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Jedi Consular Shadow Advanced Class Guide - Star Wars The Old Republic

Learn key combat strategies, skill builds, gear choices, and more for the Jedi Consular Shadow Advanced Class.

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Guide by Jae Onasi

Jedi Consular Shadow Advanced Class

You’ve made it to level 10 in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and you’ve decided to pick a Jedi Shadow for your advanced class. Congratulations! You’ll have a lot of fun wielding a double lightsaber to defend your teammates and do heavy damage on your foes. This guide will give you extensive information on types of gear, leveling, best skill builds, companions, and rotations to use in both PvE (player-vs.-environment) and PvP (player-vs.-player) settings. Let’s get your Jedi Shadow started!


Once you leave Tython, your first stop is Carrick Fleet Station. Take a look at the Fleet Station guide if you want more detailed information on what you can find there. For now, you’ll want to make two stops. Your first stop is with Master Ostar-Gal, who will direct you to report to Master Dynaroth in the skill trainer quadrant. This is the quest that requires you to choose between the Sage and Shadow Advanced Classes, or AC for short. Choose the Shadow class, and you’ll receive your AC, some new skills, and a few items. Check your inventory and your abilities menu and you’ll see new items and skills. You’ll also receive at least one skill point. We’ll go over a more advanced discussion about how to allocate skill points in the Skill Tree section. For now, the best place to put the first point or two is in Technique Mastery, Force Synergy, or Double-bladed Saber Defense.

You won’t find it hard to reach level 55 with a Shadow. If you want to level quickly, the fastest route is to do a combination of class missions, flashpoints appropriate to your level, and PvP. Add in a few space missions if you love space combat. Completing planet quests and bonus missions with a group will make leveling even faster. You can also buy experience point boosts with Cartel Coins if you’re really in a hurry.

Skill Trees

There are three skill trees, or specializations, that you can pursue as a Jedi Shadow. These three are Kinetic Combat (or just ‘Combat’), Balance, and Infiltration. The Combat skill tree is the main tanking tree. A Combat specialist does a lot of close-range, or melee, damage. The Infiltration tree is a great melee DPS (damage per second) specialization that does bursts of high damage, called ‘spike damage’. The Balance Shadow has some self-healing skills, can do ranged or melee damage, and does a good amount of damage over time (DoT).

If you like to do heavy tanking damage and be at the forefront of any battle, then Kinetic Combat is the tree for you. If you enjoy stealth and doing high bursts of damage, choose Infiltration. If you want the ability to do steady damage over time, and you like the flexibility of doing ranged or melee damage, then the Balance tree is your choice.

There are some commonly used skill tree builds that maximize your damage and proc (short for ‘programmed random occurrence) skills. Almost all the builds have skill points allocated in at least two and sometimes all three of the trees, so don’t be surprised. Also, the PvP builds are subtly different from the PvE builds. The focus in PvE is to take on small mobs of enemies at a time and tackle hard-to-kill bosses.

In PvP, speed becomes much more of an issue as you chase your enemies across a large map. The builds are adjusted accordingly. Since patches and major SWTOR updates can change skills, check patch notes to see if you need to change your build to something new.

Suggested skill builds for the Kinetic Combat tree:


The PvE build can also be used in PvP.

These are the currently recommended Infiltration skill builds:



For the Balance tree, these are some of the preferred builds:



Experiment a bit with your skill points to tweak the build do what works best for you.

Abilities and Rotations

There are a variety of builds and suggested skill rotations. In SWTOR, there is no ‘set’ skill rotation like there is in other MMOs. Your battle techniques will need to change based on the type of enemy you face and whether or not you’re playing in PvP or PvE. In addition, Shadows don’t have nearly as large a pool of Force points to fuel their skills as their Sage cousins. You’ll have to adjust your skills based not only on how much energy is available but also on how much health the enemy has left and which of your proc skills are available.

