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Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates

Create a pirate character, test your brain with some great puzzles, and adventure on the high seas!  Plenty to do with other players or on your own.

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Game Description

Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Fun!

Ahoy! Do the high seas beckon to you like an attractive governor’s daughter? Would you like to make a name for yourself by using your brain instead of your brawn? If so, then put on your eyepatch, polish your muskets, grab your talking parrot, and enter the world of Puzzle Pirates!

Initial thoughts overview of the game from the guys at MMOHut

There is a lot of booty to find, adventure to seek, and glory to conquer if you are brave, bold and clever enough to get it. You can voyage across the ocean, produce your own goods, attack other ships, make a fortune through trade, or clash swords against other swabs all by playing through a variety of challenging and brain-bending puzzle games.

More than anything else, there is the absolute freedom to do whatever you like. Raise the sail and hoist up the Jolly Roger; in Puzzle Pirates, you are the master of your own destiny!

It’s Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen Before!

What exactly is Puzzle Pirates? Is it an MMORPG or is it a puzzle game? The answer: it’s both!

Like most MMORPGs, you take control of a single individual in an expansive and persistent online world populated by other players. Where you go from there is all up to you.

If you want to be a scurvy sea dog who fires upon every vessel you come across, you can do that. If you want to be a more peaceful trader, you can do that too. Do you want to be a governor who owns his own island and determines what goods and services are available in that corner of Heaven? Go right ahead! There are no rules in Puzzle Pirates besides those you set for yourself.

Where it differs from most MMORPGs is that every action you do, from sailing to fighting, will be accomplished through a distinct puzzle game. Your performance in each puzzle will determine your personal quality as a fencer, navigator, craftsman and so on. There are dozens of games included in Puzzle Pirates and mastering every single one of them will be the key to having a long and illustrious career on the ocean of your choice.

  • Sail around a large open ocean dotted with various archipelagos where you can stop off to trade or communicate with other players. Every island is controlled and governed by the players themselves.
  • Take ownership of your own ship or business. Gain a steady source of income by selling a good that’s in high demand or lead many players from one naval adventure to another.
  • Join a crew of like-minded players to wreck havoc across the ocean. Start off as a lowly cabin boy and climb the ranks to become an officer or even a captain yourself.
  • Sign onto a crew temporarily as a jobber if you feel you just can’t tie yourself down anywhere.
  • Customize the look of your pirate. Dress in whatever clothes you like or outfit yourself with some fashionable eyepatches, peg legs and hook hands.
  • Features a deep and completely player-driven economy. Make money by harvesting raw materials and selling them on the market or craft goods that are in high demand to make a fortune.

Work the Land

After a hard day of plundering, nothing soothes the soul of a weary buccaneer better than a break on the land. While you’re stopping off at one of the many player-made settlements, you can earn a little extra money by working as a craftsman or divert your attention to some more entertaining pursuits at the nearest tavern.

  • Build ships as a shipwright. Assemble each component of the ship by matching them together on the grid.
  • Become an alchemist and brew up some potions. Rotate the pipes to guide every fluid to its corresponding vial. Use potions to dye your clothes and your ship’s sails, restore lost limbs, stimulate beard growth, teleport from one waypoint to another without a ship, and more.
  • Forge swords and cannonballs as a blacksmith. Clear out a board of tiles by hammering away at them in a set pattern.
  • Forage the land for raw materials like fruit, gemstones, gold and lumber. Match landscape-based tiles into sets of at least three and open crates filled with the goodies.
  • Weave the cloth that is necessary for making clothing and sails. Chain at least four matching balls of yarn onto your loom.
  • Distill your own rum. Brew the best drinks by separating the good light-colored bubbles away from the bad dark-colored ones and make sure to add the correct amount of spice.
  • Take a break and play some more casual parlor games like poker, spades and hearts to pass the time and cool off. Play against other people for fun or put your gold up and see if you can win big.
  • Engage in drinking contests against up to five other players. Take a swig from an assortment of spirits, control your level of inebriation, and try not to pass out. Last pirate standing wins!
  • Play the unique Treasure Drop game. Drop coins into a system of levers and see if you can get successfully get them to the bottom of the vault.

Take to the Seas

In the end, work is for the landlubbers. If you want to experience genuine adventure and achieve true glory, you will have to hit the high seas. While the rule of law can make things safe and secure on the islands, don’t expect such amenities out on the open ocean. It’s a dangerous world out there and depending on how you play, you might be one of the reasons for it!

