An ETC drop is an item particular to a monster, such as a snail's shell or a feather from a crow. They fill up a section of your inventory marked ETC and are generally useless for anything but selling.
  • Return to town frequently to sell off your inventory. The more you leave behind, the more money you waste. This will slow down your training, unless you purchase a pet. More on that later.
  • The vast majority of equip items you find will be worthless. Nothing under level 100 is valuable outside of extraordinary circumstances. Sell them to shops for a few thousand mesos each.
  • Be aware of ongoing events. Many seasonal events have ETC drops you need to collect by the hundreds. If they can be traded, you can probably sell them to other players for a few thousand mesos each. Other events have good items as rewards that you can use. More on those later as well. All events are posted on the Nexon website, and they often have quest indicators at the side of your screen.
  • Nearly every time Nexon hosts a 2x exp event, it's also 2x drop. This means the drop rate of items is doubled, but it also means the amount of mesos enemies drop is doubled. Take advantage of this.
  • Early on you are given the opportunity to learn either mining or herbalism. Both allow you to collect extra etc drops from locations in every map. Mining is generally more valuable, both because ores are used for two other professions and because alchemy is rarely used. Collecting ores and selling them to other players can be lucrative in volume.

How to make money collecting Big Spider familiars

Making Money through Item Creation

Item creation is a hit or miss way to make money and it all depends on how much you're willing to invest and how lucky you are. Unless you have significant resources, or you're willing to spend plenty of real life money, you're not likely to make your fortune this way. However, it's still worth talking about so you know how those ridiculous items are made.

How to make a lot of money with intermediate item crystals

Scrolling is the first and oldest system. You may have found scrolls from monsters, or from event rewards. They come in various percentages, which is their chance of success. A ten percent scroll will give much higher stats than a sixty percent, but is much harder to land. Some scrolls, like dark scrolls, will destroy the item on failure, so be careful.

Normally, in order to scroll an item, you have to have it equipped. The Legendary Spirit skill, obtained from Eurek the Alchemist in most towns, allows you to scroll any item without equipping it. This means you can scroll items that bind to a character on equip without binding it, as well as scrolling items that your class cannot equip.

Each item has a fixed number of scroll slots. Many items have seven, while some helmets, overalls and special items have eight or ten. When you use a scroll on an item, it consumes a slot, whether it passes or fails. Potential and Enhancement scrolls are exceptions to this rule. Every item also has two extra scroll slots that can be opened up by using a cash shop item. This allows you to pass more scrolls and further increase your item's stats.

Scrolling is made more complicated with cash items. There used to be scrolls in game that would protect your item from being destroyed on failure, and others that would preserve the scroll slot if the scroll failed. Both of these are now cash shop items. If you want to scroll a "perfect" weapon, you'll need to invest in NX cash.

Enhancing is the second system. Once all of the slots on an item are used up, you can use equip enhancement scrolls to add stars to the item. Each star does two things. First, it adds to the stats already on the item randomly. Second, it makes the next enhancement scroll have a lower chance of working.

The third and most potent system is hidden potential. These are the lines at the bottom of many items you see in the market. They can be anything from a chance to make a facial expression when you're hit, to a massive increase in bonus damage to bosses. Items that do not have potential can be given it with a potential scroll. To change the potential requires a cash shop item, which unfortunately means creating your own godly items will take a significant cash investment.

Combining each of these systems is how you get the best items. How can you use it to make money? All types of scrolls, including potential and enhancement scrolls, can be sold to other players. Additionally, if you find level 100+ items with potential already on them, you can see if it is worthwhile. Some good potentials on such items can mean they'll sell for a few million.

A note about untradable scrolls. Many events will give you scrolls like a 100 percent potential scroll, but make them untradable. In these cases, you can sell your scrolls as a service. The transaction would involve another player trusting you enough to give you the item they want scrolled. You would then scroll it using the Legendary Spirit skill, and return it in exchange for your payment. This way you can still sell the effect of the scroll without being able to trade the scroll itself.

How to make money with half earrings

Playing the Markets

Playing the market is another way to make money. You'll need two things before you begin: seed money and a target item. Choose your target item based on the money you have to invest, and learn the prices. Look for deals, buy low and sell high. Sample targets may be mystery mastery books, chaos scrolls or potential scrolls. Items are harder to focus on, because their value can change much more rapidly than scrolls.

  • In the beginning, focus on one item. The fewer prices you have to keep track of, the less likely you are to make a mistake.
  • Lurk in the free market entrance in channel one and spam that you're buying your target item and your price. Don't worry about people trying to sell for more -- there is always someone who doesn't know the price and simply wants cash now.
  • If you want to use external resources, the major auction site -- Basilmarket -- tends to have lower prices than the free market. You can take advantage of this to buy low on the site and sell higher in the FM.
  • Try to scan the free market shops immediately after a server check or patch -- any time the game has been brought down for maintenance. Players rush to claim a spot and may make mistakes in pricing. Don't be ashamed to take advantage of another player's typo for your own profit.

Using NX Cash to Make Money

As with any freemium game, spending money will make your life easier. Here are some of the noteworthy cash items to buy if you want to make money faster. One thing to note is that you don't necessarily have to purchase NX (or Karma Koins as the gift cards are known) to spend it. You can take free surveys through the website, or do other tasks to earn it. Signing up for Netflix is a good one, if you can. All of these offers are visible in the "Purchase NX" area of the game website. Just be aware that many of the surveys are picky and won't always award NX. However, if you take an uncropped screenshot of the results page and file a ticket with Nexon, they may award you the NX. This isn't always possible, but it can give you a higher success rate. Now, on to the items you can buy.

  • A pet is essential for looting items quickly. Many players experience a form of lag called drop or item lag, which makes it hard to pick up items more than one at a time. A pet is not subject to this lag. You will need a pet, as well as both the meso magnet and item pouch accessories, to pick up everything. Wing boots, binoculars and other pet enhancements let them range further and pick up more without your control.
  • If you play the market, you can buy the Owl of Minerva item in stacks. This allows you to search all market shops for a particular item, displaying them all and their prices.
  • Gambling. Nexon has several systems for generating random rewards. Gachapon tickets are cheap but have a large pool of mostly-worthless items. Premium Style boxes will generate a permanent, tradable cash item that may be worth several hundred million. The Marvel Machine is sometimes stocked with items worth billions, but is several dollars per spin. In general, the system with the most recent update will have the rarest items, and will be worth the money to play. Once it has gone without updates for a month or so, the market is saturated with the items and the value drops. Nexon posts update notes for these systems and their cash shop on their website regularly.
  • Buying a free market shop will help your selling immensely. The cheapest shops require you to stand in one place, logged in, to sell items. However, they last for 90 days. More expensive shops can be opened and left without being online, but last for a shorter time.
  • Always watch sales in the cash shop. Sometimes permanent pets are on sale, or pet equips, which is a valuable investment. Many of the other items go on sale frequently for 30-60 percent off.

Taking advantage of NX sales, official events and lucky drops will make you a millionaire or billionaire in no time at all.

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