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Player vs Player Guide - Star Wars The Old Republic

Learn all about the player vs player options in Star Wars the Old Republic

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Guide by Jae Onasi

Experience the Thrill of Fighting Other Human Players in the Star Wars Universe!

Do you love the thrill of battle? Does non-stop action get your blood pumping? If so, you’ll love player-versus-player (PvP) play in Star Wars: The Old Republic where you get to do battle with other human players in a variety of formats.

A battle rages in the middle area of the Ancient Hypergate Warzone map

How to Take Advantage of Player vs Player (PvP) in SWTOR

There are several different ways to PvP in SWTOR. There are PvP servers and repeatable PvP missions called Warzones. There are also ‘Open world’ PvP areas are available on all servers. These areas are neutral zones where players from the Imperial and Republic factions can meet in battle.

If you enjoy PvP in nearly all the regions of the game, choose a PvP or role-playing PvP server. These servers allow players to fight each other in open sections of many of the SWTOR worlds. The advantage is that you’ll get a lot of PvP action. The disadvantage is that there are very few ‘safe zones’ when you’re trying to complete planet quests.

If you prefer to explore a planet without fear of attacks from other players, stay with a PvE (player-versus-environment) server. If you don’t mind surprise attacks then you’ll enjoy a PvP server. You’ll still be able to enjoy open world PvP in the designated areas on planets like Tatooine and Ilum.

The Bastion, Jung Ma, and Prophecy of the Five are three servers entirely dedicated to PvP.  Playing on these will keep you on your toes as you must constantly watch out for players from the enemy faction.

Warzones - The Heart of SWTOR PvP

Most of SWTOR’s PvP takes place in the Warzones. Warzones are special PvP missions with specific objectives. These are special instanced areas where eight players from each faction battle one another. At the end of each Warzone match, the winners are awarded a victory, and everyone who makes contributions will earn medals. Those who contribute more earn more medals. There are five main Warzones: The Ancient Hypergate, Novare Coast, Voidstar, Huttball, and Alderaan. If that’s not enough, there are three Warzone Arenas, which pit a group of 4 players against 4 others.

We’ll go over the descriptions, objectives, and techniques for each one in the separate Warzone section.

There are some great rewards for PvP. First, you’ll earn experience points (XP), credits, and valor points. Once you reach level 10, you’ll be able to access the PvP queue for Warzones.

Warzone Brackets

Warzone matches are split into three brackets so you aren't completely overpowered by the highest level players.  The first bracket is for level 10-49 players. Your health points, damage, and healing will be scaled up to level 49 so that all gamers are on a more level playing field. Both your base and gear stats are increased too. You’ll see a little ‘Bolster’ icon with your other buffs when you enter PvP. However, your actual skills will not be scaled, so obviously someone who is level 49 and has a lot of skills available is going to have an advantage over the level 10 player who only has a few skills. They can also use higher level stims and medpacs. The main goal in this bracket is to get familiar with the five Warzones.

There are a few weapons below level 50 with Expertise, the primary PvP stat. These are available at the PvP Weapons vendor. The earliest level you can equip these weapons is level 14. You can also equip some of the +41 Expertise crystals in your weapons starting at level 10. These are usually found on the GTN or in Cartel packs. Examine the level requirement closely before you buy the crystal, however. Some require you to be level 50 or 55 to use.

You'll want to try and pick up a crystal with the +41 Expertise Rating as soon as you can for your PvP weapon of choice.  Expertise is the best stat for PvP.

Playing in PvP is a nice way to gain credits and XP if you don’t feel like doing a lot of planetary quests. If you’re stuck on a class mission and need to gain a level or two to improve your survival, PvP can give you the XP you need. Use XP boosts (those you've earned or bought on the GTN) to increase the experience gain from PvP matches.

The next bracket is for level 50 to 55 players. In this bracket you will want to accumulate the best PvP gear you can to be more competitive.

The last bracked is for level 55 players.  All the players are on the same footing in terms of level, number of skill points, and ability to use their skills to the maximum. However, those who have the highest level gear (Ranked gear) do have an advantage, since that gear has a much higher amount of Expertise along with better primary and secondary stats.