  • Sailing is a group activity; work together with the fellow players in your crew to operate the ship in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Sail across the ocean blue. Position the falling blocks and orbs to fill in the slots and clear up space by matching things together.
  • Rig your ship by forming loops with matching beads.
  • Pump the bilge by swapping gems around on the board and forming matching chains of at least three. Create longer chains to achieve an even greater score.
  • Become a navigator and plot out waypoints as you improve the ship’s sailing ability. Rotate the radial rings of the compass to match stars together.
  • Repair damages to your ship with carpentry. Plug up holes in the hull with the right assortment of shaped blocks.

Fight for Wealth and Glory!

The life of a pirate is indeed very dangerous. Few live long enough to have grandchildren and the chance of losing an eye or a limb skyrockets by an estimated 250 percent. However, those that plunder the wealthiest capitals, capture the fattest vessels, and fell the most seamen with their blades become legends that live forever! If you have the guts, then you can achieve the glory.

  • Maintain and operate the cannons in battle as a Gunnery officer. Load icons into every cannon in the correct order to clean and arm your ship’s guns between each broadside. Work fast and efficiently; the sooner you get the cannons loaded, the sooner your captain can fire them off.
  • Engage in highly strategic sea combat. Try to outwit your opponent by planning the set of actions your ship will take and watch the drama unfold as both vessels execute their turns simultaneously in real time! Avoid hazards like whirlpools and reefs, fire broadsides, and try to get in close so you can grapple and capture the enemy ship.
  • Once the two ships collide, the crews of both will draw their swords and engage in a full-on no-holds-barred battle of the ages! Group matching blocks together and clear them out with similarly-colored sword breakers before they fill up your entire screen!

No Man is an Island

Although puzzle gameplay is a big part of Puzzle Pirates, it’s still a massive multiplayer game that supports hundreds of players at once. More than that, it also requires a great deal of cooperation between members of a crew; sailing a ship and fighting enemy vessels is a group-based affair after all.

However, there are plenty of viable ways to play the game by yourself. You can always set up shop on an island and make a lot of money crafting and selling goods to other players. You can also just as easily sign onto a crew as a temporary jobber. Jobbers may only be around for one voyage, but they’ll still get paid for their services and can take part in many of the duties that are required for seamanship and combat. If you impress the officers enough as a jobber, then you might just find a permanent place in the crew.

The Free Life of a Puzzle Pirate

As a Java-based game, Puzzle Pirates is available for a wide number of platforms. If you have a Mac, a PC, or your computer runs on Linux, you can start playing now if you like. The game will never tax your system. Furthermore, you don’t even need to spend any money to get into the game. The free version of Puzzle Pirates grants the following perks:

  • Take part in the basic duties like sailing, rigging, bilge-pumping, carpentry and gunnery and play their corresponding puzzle games as often as you are able.
  • Craft items, construct ships, play the assorted parlor games, or partake in the social puzzles on designated days where those services are offered for free.

Spending Your Hard-Earned Treasure

If you want to experience everything that Puzzle Pirates has to offer, then you may have to spend money. Some puzzle games and features are only available to those who pay, though how you choose to spend your money will be up to you. There are a couple of different payment options.

  • Play on a subscription-based server to enjoy everything the game has to offer for a monthly fee.
  • Play on a special server called a Doubloon Ocean and gain access to the in-game store. Convert your real dollars or your in-game pieces-of-eight into a new currency called the doubloon. Spend doubloons at the shop to buy anything and everything you could possibly need, including ships, weapons and clothes.
  • Become an officer for any crew you decide to join.
  • Conduct your crafting business at any point in time without restriction.
  • Gain access to the Navigation, Gunnery and Sea Battle puzzle games.
  • Acquire more powerful swords that will allow you to defeat tougher opponents more easily.

What Makes it Great?

Puzzle Pirates is just one of the most unique titles you are likely to ever find. It has many of the trappings that we associate with MMORPGs, from its large persistent world to its entirely player-driven economy.

At the same time, it has an impressive collection of puzzle games that stage the action every player can take in a move that has never been done before. Combine all of that with a great sense of teamwork as players form whole pirate crews and work together to sail the seas and you have a game with a surprising amount of depth.

If traditional MMORPGs have just never done it for you, you’re curious about this new way you can experience challenging puzzlers, or you just want a good excuse to talk like a pirate online, then Puzzle Pirates is a safe voyage. In Puzzle Pirates, every day is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


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