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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Exceptionally popular and equally crazy, Team Fortress 2 is an action packed game you need to try out.

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Game Description

Lock and Load!

The Spy is in the base. The enemy is grabbing the intelligence. The point is being captured. Are you going to stand by and let it happen? In Team Fortress 2, you most certainly won’t!

Official free to play promo video provides some nice clips of the crazy action in the game

It’s time to grab your best gun, put on your favorite hat, and teach those guys wearing different colors a lesson. Enter the colorful world of Team Fortress 2, which eschews conventional realism that other shooters are known for to deliver a fast-paced and darkly comical experience that has you fighting over more relevant issues.

The slow but powerful Heavy lets it rip with his massive minigun

You’ll battle for dominion over a pit of gravel, sabotage a monkey’s journey into space, wage war against an enemy army stationed just a few rooms away from yours, slaughter legions of money-powered robots, and much more. Anything can and will go in the crazy world of Team Fortress 2!

A Class-Based Shooter

True to its name, Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. You and up to eleven other players must work together to blow the opposing team sky high and win the game. Teamwork and strategy is important because you cannot do absolutely everything. Everyone is divided into a specialized class, all of which have different strengths, weaknesses and purposes. Knowing which class to play as and how to use it will be the key to victory.

Overview video from MMOBomb gives you a look at character selection and gameplay

  • Play as nine distinct classes. Switch between them anytime during a match to change your strategy on the fly.
  • Play a dozen different games with and against other players, including Control Point, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Special Delivery, Arena, Payload and more!
  • Engage in pure cooperative play with Mann vs. Machine. Team up with five other players and take on an army of robots.

Meet the Heavy

They say Mother Russia will make you strong. You’ll believe it when you go toe-to-toe with the Heavy. Armed with a powerful minigun that he affectionately calls Sasha, he is a veritable one-man army that can both dish out and take a lot of pain.

Heavy class gameplay footage

  • Has more health than anyone else.
  • With his minigun, the Heavy can shred everyone to pieces in seconds at close and medium distances.
  • Use his bulk to shield allies from enemy fire, but stay out of the open; the Heavy’s size and slow speed make him especially vulnerable.

Meet the Engineer

This good old boy from Texas may not look like much by himself, but he built that big turret that has its sights trained on you. The Engineer isn’t equipped with the best weapons out there, but he’s capable of building any number of machines that can help him and his buddies. Once he plunks his creations down into a well-fortified position, life for the opposing team becomes a heck of a lot more difficult.

  • Build powerful sentry guns that are capable of reducing enemy players into red paste in an instant.
  • Erect Dispensers to provide ammo and health for the whole team.
  • Set up teleporters to quickly warp teammates from point to point.
  • Acquire metal to upgrade all machines and make them more effective.

Meet the Soldier

Possessing an entire arsenal of army surplus weapons and a loose grip on reality, the Soldier is ready to deliver a present from Uncle Sam to anyone crazy enough to go against him.

  • Blow enemy players and Engineer machines up with an assortment of rocket launchers.
  • Rocket-jump to soar through the air and reach greater heights.
  • Switch to the shotgun if there’s just not enough time to reload the rockets.

Meet the Demoman

If ballistic weapons are boring to you, then maybe you should consider taking a page from this angry Scotsman’s book. True to his name, the Demoman is the resident demolitions expert, capable of throwing all manner of explosives onto his enemies and their buildings. He’s also a very capable swordsman and can best all other classes in melee combat.

  • Use the grenade launcher to fire nasty bombs that will explode in a few seconds. Hit enemies directly to blow them up immediately.
  • Deploy sticky bombs to create explosive traps that you can set off at any time.
  • Leap great distances by “sticky bomb jumping.”
  • Gather an assortment of swords and shields to become a master of melee combat. Slice, dice and ram everyone with impunity!

Meet the Scout

This fast-talking baseball enthusiast from South Boston is the fastest and most mobile mercenary available. With his Scattergun, fast-shooting pistol and aluminum bat, he can bruise everyone up and get out before they know what hit them.

A good look at the Scout in action

  • Outrun and outflank the opposition with unmatched speed and mobility.
  • Double jump in the air to reach greater height and dodge enemy fire.
  • Capture points faster than any other class.

Meet the Sniper

Don’t want to get your hands and suit dirty? Then go for a ride with the Sniper. This assassin from the land Down Under mixes professionalism with wilderness survival to make sure his targets take a permanent dirt nap.

Narrated footage of a Sniper owning an enemy team. A well-played Sniper can be a devastating asset

  • Kill enemies from across the battlefield with a nice assortment of sniper rifles.
  • Charge up your shots to fire an even more powerful bullet than normal.
  • Deal with anyone who gets too close for comfort with your trusty SMG or kukri. Show them what a real knife looks like.