The 4v4 Arenas have a Ranked Arena option. You’ll do better as a solo player if you have the best gear and are level 55, but the system tries to match solo players of the same gear rating to make the battles more even. The system will also try to match the player roles (Healer, Tank, DPS) in the Solo queue. All players entering the Group Ranked Arenas must be the maximum level. The system matchmaking still tries to balance the group by overall rating, but there won’t be role parity. If you want to enter a group of four Troopers or Sith Assassins, you can.

Getting Into a PvP Warzone

To enter PvP, just click the PvP button on your mini-map, then select ‘enter queue’.

The queue for PvP is on your minimap.  Right click it and choose to queue as a solo player or as a group if you are in one

Once you do that, you’ll see a window pop up. This will allow you queue as a solo player or as a group. If you’re already in a group, the group leader can choose ‘queue group’. Otherwise, click ‘queue solo’. You won’t be able to select ‘queue ranked’ unless you’re level 50 or higher.

The best way to earn more XP is to pick up the daily and weekly quests in the PvP section of the fleet station. Then enter the PvP queue. You’ll be teamed up with seven other players and placed into one of the five Warzones or three others in the Arenas. Each Warzone typically lasts 15 minutes or so. Some are longer than others, depending on how quickly the objectives are finished. Arena objectives are simple: be the last team standing. The three different arenas are set up with different ledges, perches, and line of sight interruptions to make them more interesting, but they don’t have poison pits or fire traps found in some of the other Warzones.

Daily and weekly PvP mission terminals are on your fleet.  Completing these missions are the fastest way to accumulate Warzone Commendations you can use to buy better PvP gear

When you win or lose a match, you’ll see a ‘victory’ or ‘defeated’ window. It will show you a list of players and a number of different categories. These include the amount of damage done, kills, deaths, protection given, healing done, and objectives reached. It will also provide medals. Each medal gives you 250 Valor and five Warzone Commendations.

You’ll also have the option to vote for the best player in the match, which adds to the valor rank. This tends to be a very subjective measure. Some guilds who group together have a system in place where they give each guild mate a ‘best player’ vote in a round-robin fashion so that everyone receives some valor. Here are the medals you can earn:

Full List of SWTOR PvP Medals

  •     Demolisher – 2,500 damage from a single attack
  •     Annihilator – 5,000 damage from a single attack
  •     Combatant – Dealing 75,000 damage
  •     Destroyer – Dealing 300,000 damage
  •     Assassin – Killing a player in a one-on-one fight
  •     Quick Draw – Getting a killing blow on one player
  •     Commando – Killing 10 enemy players
  •     Soldier – Killing 25 enemy players
  •     Medic – 2,500 healing from a single heal
  •     Trauma Surgeon – 5,000 healing from a single heal
  •     Healer – Healing 75,000
  •     Savior – Healing 300,000
  •     Shield – 5,000 Protection
  •     Protector – 50,000 Protection
  •     Guardian – 2,000 Protection since last death
  •     Paladin – 10,000 Protection since last death
  •     Defense – Six ranks based on earning 1,000-15,000 Defender Points
  •     Offense – Six ranks based on earning 1,000-15,000 Offensive Points
  •     Dauntless – Six ranks based on how quickly you win a Warzone

You can earn PvP titles based on your valor rank. These are the titles you can earn and the rank you’ll need for each one:

  •     Valor Rank 10: Skirmisher
  •     Valor Rank 20: Duelist
  •     Valor Rank 30: Gladiator
  •     Valor Rank 40: Centurion
  •     Valor Rank 50: Champion
  •     Valor Rank 60: Battlemaster
  •     Valor Rank 70: War Hero
  •     Valor Rank 80: Conqueror
  •     Valor Rank 90: Warlord
  •     Valor Rank 100: Elite Warlord

You will earn the Deadly Contender title if you participated in at least one ranked Warzone in the pre-season, and Warzone Annihiliator if you have a PvP rating of 2500 or higher.

