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Super Monday Night Combat

Super Monday Night Combat

Compete in the most lethal sport in the world for cash and fame.

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Game Description

Forget Football - Grab a Gun and Compete for Your Life!

Welcome to the future, where the most popular sport in the world is the lethal shoot 'em up free for all known as Super Monday Night Combat. Forget all that nonsense about fighting for duty or honor. None of that stuff can buy you a cheeseburger. But you know what can? Cold, hard cash and fortune and fame; that's what real combatants are in it for because that is the American way! Grab your gun, slap on your endorsements and get out there in the arena, there's fame waiting out there!

Official video that explains how the game works - a must watch

What Is Super Monday Night Combat?

Super Monday Night Combat is a free to play third-person team-based multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, that runs on the Unreal Engine. Players are divided into one of two teams, the Hot Shots or Icemen, to compete against the opposite team and destroy that team's Moneyball. All of this action is set amid the premise of a futuristic game show, where each kill and major event is noted by a play-by-play announcer or cheers from the crowd.

It quickly becomes apparent that this game is not one that takes itself too seriously, injecting a strong dose of humor into its game play. This sense of humor, as well as the somewhat cartoonish artistic style, is one of the great charms of the game. When added to the frantic and enjoyable combat, the humor works great and is one of the main reasons that this game is well liked by reviewers and players alike.

To destroy the opposing team's Moneyball, each player controls one Pro who must push their team's bots through various lanes on the map towards the other team's Moneyball. Along the way, the players will encounter neutral bots that will try to destroy both teams, turrets and hazards activated by the opposing team and the players on the other team as well.

Once the bots reach the opposing team's Moneyball, they then attack it in an effort to bring the Moneyball down at which point the player's team can attempt to destroy the Moneyball. When a team destroys the Moneyball, they earn lots of coins and win the match.

During the match, players' characters earn experience and can level up, increasing their various skills. In the locker room between matches, the player acts in a manner similar to an agent, choosing which Pro to play, giving them various equipment and endorsements that boost their abilities in different ways.

As certain goals are reached or enemies are destroyed, they drop various bits of loot. Coins are usable at vending machines and to purchase various upgrades for your Pro. Juice boxes increase the amount of Juice your Pro has and churros replenish lost health.

Super Monday Night Combat is based on a similar previous game, known as Monday Night Combat. When the game was redesigned, it was made less of a tower defense style game and more of a MOBA. There is no single player component to the game.

The game supports itself with micro-transactions like many free to play games, but unlike others the upgrades that can be purchased with real money are not necessary to enjoy the game fully. Additionally, many of the purchases can be purchased with the in-game currency won through matches.

Super Monday Night Combat is available through the Steam distribution system for PCs.


There are many characters, or Pros, to choose from in Super Monday Night Combat. Each character has two attacks and five skills. Two skills are passive and are the same and always on for all characters; Offensive and Defensive. The three remaining skills are unique to each character. Skills can be upgraded to give additional bonuses.

Overview of each class and how they work in the game

In addition to skills, characters' abilities can be upgraded through

Each Pro belongs to one of five different classes.

  • Commando--specialists with complex skills, high speed and low health. Commandos are great for finishing off or debuffing enemies.
  • Strikers--Strikers have medium health and high mobility in addition to being able to deal burst damage. Strikers are perhaps the easiest of the character types to play
  • Enforcers--Enforcers have the highest health and the highest short range damage, but they are slow.
  • Defenders--Defenders boost and heal their teammates, making them important to a team.
  • Sharp Shooters--Players with great accuracy are those best suited to sharp shooters, and rely more on the player's capabilities than other classes. They normally deal high burst damage from a great distance

Beyond class, each Pro has their own set of skills and abilities. Of the Pros, six of them are based off of the original classes in the original Monday Night Combat; Assault, Tank, Support, Assassin, Gunner and Sniper.

The  Commandos are:

  • The Assassin--The silent killer with daggers and wrist-mounted shuriken thrower. She is very acrobatic and deadly from behind.
  • Captain Spark--A masked superhero with a dramatic tone, an electric sword and a ray gun. He also has the ability to teleport and shock other Pros
  • Wascot--a great fan of Bullseye, the SMNC mascot, Wascot has a coin launcher and a paddle. He can counter grapples, leap across the map and debuff enemies and turrets.

Characters that fall under the Striker class include:

  • Assault--The unofficial leader of SMNC tams, he has a suave personality, an assault rifle and a grenade launcher. He can move across the battlefield quickly using his skills.
  • Karl--A tall android with a monocle and pencil mustache, his British accent is cultured and electronic. Karl is armed with a Handler laser and bouncing grenades. One of his skills allows him to launch his own robot.
  • Megabeth--a Japanese clone, she has favors horizontal mobility over vertical, and has the Bearing Hates paintball and Rocket Launcher weapons as well as skills that allow her to bounce an attack off walls and spin like a dervish.

