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Aion Aion

Discover the unique world of Aion and experience this great MMO without paying.

Bloodline Champions Bloodline Champions (MMO)

Engage in fast-paced, arena battles that won't suck hours of your time.  Bloodline Champions will test the limits of your strategy and skill.

Diablo III Diablo III (MMO)

Descend into hell and experience the award winning action RPG fans have been waiting for all this time.

Dota 2 Dota 2 (MMO)

Engage other human opponents in battle arenas with real-time strategy gameplay and RPG-like character development!

Dragon Nest Dragon Nest (MMO)

Create a warrior and fight through the forces of evil to rescue Rose and prevent the return of the Black Dragon.

Dungeons and Dragons Online Dungeons and Dragons Online (MMO)

Enter the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the original RPG tabletop game available for free play as an MMO.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Browser)

Guide your team of heroes to recover Greenwood's sacred jewel before evil takes over the land in this RPG adventure

EverQuest II EverQuest II (MMO)

Experience the sequel to the trailblazing hit MMORPG EverQuest.  Find out what you can play for free and what makes this game so compelling.

Free Realms Free Realms (MMO)

Dive into a family-friendly world that you can explore, adventure, and socialize.  Free Realms is completely open and leaves it up to you to craft your own game experience.

GemCraft GemCraft (Browser)

Create defenses by combining gems for defensive towers to annihilate enemies advancing on the road.

GemCraft Chapter 0 GemCraft Chapter 0 (Browser)

Create and place powerful gems in defensive towers to stop the enemy hordes from advancing!

League of Legends League of Legends (MMO)

League of Legends leads the way in the online battle arena category of MMOs.  Find out what makes this game great and what you can play for free.

Lord of the Rings Online Lord of the Rings Online (MMO)

Enter the world of Middle Earth and take on quests with your favorite Lord of the Rings heroes in your favorite locations.

MapleStory MapleStory (MMO)

MapleStory is an established, incredibly popular MMO with a ton of characters to play and plenty of levels to max out.  Read about what has made this game so popular for so long.

Runescape 3 Runescape 3 (MMO)

The world's most popular MMO that can be played right in your web browser.

The King’s League: Odyssey The King’s League: Odyssey (Browser)

Assemble a team of heroes to fight in turn based combat.  Train your team to become more powerful and ascend to the king's right hand.

Vindictus Vindictus (MMO)

Jump into the world of Vindictus and enjoy a brutal, hack and slash MMO with beautiful graphics and numerous instanced dungeons to explore.

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft (MMO)

World of Warcraft is now playable for free. Learn what you can do in this epic MMO without paying anything at all.