Warzone Commendations

Commendations are used to acquire better PvP gear and other items. There are two types: Warzone and Ranked Commendations. Warzone Commendations can be traded in for gear, Warzone stims and medpacs, schematics, Ranked Warzone Commendations, crafting boxes, mounts, crystals, mini-pets, and more. Ranked Warzone commendations can be used for higher level gear. They can also be traded down for regular Warzone commendations. Warzone stims and medpacs can also be purchased from other players in personal trades.

The PvP vendor is right next to the PvP misssion terminal.  At this vendor you can trade in your normal Warzone Commendations for Ranked Commendations or use them to buy other PvP related items.

Warzone Commendations are capped, so when you get close to the cap, buy some gear or convert some of your Commendations into Ranked Commendations to work towards the higher-ranked gear sets. Ranked Warzone Commendations are also capped. You can find information about how many commendations you've earned and how many you can earn in the Currency tab on your inventory.

You can check how many Ranked and Standard Warzone Commendations you have earned on your Currency tab of your Inventory menu

You might hear about Centurion, Mercenary, or Battlemaster Commendations. These are old currencies no longer in use, so don’t be concerned about them.

Make sure to pick up the daily and weekly quests at the kiosk near the PvP vendors. These quests will help you gain credits and Warzone commendations. Also, if you are going to change your skill tree at all (called a ‘respec’), do it before entering the queue. You cannot change your skills after you enter the queue.

Preparing for Battle – PvP Gear

At levels 10-49, use the best gear you have available. The PvP Gear vendor is one nice way to get a set of the moddable orange armor pieces. The best thing to do with the Warzone Commendations is to save them for level 50 so that you can get a piece or two of Conqueror gear right way.

Once you reach level 50, you’ll receive a quest to speak to the level 50 PvP vendor. You’ll be able to select a set of basic level 50 PvP gear that includes some Expertise stats. Make sure to get the correct set for your Advanced Class and skill tree for maximum effectiveness.

Your first few matches at level 50 may be tough if you have no Conqueror gear. Don’t worry about it. Unlike PvE, you don’t take any armor damage in Warzones. Even the best-geared Elite Warlords die in PvP a lot. Even if you have high level PvE armor, you’ll want to use the level 50 PvP gear. Expertise is the single best stat in PvP, and you’ll need it more than anything else.

Work towards getting the +41 Expertise crystal for your weapon(s). These provide the most Expertise out of any of the mods, enhancements, and augments. As soon as you have the crystal, pick up the relics and then the other armor pieces as you gain the Commendations. Don’t forget about the implants and earpieces.

Start trading in your Warzone Commendations for Ranked Commendations at the PvP Item vendor once you have a complete set of Conqueror gear. You’ll have to exchange your item plus the necessary Ranked Commendations in order to get the higher ranked version.

Gear vendors are located on the inner ring near the PvP mission terminal.  There are different vendors for standard and ranked gear.  You must have a corresponding piece of standard gear to trade in, along with a required number of ranked commendations, to get the ranked version of that gear. The names and stats of ranked gear changes periodically with game updates.

Start using the Warzone Medpacs and Adrenals now. You’ll need to be familiar with using these if you plan on going into ranked PvP. The adrenals only last for 15 seconds so time their use wisely. You can continue to use the stims appropriate for your class. Regular medpacs work in PvP, but the Warzone Medpac heals for considerably more than the PvE version. The PvE adrenals aren’t allowed in PvP.

Warzones - Keys for Success

The key to winning is not to make the most kills. The key is to complete the objectives, whether that’s capturing and holding a turret or running the Huttball to the end zone.

In general, put on the best gear possible. Recruit PvP gear is generally better than your PvE gear because of the Expertise stat. Hotkey as many skills as you can to make sure you can activate them quickly. Key bind the ‘Throw Ball’ skill in Huttball, especially if you’ll be running or passing the ball often. You’ll be stunned or slowed much more frequently in PvP than in PvE. Make sure to hotkey the skill(s) that remove those and use them often. Don’t be afraid to stun, interrupt, or slow your enemies, too.

