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SWTOR Tython Walkthrough - Jedi Consular

A step-by-step walkthrough of what to complete on the opening planet of Tython with your Jedi Consular character.

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Guide by Jae Onasi

Your Adventure Awaits! Take your time customizing your character. He or she will be with you hopefully a long time. Sit back and enjoy the opening crawl in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’ll be the last time you’ll be able to relax for quite some time in game.

Spoiler alert: If you want to avoid any spoilers to your story, stop reading now. We’ve tried to keep them to a minimum, but you’ll still see some things that may give away some information on different characters, your companion, and quests.

You won’t have any time to take a break once your shuttle lands on Tython. Master Syo Bakarn will meet you first, and your new Master, Yuon Par, will join you. Master Yuon will give you your very first class mission.

He's ugly, but Qyzen Fess comes in handy when he joins up with you

The Gnarls

Now is also a good time to stop a moment and set up your keybinds and preferences. Take a look at the SWTOR Beginner Consular Guide for more details on that. Head down the ramp to the first taxi. Clicking on any taxi point unlocks it for future use. After you’ve flown to the Gnarls speeder point, you’ll see an item called a bind point.

Click on bind points to unlock them. Make that a habit so that you can ‘quick travel’ to any unlocked bind point on a planet. This is a great timesaver.

You’ll see a number of people with open gold triangles above their heads. These people have side quests available. On Tython, you want to pick up all the side quests you can in order to get the experience, Light Side or Dark Side points, and nicer loot.

The Gnarls area is for the true beginners, from start to around level three. Once you arrive, talk to Master Relnex to pick up his side quest, “Early Lessons”. Click on your Force Valor skill to give yourself a 5% buff to all your main stats and 10% damage reduction for an hour. You can buff other players, too, and sometimes they’ll return the favor so that you have extra buffs.

Trot down the hill, where you’ll see a Flesh Raider cage with a quest icon. Right click on that to pick up the quest to rescue more Padawans. You’ll notice if you open your map (default key M) that the quests make a nice big circle through the area. The most efficient way to do it is to go in a counter-clockwise direction.

Once you’ve finished all three quests, head back to Master Relnex and talk to Master Yuon on your holocommunicator for the next mission.

Next Stop: the Jedi Temple

Your map will show you the route to take to the Jedi Temple and Master Yuon. When you reach the Temple grounds, click on the taxi and bind point to unlock them. You’ll see a Republic Medical Droid and other vendors where you can sell loot. Buy a couple of medpacs if you’re out, but on Tython, medpacs drop fairly frequently from enemies so don’t buy very many. If you remember to use your Meditation skill to fully heal up before battles, you won’t need to use medpacs often.

Talk to Liam Dentiri to start the “Combat Leadership” series of five quests battling training droids. This is a great way to practice new skills and earn some nice loot. Hallen also offers a quick quest to speak to your trainer. Once inside the Temple, however, visit Master Yuon first for information on your next mission.

Explore the lower level fully. You’ll find some equipment vendors, a Cantina with a bind point, a Tython commendation vendor, and a lore object. When you’re done gaming, try to log out in a rest area like a Cantina or the fleet station. This will give you extra ‘rest xp’ (or experience points) if you’re a subscriber. Then head to the upper level to pick up the lore object right outside the Jedi Council chamber doors and see the Jedi Consular trainer.

Your trainer in the Jedi Temple can teach you new Force skills and upgrade your current abilities when you level up

You’ll find a shuttle on the upper level. Pass it by for now and get on with handling the urgent Tythonian problems.

Kalikori Village

After running to the village, stop at the taxi and bind points to unlock them. Inside Trea Kobbeth’s hut, you’ll find a lore object. Talk to Bashenn for your main mission as well as Tazonthe Ghan, Vederiat Ayon, and Yuleph Phan, who offer side quests. Most side quests are in the same area as your story mission, so pick up all of them. You’ll notice your first boss, Mar’gavrok, on your trip to meet the Matriarch. If you don’t have a companion or party, skip him for now.

Once you finish with Kolovish, head into Flesh Raider territory for your other quests. Do the side and bonus quests first, saving the class mission for last. Use the quick travel skill to hop back to Kalikori Village. Turn in your completed quests for rewards, sell unneeded loot, and head back to the Temple.

Master Yuon will now send you to Lower Kaleth. On the pathway leading to the Forward Speeder Camp outside Lower Kaleth, talk to Master Silvarte and Padawan Fia. Talk to Jedi Till’in at the speeder camp. He’ll give you your first mission item, a scanner. You’ll find this in the ‘Mission Items’ tab of your inventory or as a clickable item in your quest list on the upper right side of your screen.

