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Training Guide for All Levels - MapleStory

Learn the very best places to level your MapleStory character to level 250 from expert players.  Don't waste your time leveling without reading these awesome strategies first!  Covers up to Level 250.

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General Training Tips

(guide updated for v.142)

MapleStory is a game primarily about grinding characters to higher levels. There are well over 1,000 quests to do, but many of them offer very little in the way of rewards. Most of them are for story purposes. Some people spend all of their time grinding and ignore the story completely. This all means that finding the right place to train is essential for fast leveling. This guide will reveal the secrets of the best training spots, and some hidden gems for those who like to avoid the crowds.

In some cases, your class might be better suited to one area over others. This could be because of elemental damage weaknesses, or a higher degree of mobility allowing you to travel larger maps. In most cases, any class can train equally well in each of these maps.


Most MapleStory players know many of the training areas listed below. This means that they tend to be rather crowded. Sometimes you will encounter players who are quite rude and territorial, while other times you may be able to join a party easily. Here are some tips to make your training experience more pleasant.

  • When in doubt, try to find an empty map. There are 19 channels of identical maps in most worlds, and some monsters have more than one available map. Sometimes a substandard map is easier to train in than a contested map.
  • If you can't find an empty map, ask to join a party. Many players prefer joining parties to fighting against each other. It splits the experience between party members, but bonus experience is added as well. Faster killing may mean faster training.
  • Learn the lingo. CC means "Change Channels" and many players will shout "CC PLZ" at the first sign of another player. J>PT means Joining Party.
  • Pick up money and items that drop if you can. A cash shop pet with loot items helps immensely, but you can pick up without one. Your training will be slower, but you will be making money along the way.

Training Aids

There are a number of things that can enhance your training experience. Any attack buff or mobility buff will probably allow you to train faster. There are also a number of ways to increase your experience gained.

  • Cash shop 2x exp cards. These last for four hours and cost a few dollars.
  • 2x exp events. Nexon often holds weekend events with a four-hour segment of time giving everyone global double experience. Beware that this brings out the worst in many people, however.
  • Pendant of the Spirit. Many of the coin-collecting events Nexon hosts allow you to buy one of these pendants. They give you a small increase in experience depending on the time you've spend online.
  • Holy Symbol is a buff cast by Bishops and Phantoms who have stolen the skill. It increases the exp you earn from each kill.
  • Level up event 1.5x cards. These are usable buffs that stack with all of the above to give you an additional 50 percent experience per kill.
  • Family Reps 1.2x exp. The Family system allows you to spend reps your juniors have earned on buffs, including short bonus experience buffs. These do not stack with other buffs or events, however.
  • Mercedes Link Skill. The Mercedes class, upon reaching level 70, is able to link to another character on the same account to give them bonus experience.
  • Guild Banner of Experience. This is a guild-wide buff that guild leaders can purchase that temporarily gives all members a small amount of bonus experience for each kill.
  • Party play bonuses. Certain areas, specifically some high level areas, are party play. This means your party gains bonus experience for having more members.

Training Zones

Below are specific level ranges. In general, you will want to stay in one area for that range of levels. It is possible to tackle monsters of up to 20 levels higher than you, if you have enough accuracy to hit them. Feel free to experiment with other training locations if your current one is boring you.

You can also do Party Quests for experience, though finding a party willing to do them is a task all it's own. Some of them have reasonably good exp returns, while others are primarily for the loot or the bosses it opens up.

Levels 1 - 10

  • Tutorials. Most classes have a tutorial to follow that will take you through the basics of the game. It will also give you a few free potions and set you loose around level 10-13. If you have to kill monsters, one map outside of any town will be full of easy things to kill. These first ten levels take no more than twenty minutes at the most.