Move your camera back as far as you can to get the largest view possible. Look around a lot to see if enemies are coming in from behind. You might want to enlarge your minimap to see the objectives better. Make sure to watch for circles at your feet. You want to run out of the area-of-effect (AoE) circles as quickly as possible.

Use a skill tree build designed for PvP. See our Advanced Class Guides for the best current builds. These builds are typically set up to maximize speed along with damage or healing. Use the best gear available for that tree. Players who PvP a lot typically have two sets of gear—one for PvE and one for PvP.

You might be used to standing in on spot or under cover while you use a skill with a long channel time. However, PvP requires a lot more mobility. Players who stand still a lot get killed a lot. Use your movement keys to get out of harm’s way. Run away if you need to in order to get to a safe spot to heal. Keep your shorter-channeling skills available so that you don’t get interrupted as often.

Rebuff and use a stim before the Warzone starts and after every death. Keep those on a hotbar to make it easier. If you’re close to death, it might be to your advantage to die and resurrect rather than waste a Warzone medpac, but most of the time staying alive to wreak havoc or heal a teammate is better.

There are some common terms used in all the Warzones. Map objectives are commonly called East, West, South, or North, with the exception of Alderaan. You might see ‘Incoming’ or ‘Inc’ for short. Sometimes, it’s followed with a number. It often looks like this: “Inc 5 South”, which means five enemies are incoming to the South control point. You might also see ‘Need heals’. If you’re a healer, heal that person.

If you have some type of voice communication, use it. It’ll be much faster than typing in the middle of a battle. Also, watch the chat for instructions from the group leader. A good group leader will tell teammates which objective to do first and how many people should go to which point.

Learn where the little buff items, called powerups, are located in each Warzone. They offer several types of buffs, including a buff to damage, defense, or speed. Some will also heal you. These can be handy if you’re low on health or need to run across the map.
Let’s go over the five Warzones. Each one has different objectives and success strategies. We’ll go over each one along with tips for offense and defense and commonly used terminology.


In this Warzone, three turrets are attacking two troop transports, one for the Republic and one for the Empire. Your goal is to capture and control as many of the turrets as possible to fire on the opposite faction’s transport. Controlling two will earn your side a victory, and controlling all three will earn you the victory even more quickly.

Because of an odd point-of-view quirk, ‘East’ and ‘West’ apply to how your faction sees the map, rather than actual East and West. For this reason, the three turrets are commonly called ‘snow’ (for the snow-covered turret), ‘grass’ (for the turret that’s not snow-covered), and ‘mid’ for the middle turret.

The Aleraan Warzone requires you to capture turrets to fire at the enemy ships.  Your goal is to destroy the enemy ship before the opposing team destroys yours.

Tanks and healers working together shine in this Warzone. If you’re a healer, particularly a Sage or Sorcerer, follow the Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior around. Running with Jedi Shadows or Sith Assassins who can use the Guard ability also works. Tanks should apply guard on the healer, and healers should heal the tank preferentially. Tanks should attack anyone who’s attacking the healer.

Another technique for healers is to have two healers working together to cross-heal each other. These healers stand just within the 10m healing radius of the group healing skills and heal each other while healing other teammates. This is especially useful at the middle turret where the fighting tends to be the fiercest.

If you are a player who can use stealth, use it often. You’ll be able to bypass unnecessary fights and enter an important battle at a turret. Go into stealth as soon as you jump off the landing zone so that opposing players can’t see which direction you’re going. You can also head towards one point, hit stealth, and turn to one of the other two points. Keep them guessing! If you have Mind Maze or Mind Trap, use that skill against players trying to take out your healers.

Smugglers, Imperial Agents, Shadows, and Assassins and other DPS (damage-per-second) classes should focus on interrupting and killing the healers. Let the tanks attack each other while you take out the people healing the tanks. Once the healers are down, attack the other DPS players. Use Mind Control and Mass Mind Control against enemies attacking healers. It will also contribute to your Protection score at the end of the match since it decreases damage done by the enemy.