Skill rotations also often get tweaked in updates, so don’t be surprised if a weak skill suddenly becomes important. Some skills you want to activate as soon as the cool down timer expires. These are known as the ‘cool down skills’.

Most of the skill rotations are set up to make maximum use of your proc skills. When proc skills activate, you’ll see their icons show up right above your skill bar where your buffs and conditions also appear. Get used to looking for those little icons so that you can use your activated skills for maximum effect. In order to see the procs more clearly, you may want to adjust your UI so that your buffs and debuffs are flipped to the bottom of your skillbar. You can increase the display size to make them easier to see.

The Most Important Damage Cooldowns for All Shadows

Occasionally, an Operations or PvP leader will ask you to hold off on activating these damage cool down skills until the team is at a particular point in a fight in order to do maximum damage. Keep these skills in an easy-to reach place on your skillbars.

  •     Force Potency
  •     Battle Readiness
  •     Blackout (with Masked Assault) to recover Force quickly

Protective Cooldowns for All Shadows

Keep these available for when you need extra defense, remove a condition like burning, need to escape a snare or increase healing, or need to get away from an enemy quickly.

  •     Force Cloak
  •     Resilience
  •     Deflection
  •     Force of Will
  •     Battle Readiness
  •     Phase Walk

Kinetic Combat Skill Priority List for Single Targets and Bosses

Keep Combat Technique active at all times.

  •     Kinetic Ward (refresh the skill if it’s about to expire or it’s down to one charge)
  •     Slow Time
  •     Project
  •     Double Strike, Shadow Strike, or Spinning Strike to make Particle Acceleration proc
  •     Project when Particle Acceleration is available
  •     Telekinetic Throw with three stacks of Harnessed Shadows
  •     Force Breach with Combat Technique
  •     Saber Strike, particularly if you have less than 20 Force.

When using this rotation, remember to maintain Kinetic Ward at all times. You can use Project with or without Particle Acceleration. Maintain debuffs by using Slow Time and Force Breach. Use Double Strike, Shadow Strike, or Spinning Strike often to proc Particle Acceleration.

Kinetic Combat Priority List for Area of Effect and Multiple Target Damage

  •     Slow Time
  •     Force Breach
  •     Whirling Blow

Infiltration Skill Priority List for Single Targets and Bosses

Keep Shadow Technique active at all times. Infiltrators should focus attacks on one target rather than multiple targets whenever possible, since they do massive spike damage. Entering battle from stealth allows you to position yourself behind the target for Shadow Strike. It also gives you a Force regeneration boost if you have Masked Assault and used Blackout to enter stealth. Use Battle Readiness and Force Potency on every single cooldown.

  •     Force Breach with three stacks of ‘Exit Strategy’ from Shadow Technique
  •     Force Potency on every single cooldown
  •     Battle Readiness on every single cooldown
  •     Project with two stacks of Circling Shadows from Clairvoyant Strike
  •     Spinning Strike
  •     Clairvoyant Strike
  •     Shadow Strike when Find Weakness procs from Infiltration Tactics
  •     Saber Strike if below 20 Force

Priority List for Area of Effect and Multiple Target Damage

  •     Force Wave
  •     Whirling Blow

Balance Skill Priority List for Single Targets and Bosses

Remember to keep Force Technique active at all times. Watch for Force Strike to proc in order to get a 60% chance to activate the next Mind Crush instantly and drop the Force cost to zero. This helps with managing your Force pool and instantly activates a long-channeling skill. Use Project if you’re not in melee range or if your enemy is at low health.

  •     Force in Balance
  •     Mind Crush when Force Strike procs
  •     Force Potency on every cooldown
  •     Battle Readiness on every cooldown
  •     Sever Force
  •     Spinning Strike
  •     Shadow Strike when Find Weakness procs
  •     Force Breach
  •     Double Strike
  •     Project
  •     Saber Strike if below 20 Force

Use Force in Balance every cooldown and maintain Mind Crush (with Force Strike proc) and Sever Force to keep the DoT high.