Levels 11 - 20

  • Blue Ribbon Pigs. These are found in an area to the right of Nautilus Harbor. The map is long and flat, the spawn is high and the monsters are weak. This will easily take you to level 20.
  • Horned and Zombie Mushrooms. These are found outside of Henesys. They are a bit slower than blue ribbon pigs, but there are several available maps and they are close to town.
  • Quests. Specifically, many of the newer character classes receive a chain of quests telling them to target specific monsters. These monsters tend to be good training for the level where you receive the quest.

Levels 21 - 30

  • Quests. Once again, many classes have special monster hunting quests that guide them into areas where they have the best training for their levels. The quest experience is still pretty good at this level, and can be quite worth the effort.
  • Stone Golems and Mixed Golems. Found deeper into Henesys, beyond mushrooms, the golem temples introduce you to large monsters. They are huge and slow moving, and form excellent training until level 30. The maps tend to be vertical rather than horizontal, but most attacks can hit more than one platform at once. Be aware that you may burn through many potions here.

Levels 31 - 40

  • Quests. At this point, quests begin to slow down, and many of them are no longer worth the time and effort. If they send you against monsters you're already hunting, all the better. Beyond this point, you can safely ignore any quest not marked as class-essential in your quest log.
  • Mushroom Kingdom. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has been kidnapped by King Pepe. This is the first of many Theme Dungeons. These dungeons provide you with a lucrative quest line ending at a relatively easy boss. Monsters throughout Mushroom Kingdom are easy to kill and offer high experience for these levels. You will have to complete the quests to get deeper in the dungeon to find the best monsters.
  • Ellinel Fairy Academy. This is a theme dungeon similar to the Mushroom Kingdom dungeon; a linear area with a minor plot. The fairy children have gone missing and it is up to you to clear the name of the human trapped at the academy, find the children and defeat their captor. The quests are very easy and mostly involve killing enemies. One quest requires opening envelopes until you get a specific result, which is highly random, so it might take as few as one or as many as 50 envelopes. The experience is on par with Mushroom Kingdom, but the quests involve less collecting, making it an excellent alternative. When you reach the appropriate level, a quest will appear in your sidebar that teleports you to Fanzy in Ellinia, or you can walk to the cat NPC in person out the north gate of said city.

Levels 41 - 50

  • Drakes. These are found outside of the Sleepywood area. Copper drakes, drakes, red drakes, ice drakes and dark drakes are all slowly increasing in level and experience. There are also half a dozen different maps to choose from, giving you plenty of variety.
  • Kerning Shopping Center. The Kerning Square theme dungeon begins at level 40, but you can go there at any point from the subway beneath Kerning. The questline has been updated and now involves less hunting and drop collecting for similar experience. The quests are valuable, and the monsters make good training on your way to 50. CDs at the top used to be the best map, but they have been changed to spawn on two platforms, slowing training slightly.
  • Gold Beach. This is a new theme dungeon that can be reached through the pilot Irvin at the six path crossway. He will fly you to Gold Richie's beach resort, where you are conscripted as hired help. Quests alternate between killing enemies and finding drops, and they all give decent experience. Kerning Square on its own won't likely level you to 50, so you can complete both theme dungeons during your ten-level span.
  • Monster Park Extreme. This variation on Monster Park is open from level 40 until level 100, and it is an excellent training area. You are able to take the shuttle from any major town to the Monster Park area, where you can claim three Monster Park Extreme tickets every day. These tickets stack in your inventory, so claim them even if you don't have time to use them in a day; there is no limit to the number of daily runs you can complete, as long as you have tickets. Monster Park Extreme spawns monsters with very high HP and EXP values in high density in one of several random maps. You have ten minutes per ticket to kill as many as you can. The monsters level up with you, so the experience is good at every level range you can enter.