The first thing to do when this Warzone starts is to capture at least two turrets. Determine which two your team is going to capture before the Warzone starts and communicate that via the chat feature. If you have it, use Force Speed or the equivalent to run to the turret and capture quickly if possible. Players who have stealth will often guard the snow or grass turrets and stay in stealth. It makes it appear like there are fewer players guarding the turret that way. If you’re guarding a turret, position yourself so you can watch the jump-off point for the other team’s resurrected players. That way, you have a heads up on players heading towards the turret you’re protecting. An alert DPS or tank player can defend a point solo if she or he has good communication with the rest of the team and can call out for help if the opposite team starts running towards that turret.

If your team has lost two of the three turrets, continue to hold that one turret while determining which of the other two you should try to capture. .Then, work as a group to capture the second turret. Don’t split your forces trying to capture all three unless you’re in the level 10-49 bracket and you clearly out-level the players on the opposing side. Typically, when you only have one turret, you only want to keep one player guarding with the rest of your team trying to capture the needed second turret.  When you have two turrets captured, it is often best to keep a minimum of two people guarding each turret.  A single defender can sometimes easily get overrun by a stealthed enemy or two and lose the turret quickly.

Sometimes, it’s numerically impossible to win the match. This usually happens when your team has less than 50 points and the other team has greater than 300. If that’s the case, group up at one turret so that you can at least earn a defender medal.


This Warzone has two rounds. Your side will take on the role of attacker and defender for the first round and then switch for the second round. The objective is to blow your way through three blast doors to get to the datacore and secure it for your side. The winner of the Warzone is determined by whoever reaches the datacore the fastest. If neither side captures the datacore, the winner is determined by who came closest to reaching it the quickest.

The Voidstar Warzone has the attacking team trying to make it through a series of doors to the ship's datacore terminal.  Defending teams try to stop them.  Each side will have a chance to attack and defend.

The attackers must plant a bomb on the first blast door. Defenders can try to block the player from planting the bomb or remove the bomb within a certain period. Once the bomb has exploded, the door opens to a hallway. Players run down to the next section.

Attackers have to extend bridges across a chasm to reach the next blast door. Defenders can block players from extending the bridges. Once a bridge is extended, players run across and attack or defend the next blast doors. If you have a knockback ability, you can knock enemy players off the bridges for an instant kill.

Once again attackers have to plant a bomb and defenders have to prevent the bomb placement or remove it. Once that door is breached, players run to the next room. Attackers have to deactivate a force field in order to reach the final blast doors. Defenders can interrupt the attackers to stop them from deactivating the force field. If the attackers break through these final doors, they can run to the last room and capture the datacore.

In this match, East and West are the same for all players. Watch for messages in chat like ‘Inc West’ or ‘help East’. If you see someone planting a bomb, you must do everything you can to interrupt that person. Once the bomb is planted, it’s hard to remove.

Like Alderaan, tanks should attack other tanks and anyone who’s attacking the person healing them. They should use Guard on the healers whenever possible. Focus on anyone trying to plant or defuse a bomb.

Healers should focus on keeping the tanks alive, particularly the one that has put Guard on them. This is a great place for two healers to cross-heal and keep their team alive, since players tend to cluster on one side. Use your group heals often here. Use an interrupt or stun skill against anyone planting or defusing a bomb.

DPS players should attack the healers first. Shadows, Assassins, Snipers, and Gunslingers can be brutally effective against healers. Watch the doors closely when defending.  If someone is trying to set or remove a bomb, immediately attack or interrupt them in some way.

If you have stealth, use it often, particularly when the match starts. Since it takes time to run around the fence barrier to get to the opposite door, activate stealth and watch which direction the opposite team is running. If you’re attacking, you can sometimes sneak up on a lone defender, stun them, and plant the bomb. If you’re defending and are in stealth, wait until you see which side the majority of attackers are running, and then join that side unless you’re specifically tasked with defending one side.

Once you breach the final door, run as quickly as you can to the datacore. Don’t try to kill the opposing team then. You only have to slow or stun them at this point.