Balance Priority List for Area of Effect and Multiple Target Damage

  •     Force in Balance
  •     Force Wave
  •     Whirling Blow

Stats and Gear

Always equip your double lightsaber or electrostaff, since some skills require those weapons. Upgrade to the orange-quality gear up through level 55, since you can change out the equipment modifications easily. You can buy some orange gear starting on Coruscant, and the Legacy Vendors at the Coruscant Senate Plaza offer quite a number of pieces. One easy way to get some orange gear is to get to Social Rank 1 by doing the Esseles Flashpoint with some other players. The Esseles Flashpoint is one of the best for earning social points quickly. This will let you get a good starting set of gear (minus bracers and a belt) for a very low cost.

All Consulars are limited to Light armor. Always choose armor, relics, implants, weapons, shields, and foci with Willpower and Endurance as the main stats. Strength helps very little. While you don’t need to add augments to gear and weapons at the lower levels, they do help. Augments are essential at level 50 if you plan on doing the end-game Operations or ranked PvP.

Secondary stats become very important in PvP and end-game Operations. In general, in PvE, boost Willpower as high as possible. In PvP, boost Expertise first and then Willpower and Endurance.

Check your character sheet. You’ll see numbers and percentages by all the secondary stats. You don’t need to boost them all. Alacrity is not an important stat for Shadows, for instance.

The most important secondary stats for Shadows are Power, Critical, Surge, Defense, and Absorption. See the guide on Primary and Secondary Stats if you’d like a detailed discussion on what each of these does. You can change out mods, enhancements, augments, and relics to raise the necessary stats. Players who enjoy both PvE and PvP often have two sets of armor, since Expertise is essential in PvP but is not used at all in PvE. Don’t exceed the recommended percentages. The amount of benefit you get from raising the secondary stats above these ‘soft caps’ diminishes rapidly.

Kinetic Combat

While all Shadows need to build up their Willpower, Kinetic Combat specialists need to focus on building up their Endurance, since they’re tanking. They need the extra hit points that Endurance provides.

Keep Willpower high. Bring Shield up to 40% and Absorb to 44%. Defense should be at 18 percent. Put enough points into Accuracy to raise that to 110 percent, and pour the rest of the points into Endurance. This will help you survive many of the toughest boss fights. Kinetic Combat Shadows want to work towards the Dread Forged Survivor Armor set. Use the +41 Endurance crystal and the Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 34 in your lightsaber for the extra health points. Tailor the augments in your armor to whatever you need most to raise your Absorption, Defense, or Shield to the recommended percentages with the Advanced Augment 28. Select the Advanced Robust or Reinforced Mod 34 along with the Advanced Sturdiness or Steadfast Enhancement 34 to improve your Willpower and secondary stats.

In PvP, Expertise is the primary stat. Endurance is also very important. After that, you should increase Shield, Absorb, Willpower, Power, and Defense. Use the Obroan Survivor Armor set and equip your lightsaber with the +41 Expertise crystal and an Advanced Resolve Hilt 29X. Choose mods that improve Absorb and Defense, like the Advanced Robust or Reinforced Mod 29BX. Round out your armor with the Advanced Acute, Initiative, Insight, or Quick Savant 29X Enhancements depending on what secondary stats you need to increase. Use the Advanced Resolve or Fortitude Augment 28 for Willpower and Power, respectively.

Kinetic Combat specialists should use the highest-level Absorb adrenals. Use Fortitude stims in either PvE or PvP play. This stim increases health points by increasing Endurance. For a quick self-heal, use the highest level Med Unit or the reusable Medpac if you’re a Biochemist. In PvP, use the Warzone medpacs and adrenals. Equip at least one Absorb-based Relic, and activate it whenever you need it by dragging the skill to your bar.