There are four Enforcer class characters:

  • Tank--The quintessential Enforcer with high health and damage, a Jet Gun flamthrower and Rail Gun. he can deploy shields, throw grenades and charge at opponents
  • Gunner--Gunner is less aggressive than the Tank and carries a minigun and mortar launcher. His skills offer him less of a fire arc but more dmaage, a heat seeking missile and a ground slam
  • Cheston--A hyper intelligent gorilla dressed as a gangster, Cheston carries a tommy gun and a staff for use in melee. He can throw exploding barrels, heal teammates with a roar and go on a ground-shaking rampage.
  • Veteran--A melee-oriented Pro, Veteran has a lot of health and is dangerous in short range. His weapons include a spiked bar stool and a pistol like weapon that fires energy bursts. His special skills involve a throw, a claw that pulls enemies towards him and a charge that punches through enemy bots.

Characters in the Defenders class are:

  • Support--a likable character with a terrible command of English, he is not a fan of violence. He carries a heal/hurt gun and a shotgun. He is able to deploy support turets and call down a missile strike.
  • Combat Girl--Considered by most to be the easiest character to play. She has a combat healer gun that is similar to the Support's gun, and a nail gun. Her skills allow her to deploy fast, small turrets which she can boost with another skill and unleash a combat laser.
  • Leo--A clone of Leonardo Da Vinci, Leo is armed with a medium ranged laser called the Mona Laser and a rapid fire crossbow. Leo can boost nearby bots, control enemy bots and create a turret called the Venice Defense.

Sharp Shooters include:

  • The Sniper--The epitome of the sharp shooter class, the Sniper is weak up close but dangerous at range. His weapons are a sniper rifle and an SMG and he has skills that give him an area attack, build traps and allows for grappling.
  • The Gunslinger--Considered by many to be the most difficult Pro to play, this southern lady is based on the Old West gunslingers. She carries a rifle with no scope and a 6-shot revolver. She is able to increase her rate of fire, unleash a cone-shaped attack and slow down other Pros (by shooting them in the knees)
  • Artemis--An Outlander with a bow and a creature she unleashes in combat, she is able to remove opponents' armor, slow opponents and attack all in a close area with a high damage boomerang attack.

In addition to raising skills, characters can also gain Endorsements. By equipping a character with one of these Endorsements, certain aspects of their abilities are improved, while other aspects are made worse. Endorsements come in five different levels, and each level provides a greater level of improvement or penalty. The five levels of Endorsements are, in order from worst to best, Normal, Extra, Hugh, Ultra and Bacon.

Play Modes

There are three modes of play in Super Monday Night Combat. During the game, characters collect coins which can be used in various ways, as well as accumulate Juice. When Juice maxes out the character becomes more powerful for a short time.

Training gives you the chance to learn about the game, providing you with Pros, 'bots and areas that explain the different bits of information as to how to play the game. This is the mode that most players should start try first, so they can get a feel for the game.

Super Crossfire mode is the core play of the game, pitting two 5x5 teams against one another, attempting to push their bots through to the other team's side and bring down the opposition's Moneyball. Various events take place during this mode, such as the arrival of either the Mascot, Bullseye, a giant chicken or a Juicebot.

Turbocross is similar to the game mode from Monday Night Combat, allowing Pros on both teams to construct their own turrets. It is otherwise similar to Super Crossfire, except that everything is more lethal and characters do not get boosts from their Offensive and Defensive skills.


There are currently five different arenas available for Super Monday Night Combat. All of the arenas have certain aspects in common. All arenas have an area called the "Jungle" which is the most dangerous area of the arena. Also, all arenas have vending machines that dispense various boosts and upgrades from different in-game manufacturers. Each team has a home base area on each arena, allowing teammates to respawn and to return for healing.

In addition to the above features, all arenas contains areas where players can built turrets to stop opponents and their 'bots in Turbocross mode. Jump pads must be unlocked, but once they are unlocked they allow characters to leap higher. Lastly, there are hazards that can be unlocked, such as the Hurler that pushes characters out of the area, possibly causing them to ring out and die. All of these features cost in-game currency or coins to unlock.

The arenas are:

  • Bullet Gorge--A mid-sized arena with a lot of corners.
  • Loco Moco Ruins--An arena with straight lanes and ample opportunities for ambushes.
  • Spunky Cola Downtown--An arena with lanes that force teams to coordinate their efforts.
  • Gun Mountain--An open arena with an easily accessible Annihilator hazard in the center.
  • Grenade III.XIV--An updated version of one of the original MNC arenas.
  • 1-800-QUERY-HELIOS Dome--A circular arena with five different lanes.

Critical Reception

Super Monday Night Combat got generally favorable reviews, with a Metacritic score of 79/100. The frantic and fun combat mixed with the comedic style of the game are among the things critics liked the most, and almost all critics enjoyed the game play itself.

Quick review of Super MNC by IGN

Unfortunately, the initial launch of the game was marred by matchmaking issues, pitting green novices against veterans of the game and this lowered some of the initial scores.


Video Guides

How to Play Super Monday Night Combat - Playlist


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