The scanner will light up when you can use it. Head over to Lower Kaleth, destroying any droids who try to attack. If they are Seeker droids, left click on them. This will select them so that you can use your scanner. You’ll see a glowing rock just as you enter Lower Kaleth. Stop there, since that’s part of your class mission. Have fun talking to Spanios and Moracen, especially if you’re playing a female. Take a short run up a little hill behind them. There’s a quest marker by a backpack. This quest is worth doing just for the funny dialogue options.

Take care of the droids you need for your class mission and side quest. Once you finish, run to the Forward Speeder Camp and speak to Till’in. Take the taxi back to the Temple. Trot over to Master Silvarte first to give him the news on his Padawan for some Light side points—or lie for Dark side points.

Back at the Temple, chat with Master Quilb about the backpack. Master Yuon will give you your next story mission. Visit the skill trainer if you picked up a level or two in Lower Kaleth. You’ll be able to pick up a couple more side quests by talking to Master Kalisa and Liam.

More Flesh Raiders!

While you may think you need to head back towards Kaleth at this point, it’s better to go to Kalikori Village instead to pick up a quest from Trea Kobbeth. Near the entrance into Flesh Raider territory, you’ll see a small backpack on the ground with a quest marker. Pick that one up as well. You’ll be killing lots of manka cats anyway; you may as well get the extra quest credit! When your tasks are complete, quick travel or run back to Kalikori village to turn in your side quests. Take a speeder back to Master Yuon at the Temple.

On to Upper Kaleth

When leaving the Temple, you’ll notice Liam has another training quest. Skip it until Qyzen Fess joins you as a companion. It’s much easier to do with a companion. Taxi to the Forward Speeder Camp, where Do Zonn offers you your first Heroic quest. Heroic quests can be repeated daily, but are not required for you to advance your story missions. Skip it unless you are in a party.

When you enter Upper Kaleth for your class mission, head to the north terminal first. Take a moment to climb up the toppled rock spires to grab the datacron. If you have trouble finding any of the three datacrons on Tython, make sure to check out the Datacron guide! You’ll meet Flingeld near the south terminal for a quick quest. Then, run back to the Forward Speeder Camp to taxi to the Temple. Skip finishing ‘New Recruit’, since you’ll be heading back to the area later.

Master Yuon will now direct you to find Qyzen in the Waterfall Caves. Pick up new skills if you’ve leveled up, sell off unneeded loot, and pick up a Resolve stim and a few medpacs if you don’t have any. The closest taxi to the Caves is the Forward Speeder camp, so fly back there. Sedni will offer you a side quest to control horranths. Pick it up, but do it after Qyzen Fess joins you as your companion. It will be quicker to complete that way.

Finally, a companion!

The Forge

Work your way through the cave and into your instanced area. Don’t be afraid to use Force Stun on the tougher enemies while you take out the easier ones. After finding Qyzen in the Waterfall Caves, continue south through the cave instead of going back to the Temple. You’ll enter The Forge area. Sell off any loot at the medical droid.

When you get close to the Fount of Rajivari, there is an acropolis with a Champion level boss. This is Tython’s World Boss. Don’t take on World Bosses unless you’re in a large party. All World Bosses can kill you in one shot if you’re alone.

Ouch!  Taking on the World Boss alone at a low level wasn't so smart

There’s a datacron to the southwest of the acropolis behind some walls. Grab it for a blue matrix shard that you can use to make a relic.

Qyzen joins you in your class mission, ‘Rajivari’s Legacy’, which is good, since ‘The Forge’ mission has some tough spots. Make sure you activate your buffs and use a resolve or fortitude stim to help you through. Let Qyzen be your tank, and try to position yourself behind enemies for extra flanking damage. Use your Force powers even when you’re in melee range. They often do more damage than your training blade. Once you receive your lightsaber in your inventory, don’t forget to equip it for the final battle with your enemy.

Ah, a real weapon!

Use quick travel and go to the Forward Speeder camp to complete ‘Horranth Control’. Talk to Viyo while you’re in the area. Follow the river into a cave. At the other side of the cave is another Datacron. Hop down off the ledge after you collect that for a quick jaunt over to the Forward Speeder camp again. Talk to Sedni. Taxi over to Kalikori village to speak to a very grateful Trea, then grab a ride back over to the Temple. Upgrade your lightsaber at the modification station near the taxi stop. Liam will give you two more droid quests to complete that quest line, so finish those now. Once inside the Temple, you’ll be summoned to the Jedi Council Chambers where you’ll hear a wonderful announcement—and learn some dire news.

As a full-fledged Jedi Consular, you’ll have to make decisions that affect both your future and the Jedi Order’s. You’ll choose your advanced class, choose crew skills, and get started on your next adventure!

Most importantly, have fun playing your Jedi Consular!

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