In PvE, Infiltration Shadows need to boost Willpower first. Then, raise Critical, Surge, Power, and Accuracy. To make sure you can always hit a boss, raise your Accuracy to 110 percent. Surge is the next most important stat, with Power following closely. Increase Critical to 25 percent and Surge to 70 percent. Put the rest of the points into Power. Use a +41 Power crystal in your lightsaber, add the Advanced Resolve Hilt 34 and work towards the Dread Forged Stalker Armor set. The Advanced Resolve 28 Augments that boost Willpower help tremendously. Choose the Advanced Aptitude 34A Mettle or Aptitude Mods. To round out your secondary stats, select the Advanced Acute, Initiative, Battle, or Adept Enhancements 34.

For PvP, Infiltration specialists should raise Expertise first. Next, raise Willpower. After that, bring Accuracy up to at least 105 percent as your first priority. Then increase Critical up to 25 percent and Surge to 70 percent. Allocate the rest of the mods to Power. For gear, work up to the Obroan Stalker set. Use a +41 Expertise crystal in your lightsaber along with an Advanced Resolve Hilt 29X. Use the Advanced 28 Resolve or Fortitude Augments. Choose the Advanced 29AX Mettle or Aptitude Mods. Choose the Advanced 29X Enhancements to round out the secondary stats that you need most, such as Acute, Initiative, Battle, or Adept. If you die frequently, you may need to use Enhancements that add Endurance at the expense of your secondary stats.

Infiltration Shadows should use the highest level Resolve stims to boost Willpower. Attack adrenals raise Power, which helps improve overall damage. If you can’t equip the Reusable medpac, use the highest level Med Unit for emergency self-healing. In PvP, use the Warzone medpacs and adrenals. Have a Relic that increases Power, and activate it whenever the cool down ends.

Balance Shadows

The Balance Shadow needs to prioritize Willpower even more than Endurance. Bring Accuracy up to 110 percent so you can always hit the bosses. The next priorities are bringing Critical up to 25 percent and Surge to 70 percent. Put the rest of the points into Power. The best gear available for the Balance specialist is the Dread Forged Stalker Armor set. Use a +41 Power crystal in your lightsaber and equip the Advanced Resolve Hilt 34. For your gear, choose the Advanced Mod 34A in either Mettle or Aptitude to boost Crit or Power respectively. Both boost Willpower, too.

In PvP, your goal is to get to the Obroan Stalker Armor set. Put points into Expertise, then Willpower. Boost your Accuracy to 105 percent. Ideally, you want to get your Critical to 25 percent, your Surge to 70 percent, and then devote the rest of your mods to items that boost Power. Use the +41 Expertise crystal and the Advanced Resolve Hilt 29X in your lightsaber. Select the Advanced Mettle or Aptitude 29AX mods and the Advanced 29X Enhancements. You’ll want to pick the ones that will boost the particular secondary stats you need. Choose the Advanced Resolve or Fortitude Augment 28 for extra Endurance and Willpower or Power.

Balance Shadows should use the maximum level Resolve stims to boost Willpower and use Attack adrenals to raise Power. This increases overall damage and healing. If you can’t equip Reusable medpacs, use the maximum level Med Unit for self-healing in emergencies. In PvP, use the Warzone medpacs and adrenals. Use a power-based Relic and activate it whenever the cool down ends.


In general, it’s best to make your companions happy, even if you don’t plan on pursuing choices they like. The higher their affection, the better their specific crafting will be. You can raise affection by choosing conversation options they like, doing their companion-specific quests, or giving them companion gifts.

Read over each companion’s codex entry to discover what they like and dislike. This may guide your conversation and quest options. In general, equip all your companions in orange-quality gear and weapons, which you can later upgrade easily. Make sure to give them implants and earpieces, too. They benefit from the stat boosts as much as you do.

