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Take on enemies in turn based combat to become more powerful and learn your true identity.

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How to Play


  • Use the mouse to choose attacks for the characters you control in each round of combat

Game Description

Surrounded by Enemies

“Who am I?” That is the question you will be asking yourself when you wake up. You have no idea who you are or where you came from. All that you do know is that you’re supposed to be dead. You’ve been brought back to life through some form of mad science or black magic. The details aren’t important right now; all that matters is that just about everything on this island you woke up on wants you dead again.

Help Sonny find out just what exactly is going on here, get out with his new life intact, and recover his memory. It won’t be easy. The island is crawling with undead abominations much like himself. The only difference is that they haven’t quite kept their mental faculties up. Not only that, but a nebulous military organization has also arrived with a mission to eliminate everyone on the scene.

Enemies are everywhere; only by fighting tactically and growing with experience will Sonny have a chance of getting off the island in one piece. Learn a variety of battle techniques and magical spells, equip all sorts of gear to enhance your abilities, and win one grueling fight after another. Sonny has a long hard road ahead of him, but there’s hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the only thing that keeps him going.

Fight for Your Unlife

At the heart of Sonny is its tactical turn-based combat system. Enemies await every step of the way. Shambling zombies, restless spirits, and zombie-hunting commandos are all looking to get a piece of you. Only by fighting intelligently will you be able to make it past them.

  • Fight dozens of enemies, including poisonous zombies, icy revenants, ghostly samurai, ninja phantoms, gun-wielding soldiers, modern-day mages, and more.
  • Inflict all manner of status effects on your enemies to gain a tactical advantage over them. Stun them for a turn, poison them, make them more vulnerable to attacks, slow them down, and so on.
  • Fight Training battles in between plot-driven fights to better prepare for the challenges ahead.
  • Team up with a colorful cast of allies. There’s nothing like having a buddy watching your back when everything is trying to kill you.

Grow in Wisdom and Strength

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As you withstand more violent attacks and carve up one foe after another, you will learn newer and better ways to kill and survive. There are many ways that Sonny can develop. He can be a swift and deadly assassin, a durable soldier, or a modern-day rendition of an elemental mage. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit.

  • Gain money and experience with every victory you eke out.
  • Learn over 25 spells and abilities. Drop your foes’ defenses with Magic Bolt, burn them to ash with Flame Blast, deflect attacks completely with Block, heal damage gradually with Regenerate, and more.
  • Purchase new weapons and pieces of armor, or take them from the corpses of your enemies. Put on SWAT gear, ancient samurai armor, guns, swords, crowbars and more.
  • Improve four statistics that affect your overall combat performance: Strength, Speed, Vitality and Magic.

Join the Hunt

With Sonny, you can experience the first chapter to an engaging tactical RPG for free. A lot of challenging battles await you in the future, as does an incredibly intriguing tale that will change the way you look at zombies for a long time. If you enjoy a good yarn alongside your turn-based warfare, then load up Sonny and dive into its mystery right away.

Tips & Strategies

  1. The game is all about finding your enemy's weaknesses and using the right strategy and skills to beat them.
  2. Destroyer Class - power up Strength and Vitality
  3. Assassin Class - power up mainly Speed followed by Strength and Vitality
  4. Guardian Class - Magic and Strength should be powered up first
  5. Gunslinger Class - Magic, Vitality, and Speed are most important

For more specific help on fighting enemies, see this guide


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