Levels 51 - 60

  • Chyrse. The floating island of the giants, Chyrse, is a theme dungeon found outside of Orbis. Talk to the man with the cat on his head to the left of town, and you will be able to fly to Chyrse at level 50. The quests are more annoying than the other theme dungeons, but the ferrets and the mammoths are excellent training until level 60.
  • Teddies and Trojans. Fly from Orbis to Ludibrium and start the descent into the central tower. You will find teddies, pink teddies, panda teddies and toy trojans in the first level. Each of these is a high-spawn map with plenty of variety.
  • Riena Straight. Another new theme dungeon, taking place in the Aran home town of Rien. You are tasked with discovering why the glaciers are melting. This dungeon has a unique ship sailing mechanic for traveling to individual areas. Quests follow the usual mold of kill a few enemies and loot a few drops, with a boss at the end of the quest string. The experience is very good. Additionally, the questline rewards you with a unique face accessory with minor stat boosts.
  • Monster Park Extreme. The extreme version of monster park continues to be excellent experience, limited only by the number of tickets you can obtain. Don't forget to pick up and sell the equipment drops for a little extra cash.

Levels 61 - 70

  • Monster Park Extreme. MPE continues to be excellent experience in this level range; in fact, as you grow stronger and can kill the monsters more quickly, your experience gains will increase.
  • Zeta Grays. Warning: only if you have good accuracy. These monsters are level 78 and may be hard to kill otherwise. To find them, take the danger zone taxi from Ludibrium to Omega Sector. To the left of the town, follow the bottom path three maps to the left. This takes you to a room full of flying aliens. These aliens are high density and fast spawning, and they always come to you. You can easily train until level 75 or 80 here.
  • Cooking with Tangyoon. Visiting the new combined party quest map grants you access to the Cooking with Tangyoon quest. It involves picking the right monsters to spawn for each given recipe, killing 100 of them and defeating a boss. Done properly, the quest can give a full level with each run. Additionally, some decent items can be purchased with the tokens given for completion. You can run this quest with two people and it can be run up to ten times each day. Keep notes on the recipes; when you click the right monster, the notice will say something about excellent cuisine.

Levels 71 - 80

  • Sand Rats and Scorpions. Take the ship from Orbis to Arient, and then from there take the camel cab just outside of town to Magatia. Outside Magatia you will find sand rats and scorpions, both of which are long flat maps with excellent spawns. You will probably get hit very often, so bring plenty of potions.
  • Straw and Wooden Target Dummies. These are found to the right of Mu Lung, which can be accessed from Orbis. Again, the maps are long and flat with decent spawns, and these enemies barely fight back. Few people visit them as well, making them nice secondary training location.
  • Sakura Castle. This is another theme dungeon, focused on killing ninjas in feudal Japan. There isn't much noteworthy about this area, except that the end boss drops very good potions you can use for a long time or sell for a profit.

Levels 81 - 100

  • Roids. These are monsters in the technology side of Magatia, to the right of town. They have one small, flat map and offer a great deal of experience with very little drawbacks. They also have an instanced mini-dungeon for a harassment-free experience.
  • Pantheon. Around level 90, quests in the other world of Pantheon begin to open up. These quests are the lead-up to fighting the fearsome Magnus, which you will not be able to handle at this level; in fact, Magnus is difficult for level 200+ players. The quests, however, involve beating a few minor bosses and are reasonable experience for this level. To reach this area, take the large white gate from the Six Path Crossway.
  • Cooking with Tangyoon. This party quest continues to be reasonable experience for these levels, though it tapers off around 90. It is quite easy and quite boring, however, so it's advised that you only do a couple of runs if you can't stand it.
  • Monster Park Extreme. MPE only lasts until level 100, so make use of the still-fabulous experience as long as you can. Three runs a day is only half an hour, but you can easily level 1-2 times during those runs.