By now, you should be good friends with Qyzen Fess, your first companion. His main stats are Aim and Endurance, and he wears heavy armor. He uses a techblade and shield generator for his main and off-hand weapons. Qyzen is very good at melee combat. While he’s better suited for a Consular Sage, he’ll still be great for a Shadow. Since he attracts enemies with his higher threat level, it gives Shadows an excellent opportunity to practice positioning for flanking attacks. Infiltrator Shadows in particular benefit from proper positioning—some skills can only be used when attacking an enemy from behind.

Your ship droid, C2-N2, is technically a companion, although he does not have any companion quests. You can outfit him with droid parts if you feel like taking him with you. C2-N2 has only healing skills, so you’ll be doing all the damage. A Kinetic Combat Shadow might find him useful until Tharan joins the crowd. Otherwise, any of the other companions are much better options for your party. If you have purchased a repair droid for your ship (requires legacy level 7), you can purchase a sensor unit for C2-N2 that will give him a crafting bonus.

Tharan Cedrax is the worldly, well-traveled scientist will join your crew on Nar Shaddaa. He is a fantastic companion for Shadows, particularly if you like to play solo a lot. His primary stats are Cunning and Endurance, and he can use medium armor. He carries the Blaster Pistol and Scattergun. He is a healer and is terrific at interrupting enemies with his entertaining ‘Deploy Holiday’ skill. Make sure to keep his armor, equipment, and weapons updated for maximum effectiveness.

Zenith is a ranged DPS freedom fighter who will join you on Balmorra. Like Tharan, his primary stats are Cunning and Endurance, and he can wear medium armor. His primary weapon is the Sniper Rifle, and his secondary is Scattergun. Don’t forget to update his scattergun whenever you can. He is a good companion for Combat Shadows, although most Shadows will appreciate Tharan’s healing abilities more.

Lieutenant Felix Iresso joins the team on Hoth. He is a ranged tank, with Aim and Endurance as his primary stats. He can use heavy armor. If you’re the type of player who thinks the best defense is killing enemies quickly before they can damage you, Lt. Iresso is a good choice. His primary weapons are Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol, and his secondary is a shield generator. Combat Shadows and Lt. Iresso will mow down most mobs before they get a chance to do a lot of damage. He is also the romance interest for female Consulars.

Nadia Grell won’t join you as a companion until late in the game on Belsavis. Her primary stats are Willpower and Endurance, and she carries a polesaber and focus. She is the romance interest for male Consulars. She is incredibly helpful for any Shadow, since she does massive damage alongside the outstanding damage all Shadows are able to do at the high levels. Even Infiltrator and Balance Shadows might consider questing with Nadia instead of Tharan in order to kill off mobs of enemies quickly. She wears the same light armor as Consulars, so you can equip her in items that you’ve out-leveled.

HK-51 can be acquired two ways. First, you can obtain him after reaching level 50 and doing a series of bonus quests to retrieve his parts that have been scattered around the galaxy. You also need a level 15 alt in the Imperial faction to obtain one of the parts. Second, if you’ve already unlocked him with one level 50 alt, you can unlock him as a companion on your Shadow if you spend 1 million credits or 350 Cartel coins. He will scale to your Shadow’s level. He is a ranged DPS companion who uses heavy droid plating. His primary weapon is the Sniper or Blaster Rifles, with the Vibroknife as his secondary. He is a bit unusual in that he uses Aim or Cunning along with Endurance as his primary stats. His armor is Aim-based, but he can use either Aim or Cunning based rifles.

Treek is an Ewok mercenary. She can be unlocked at level 10 for Cartel Coins or by spending money on the GTN. Some of the mercenary contracts on the GTN that allow you to acquire Treek require that you have Legacy level 40 to unlock her. She comes equipped with a bowcaster and shield generator, and she wears heavy armor. Her main stats are Aim and Endurance. Treek can equip Aim-based blaster pistols and blaster rifles in addition to her bowcaster. She is useful if you need a ranged tank or a healer since she has both tanking and healing stances.

Your companions have favorite gifts. They are listed in order of preference.