This Warzone is completely unlike any other Warzone in the game. If you like an insanely fast-paced Warzone, this is the one. Your only goal is to capture the ball in the center of Giradda the Hutt’s ‘Pit’ and run it to the other team’s end zone. The only things in your way are acid baths, fire pits, anti-grav traps, and the opposite team. The first team to score six goals wins. If no one makes it to six goals by the end of the match, he team with the highest score wins.

Huttball is a lot like rugby.  Grab the ball and either it run it to the enemy team endzone yourself or pass it to teammates to do it. 

The best teams are extremely effective at positioning themselves so that one player can throw the ball to another teammate who tosses it to someone near or in the end zone. If you don’t control the ball, your only focus at this point is to attack anyone who carries the ball. It doesn’t matter who you kill if the ball carrier makes it across the goal line. Getting into needless side battles can be a huge distraction that doesn't help your team win. 

There are several traps that can hurt you on this map.  Avoid running through acid baths. If you get pulled into one, run out quickly, and use a skill that removes conditions to stop the poisoning.  Fire pits aren’t always active. You’ll be able to tell when the fire is about to erupt because the square will start to glow orange before the flames break out. Use a speed skill to run past it or wait until the fire stops before crossing. 

Make sure you have the ‘throw ball’ skill bound to a hotkey. That way, you can toss it to another player if you get stunned or are near death. Try to toss it away before you die. The opposite team often gets the ball after taking out the ball carrier. If a ball carrier is near the end zone, use whatever you can to slow or stun that person. Use any speed boosts you have to run to that player to take them down. If you keep the ball, use whatever speed boosts you have to run to the goal.

If your character has a pull ability, you will be a great asset to your team as you can run ahead of the ball carrier and pull that player up a ramp or wall to get that person closer to the goal. You can also pull teammates past traps and pull enemies into traps. You will not gain Dark Side points for pulling an enemy into an active fire pit, we promise.

Healers have a tougher time in this Warzone because players tend to get spread out. Try to stay with a tank when possible. Characters with knockback abilities can bounce enemies into fire pits and acid baths, or knock them off of bridges. If you bounce an enemy into an active fire pit and then use a stun on them, that player will die very quickly.

Tanks should typically be the ball carriers whenever possible due to their ability to survive longer than any other class. Other classes with speed boosts can also make good ball carriers.  Remember to support your team's ball carrier at all times by pulling them toward the goal, healing them, removing damaging effects, or stunning any opposing players attacking them.

Ranged DPS classes like Smugglers or Imperial Agents can do devastating damage by positioning themselves on the bridges to snipe at the ball carriers and other players. This is especially useful when the ball has been reset in the center and the opposing team is running toward the first bridges to reach the end zone.

If your team is about to score and your are near the middle, try to position yourself to get the ball quickly once it resets.  This is a great way to score again since some of your team will already be near the goal to receive your passes or assist you if you choose to carry the ball.

Novare Coast

This Warzone is very similar to Alderaan. There are three mortars to capture. Once captured, the mortars are used to fire on the enemy bunker to break through the shields and destroy the bunker itself. The major difference with this Warzone is that the capture is not an all-or-none proposition. A team can partially capture the turrets. Mortars can remain under partial control of one side or the other. If one team fully controls one mortar and the other team has only partially captured the other two, the team with full control of one mortar can theoretically win. Practically speaking, most teams work to capture two mortars fully and then hold them as long as possible.

Novare Coast requires you to capture artillery turrets which fire on the enemy team's bunker.  The first team to destroy the other's bunker wins.

The three mortars are often called ‘West’, ‘East’, and ‘South’ depending on map location. This is the same orientation for both factions. This map is a bit more spread out and there is more running between points. However, all the techniques found in the Alderaan section apply to this Warzone.  Good communications is always important as you help your team coordinate attacks on turrets and defenses on turrets you hold.

The Ancient Hypergate

This is not the typical capture-and-control Warzone. There are two energy pylons separated by a central ‘safe zone’. Your team’s goal is to be the first to reach 600 energy points which opens the hypergate and makes your team the winner.