Levels 101 - 110

  • Evolution World System. A strange capsule icon will appear at the side of your screen, opening up the Evolution System for your use. You will have to use a dimensional mirror to teleport to the area, where you must complete a couple of quests to gain access to the area. The Evolution World is special; you use cores in special slots to alter the world inside. The important thing to know is this: Always use the highest monster population and monster level cores you have. Use boosts to the monster HP as well, but be aware that HPx20 is difficult for low-level players to handle. You can purchase some cores from the coin shop, while others are only found as monster drops inside the Evo World. NOTE: As soon as you enter, make your way to Link 3, the portal directly above and a little to the left of your entry point. This area has flying monsters and a strange machine in the middle. Every minute or so, the machine will transform. In one state, it does nothing. In the other state, it draws all monsters in the map to its location. Stand next to this machine and the monsters will fly to the slaughter. Like Monster Park Extreme, these monsters level up with you, making this area excellent training for a long time to come. You can enter the Evo World up to five times each day, and each entry is limited to 30 minutes.
  • Herb Town Pirates. Going to Mu Lung or to Herb Town allows you access to the map between them, which is where the herb pirates reside. There are several maps spread out among Captains and Krus, both of which have decent experience and a high spawn rate if you can't find an aliens map.

Levels 111 - 140

  • Evolving World. The evolution world will be your primary source of experience until level 140, be sure to make heavy use of it.
  • Monster Park. Monster park is available much earlier, but only in the later levels is it more efficient than soloing other areas. The Monster Park shuttle is available in every town, and it takes you to a lobby map. Here you can purchase entry tickets, or forge your scraps into full tickets. The monsters have high HP, though not as much as LHC monsters, but they give excellent experience.

Levels 141 - 160

  • Temple of Time. At level 140, the Temple of Time opens up. You access it from Leafre by talking to the guy who turns you into a dragon. The Temple of Time has a plot line with good quests and good experience, as well as having some easy to kill bosses. Like LHC, you need to do quests to get deeper inside.
  • Monster Park. Monster park comes in a variety of levels, with harder monsters in each. Keeping up with it is a good alternative to party play.
  • Dimensional Invasion. This is a party quest you can perform solo, if you have powerful mob attacks. It has several stages. In stage 1, monsters will spawn on the ground for you to kill. In stage 2, a boss appears for you to kill. In stage 3, monsters will spawn on the ground and on the upper left platform for you to kill. In stage 4, flying monsters will drop rocks that will kill you; stay on the upper platform to remain safe. In stage 5, flying monsters will spawn in the lower left for you to kill. In the final stage, another boss spawns for you to kill. During all stages, if too many monsters are on screen at once, you fail the quest. Like Evo World and MPE, these monsters level up with you and are excellent experience.
  • Evo World. The evolution system remains an excellent source of EXP.

Levels 161 - 200

  • Future Henesys. From the Temple of Time, you can access the rift in time to reach both the Stronghold and Future Henesys. Future Henesys has the most powerful regular monsters in the game, and they have excellent drops if you spend enough time to find them. This is one of the better places to train in the late game -- any monster, from the mutant snails to the giant tirus, is fair game.
  • Stronghold. The Stronghold is a party play zone filled with evil versions of the Cygnus Knights. You can enter at level 165, though without a party you will die quickly. At level 180, you can enter the Hall of Honor, which is the best training zone until level 200.

Levels 200 - 250

  • Future Perion. Twilight Perion, aka Future Perion, is populated by strong mask monsters and includes a party play zone with advanced golems. These are incredibly dangerous and offer high rewards. However, training to level 250 will take hundreds of trillions of exp and is only for the most persistent players. At level 200, cash shop 2x EXP cards no longer work, making your job that much harder.

Notable Mentions

  • Bossing. Killing some of the higher end bosses can be a lucrative option. Most of them can only be fought once or twice a day, which means they aren't good for long term training. However, doing a few boss runs and selling off the drops can earn you some good money along the way.
  • Bodyguard Leech. Spinel will take you to Jipang/Zipangu, and from there you can access Showa. The incredibly difficult area boss in Showa can be summoned with a special drop from Anego, which is itself hard to fight. The bodyguards have excellent experience, however, and with a familiar to hit them, they will share it with you. The trick is finding a high-level player to sell leech to you.
  • Other areas. Virtually any monster in the game can make a good training location for a level or two. The list above is just the best training places and a few good alternatives in case those are too popular and packed. Feel free to explore the world and find new monsters to kill -- if nothing else, you can fill out your monster book.

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