  •     Qyzen: Weapon, Military Gear, Technology, Underworld Good
  •     C2-N2: Cultural Artifact, Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Luxury
  •     Tharan: Luxury, Technology, Underworld Good, Courting, Cultural Artifact
  •     Zenith: Imperial Memorabilia, Weapon, Underworld Good, Military Gear
  •     Iresso: Courting (if playing a female), Trophy, Republic Memorabilia, Weapon, Luxury
  •     Nadia: Courting (if playing a male), Cultural Artifact, Republic Memorabilia, Underworld Good, Luxury
  •     HK-51: Weapon, Military Gear, Technology, Trophy
  •     Treek: Technology, Trophy, Weapon, and Military Gear


Completing a Flashpoint with other players is a great way to earn credits, rare gear, Light and Dark Side points, and social points. While doing them is not essential, the stories are fun and they are a great way to work on your skill rotations with a team. There are daily and weekly Flashpoint missions available on the Fleet Station, so make sure to pick those up for an extra credit and experience point boost. Flashpoints can be done in Story Mode or Hard Mode.

The rewards in Story Mode are designed for the level range of that Flashpoint. Hard Mode Flashpoints are meant to be done from level 50 to 55, and the loot drops are scaled up as a result. While specific items used to drop in the early days of the game, the loot table is now more random and is supposed to better match the party’s composition.

There are a few ways to find a group for a flashpoint. If you’ve joined a guild, the first way is to ask in guild chat for help. Most guild mates are willing to join up if they’ve reached the correct level. Another way is to ask for help in general chat. One of the best ways is to use the Group Finder tool, which is one of the buttons on your mini-map.

When the Group Finder window pops up, select your role. Kinetic Combat Shadows can select Tank or DPS, depending on their planned role. Balance and Infiltrator Shadows usually select the DPS role. Choose the Flashpoint(s) that you would like to complete. After that, click ‘Join Queue’, and when a group is found, you’ll be given the option to be transported instantly to that Flashpoint. Share the weekly and daily missions with the other players, or ask them to share those with you if you haven’t picked them up.
If you don’t mind spoilers, review the Flashpoints for tips on the boss fights. There are a variety of guides and videos available for each of these missions.

Here is a list of the Flashpoints and their level ranges:

  •     The Esseles: Level 7-10
  •     Hammer Station: Level 13-17
  •     Athiss: Level 17-21
  •     Mandalorian Raiders: Level 21-26
  •     Cademimu: Level 25-29
  •     Taral V: Level 29-33
  •     Maelstrom Prison: Level 33-37
  •     Colicoid War Games: Level 37-41
  •     The Red Reaper: Level 41-45
  •     Directive 7: Level 45-49
  •     The False Emperor: Level 48-50
  •     The Battle of Ilum: Level 48-50
  •     Kaon Under Siege: Level 50
  •     The Lost Island: Level 50


You can start your PvP fun at level ten and participate in the 10-49 bracket. At level 50, you’ll play in the 50-55 bracket. You’ll die frequently against higher level players and those with substantially better gear, but it’s a good way to gain commendations for the high level gear later on. To join the PvP queue, just click the PvP button on your mini-map.

Doing some PvP regularly is also an excellent way to gain experience points to level quickly. Make sure to pick up the daily and weekly quests near the PvP vendors on the Fleet Station. Turn them in as soon as you complete them. At level 14 and at various intervals thereafter, you can purchase gear from the PvP vendor on the fleet station that will add to your Expertise stat, which is the primary PvP stat. Equip those as soon as you can. You might find that these pieces of armor are better than what you can buy on the GTN at that same level.

Make sure to see the Warzone Gear vendor when you hit level 55. If you have a lot of commendations, you should be able to turn those in for some Conqueror gear. Work towards equipping your lightsaber first. This has some great stats that can be used in PvE play until you can obtain the Elite or Ultimate Gear items.