The goal is to capture at least one of the energy pylons (orange circles) and accumulate power by holding your pylon, killing enemy players, capturing the enemy pylon, or taking energy orbs from the center section back to your team's pylon(s).

Once your team captures one or both pylons, any additional kills gives energy to that controlled pylon. The catch is that the pylons blast a death pulse every 2.5 minutes. Anyone who is not in the safe zone dies immediately. Whichever side controlled the pylon before the death pulse receives the energy points for each kill. If you rack up a lot of kills and then lose control of the pylon right before the death pulse, your kills won’t count towards your energy score.

There are energy cubes in the central safe zone. Bringing cubes to the pylon that your team controls adds to your team’s energy points immediately. Energy from kills is only added at each death pulse. If you’re close to the 600 energy mark, run some cubes to your team’s pylon. Cubes don’t give as much energy as kills, but the immediate boost can give you the win.

There is a multiplier effect for energy later on in the match. After the third round of death pulses, all the captured energy is increased by a multiplier of one each round. In the fourth round damage is increased times two, the fifth round times three, the sixth round by four, and so on. A team could theoretically lose the first round or two and win easily in the later rounds.  So avoid getting killed especially later in the game since dying will add a lot more energy to the opposing team's pylon.

Teams tend to congregate at either of the pylons (called ‘East’ or ‘West’) or in the center. Sith Warriors, Jedi Knights, and other tanking classes should concentrate on killing enemies and protecting the pylon from capture. Put Guard on the healers to keep them alive. The more kills you have on your captured pylon, the more points you earn. Like the Voidstar, this is a great Warzone for two healers to cross heal if possible. Heal the tanks to keep them fighting, especially the one who put Guard on you.

The DPS classes should attack enemy healers and protect their own healers. Those who can use stealth and have good running skills might be able to run a number of energy cubes to their own pylon, particularly if there’s a heated battle at the opposing team’s pylon.

If your team leader calls out “center”, run as quickly as you can towards the center safe zone. This is the time to use your speed skills if you get slowed. Players with knockback abilities can stand at the entrances of the safe zone and use their knockback skills to shove enemies back into the death field as the pulse goes off. Troopers and Bounty Hunters can grapple enemies back to them or yank teammates into the safe zone if the death pulse is about to go off. Players can also use a slow or stun skill on an enemy trying to reach cover to cause them to get killed by the death pulse.


Arenas are a relatively new addition to group PvP. These matches are 4v4 instead of 8v8 players. There are three different arenas, but the objective for each is the same: be the last team standing. The two groups will play three rounds, and the victors have to win two of the three rounds. While there are no firepits or other environmental hazards, there are many perches, covered spots, ramps, and assorted other items that can be used to great advantage. Don’t be afraid to use a perch to gain better line of sight, and don’t be afraid to duck into a covered spot to break line of sight. Cross-healing and using slows, snares, and stuns are going to help your team a lot.

Arenas are very simple 4 on 4 warzones.  Once you are dead, you are out.  Last team surviving wins the round.

Since your goal is to stay alive at all costs, make sure to equip the Warzone medpacs and adrenals, and use them wisely. If you can group up as a team on single players and pick them off one by one, you’ll stay alive. The best groups are going to have a good mix of roles to enhance survivability, but expect to see some unusual compositions in the Ranked Arenas. Some teams just like to do wacky things for entertainment.

Coming Soon - Space PvP Battles in Galactic Starfighter Update

In the fall of 2013, Bioware announced it will be adding player vs player combat in space.  Get a ship and fight other players in cosmic dogfights.  We're excited to see how it turns outl.

Have Fun!

As you play through the different Warzones and Arenas, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge as well as Warzone Commendations and Valor ranks. The PvP experience can also make you a better player in Operations and Hard Mode Flashpoints. Remember to turn in your daily and weekly quests when you complete them!

If you love the Warzone PvP experience, find a team of other players and try out Ranked Arenas. You’ll need to have a good balance of tanks, healers, and DPS players, good voice communication, and a lot of practice in order to do well, but Ranked PvP offers great rewards.

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