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Sonny 2

Use the power of the elements to take on enemies in turn-based combat! Win fights to make your character increasingly stronger.

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How to Play

  • Use your mouse to do everything you need to do in the game
  • Choose what to do each turn - click an enemy and then click a possible attack in the circle above their heads or click a teammate and choose an option to help them in battle
  • Between fights you can equip items and assign points to abilities for better attacking, defense, healing, etc.

Game Description

The Story Goes On

It’s been a month since Sonny came back from the dead and escaped from that boat. He’s had to kill ghosts, zombies and the undead-hunting ZPCI by the hundreds, taking down both an undead overlord and the Paladin himself in the process. Now all that remains is to figure out just what the secret is behind the tape he’s had with him since it all began. Unfortunately, before Sonny can find out, an assailant comes out of nowhere and seizes it from him! Our hero and his partner, Veradux, set off to recover the tape and hopefully find out just what is going on.

Sonny 2 picks up from where the last game left off to deliver yet another thrilling tactical RPG. You’ll fight hundreds of turn-based battles against cunning enemies, put together a killer team of powerful combatants, and learn dozens of new skills and spells in the process. The power of the elements will be at your command, as will the ability to twist the minds of all who stand in your way. Grab a weapon and begin your journey anew in the next chapter of the Sonny saga!

Seize the Power

Sonny 2 features a new and improved growth system that allows you to experience a more diverse range of play styles. Learn dozens of different skills and evolve from a pathetic weakling into a force to be reckoned with.

  • Choose one of three starting classes, each of which have their own unique sets of abilities.
  • Play as a Biological zombie to become a physical powerhouse. Enhance your physical abilities to slay enemies before they realize what hit them.
  • Delve into the dark side as a Psychological zombie. Zap your enemies with lightning, devour them with the shadows, or turn into a fearsome wraith.
  • Become a Hydraulic zombie. Use the power of water to gain a tactical advantage over your foes. Freeze enemies solid, boil the blood in their veins, or bolster your defenses to become the ultimate shield for your friends.
  • Improve four attributes with every level that you gain: Vitality, Strength, Instinct and Speed.

Fight On Until the End

Sonny 2 would not be a Sonny game if it didn’t have its turn-based battles. Thankfully, they return in full force. Our undead hero and his small team of allies are lost in a world that desperately wants them dead, so they’ll have to fight tooth and nail every step of the way.

  • Form a team of up to three characters.
  • Equip up to eight abilities at a time. Unload on the enemy forces with offensive attacks or help your allies with defensive skills.
  • Wield a variety of weapons, including guns, swords, clubs and more.
  • Weaken the enemy forces with any number of status effects. Make them more susceptible to damage, poison them, steal their turns, and more.
  • Loot better weapons and armor from the corpses of your foes.
  • Fight training battles in between storyline ones to increase your strength and gain more experience.

Walk with the Dead Again

If you enjoyed the first Sonny game, then you will definitely love the second one. It brings with it a host of all-new abilities, preserves the strategic depth of the original, and continues the intriguing story. Even if you haven’t played the first game, Sonny 2 is still worth checking out for anyone who wants a plot-driven tactical experience without the need to spend any money. Join Sonny and the gang in carving up more some more undead butt today!


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