The roles in PvP differ depending on your skill tree specialization. Combat Shadows are at their best when tanking enemies and guarding healers. Infiltrators specialize in harassing the enemy and doing spike damage against the opposing team’s healers and weaker players. Balance Shadows can do both ranged and melee damage, which allows them to change tactics on the fly, depending on where the battle leads them. All Shadows can enter Stealth mode, making it nearly impossible for the enemy to find them.

Different Warzones require different techniques. In Huttball, it’s all about speed. Make sure to hotkey the ‘Throw Ball’ skill. It’s an area-of-effect skill, so you’ll need to aim it after activating it. Click the hotkey once more to release the ball. If you catch the ball, use your speed boosts to reach the goal. Use Force of Will or throw the ball to another player if you get snared or slowed. Force Wave is a great skill to use if you want to bounce someone into a fire pit or off the bridge. Make sure you’re facing the target.

The other Warzones, like Novare Coast and Voidstar, require players to capture points or break through enemy lines to accomplish an objective. Combat Shadows should protect the healers with Guard whenever possible. Infiltrator and Balance Shadows are at their best when damaging healers and the weaker melee DPS players. Attack the players who are attacking your healers. Often times, the group leader will mark the targets with a flame or some other marker. Attack the flame-targeted players first. They can’t stay alive if their healers can’t heal.

Use stealth and use it often. You’ll regenerate Force when you come out of stealth, and you’ll leave your enemies guessing where you’re at.

Best Crafting Skills for a Shadow

The hands-down best crafting skill to pick up for a Shadow is Biochem. The other two skills that go with this are Bioanalysis and Diplomacy. This skill allows you to craft and use the coveted reusable medpacs and stims. Since a Shadow is generally in the thick of battle, those medpacs can mean the difference between survival and a hefty repair bill. In addition, the highest level stims that boost the primary stats like Willpower can sell for over 10,000 credits apiece. You’ll easily recoup the crafting costs by selling these stims and medpacs on the Galactic Trading Network.

If you really don’t want to pursue Biochem or you have another character already doing this craft, consider Artifice, Synthweaving, or Cybertech. Artifice will let you craft lightsaber crystals, lightsaber hilts, Enhancements, along with shields and foci. Synthweaving is good if you want to create your own armor, especially bracers and belts which are not easy to find. Synthweavers can also create the important augment kits, too. Cybertech can be a useful crafting skill if you want to craft earpieces and items to modify weapons and armor, such as Mods and Armoring. If you enjoy space combat, this crew skill lets you craft your own ship parts. Cybertechs can also make droid gear, grenades and speeder bikes.


Question: Should I use any weapon besides a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff?

Answer: No. A few of the Shadow skills actually require a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff.

Question: Should I get all the datacrons?

Answer: You should get all the Willpower and Endurance datacrons at a minimum, along with the matrix shards. You should also pick up the Strength datacrons since those contribute slightly to your lightsaber damage. The +10 All Stats datacron is a must. You might think that a +1 Willpower boost won’t make a difference, but if you add them all together, they contribute quite a bit.

Question: Where do I go to make a Matrix Cube?

Answer: The room where you make Matrix Cubes is located in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. You can create different Matrix Cubes depending on your level, so keep collecting the shards. You can break old cubes down to their component shards and reform them into new cubes once you reach the required level.

Question: Does it matter if I’m Light or Dark side?

Answer: No, but there are a few benefits to maximizing either your Light or Dark rank. The best relics require either Light or Dark Rank V. However, you’ll be graduating to better relics once you reach level 55, so it’s not critical to maximize your Light or Dark side points.

Question: Should I use key bindings?

Answer: Yes! The skills you use most often should be bound to easy-to-reach keys. This will help you trigger the skills more quickly in combat. Set up something that works well for you.

Enjoy trying out new skills and gear. With the information here, you should be well equipped to get maximum enjoyment from playing your Jedi Consular Shadow.

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