Meet the Spy

If you’re the kind of person who likes to play mind games with your enemies before dispatching them quietly, then the Spy is your guy! This metaphorical lady-killer and literal man-killer from France relies on subtlety, trickery and pure cunning to cause mayhem behind enemy lines.

  • With his cloak, the Spy can turn invisible for a brief amount of time and sneak quietly without anyone knowing.
  • With the disguise kit, he can take on the appearance of any class and player and pretend to be on the other side. The Engineer’s sentries won’t even know the difference!
  • One backstab from the butterfly knife is enough to kill anyone and everyone.
  • Plant a sapper onto an Engineer’s machine to shut it down and destroy it.

Meet the Medic

No team is complete without a resident healer ready to patch everyone up. Unfortunately for the Team Fortress crew, they got saddled with this sadistic back-alley doctor from Germany. Although he can certainly fight with his bone saw and syringe-firing gun, the Medic’s expertise lies in using his wondrous but highly experimental medical technology to keep his allies alive and break through his enemies’ defenses.

Player narrated video giving you a good look at what the medic can do in a match

  • Heal all other team members with the patented Medi-gun.
  • Stay alive longer with built-in regeneration.
  • Build up an Ubercharge over time. When the time is right, activate it and turn both you and a teammate invincible! Use that time to take out as many enemies and sentries as you possibly can.

Meet the Pyro

What lies behind that mask? Is it a man, a woman or do we really want to know? No one knows who or what the Pyro is; all that they do know is that this lunatic doesn’t think twice about setting things on fire. Friends, enemies and the world are all fair game.

The Pyro burning it up including some good comments on how to play this class

  • Set enemies ablaze with your flamethrower.
  • Use your air-blast to juggle enemies in the air, throw them off cliffs, reflect rockets and explosives back to their source, and extinguish burning teammates.
  • Get a flare gun and invoke fiery doom on your enemies from long range!

Complete Your Collection

Every class has more to offer than what they start out with. As you play, you’ll acquire a wide array of weapons that behave differently from the default gear and add all new sets of strengths and weaknesses. You can also collect an array of hats and other cosmetic items that change your characters’ appearances and help make them look really unique.

  • Get new weapons like a bow for the Sniper, a ray gun for the Soldier, a speed-boosting drink for the Scout, and much more!
  • Unlock achievements to earn even more weapons.
  • Collect new weapons and hats from random drops as you complete matches.
  • Craft items that you don’t like or need into newer and better ones.

Join the Community

Team Fortress 2 is not just a game; it’s an entire community! Don’t let that fact intimidate you; the game has plenty to offer for both casual and devoted members alike.

  • Join any number of pick-up games that are already in progress. Play as many rounds as you like and leave at any time.
  • Trade items with other players.
  • Join a clan of skilled players for increased teamwork and coordination.
  • Download player-made mods or create your own and bring them to the table in custom servers.

Fight with Freedom

Ever since late 2011, Team Fortress 2 went free to play for PC and Mac gamers everywhere. Just install Steam onto your system, set up an account, and you’ll be all set.

  • Play with every class and use every kind of weapon.
  • Receive new weapons and items from drops as you play.
  • Take part in every type of game.
  • Craft basic items.
  • Receive gifts from other players.
  • Hold up to 50 items in your backpack.

Upgrade to Premium

The free version offers a whole lot to play with, but anyone who has a premium account can get all sorts of exclusive bonuses to make their gameplay more convenient. However, you can rest assured that this is no pay-to-win game; the perks you get are just that. No content is withheld from you; everything that can be bought in Team Fortress 2 can be obtained in the free game.

  • If you don’t want to wait for a weapon or item you want to drop, then you can pay cash to get it from the in-game Mann Co. store.
  • Acquire a premium account by either buying the Orange Box or purchasing any item that you like from the store.
  • Trade items with other players.
  • More complicated crafting recipes become available to you.
  • Your backpack automatically increases to allow you to carry up to 300 items.
  • Once you have a premium account, it stays that way forever!

Choose your Platform

Team Fortress 2 has had a colorful history. Ever since it was released as a modest part of the Orange Box in 2007, it has gone on to become a bigger, deeper and more widespread game all across the world and is available to gamers of many stripes.

  • Get Team Fortress 2 for your Mac or PC off of Valve’s proprietary Steam application. From Steam, you can get all of the updates, play all of the games, use all of the weapons, wear all of the hats, and can purchase all sorts of game-enhancing goodies from the in-game store. You can also mod it to your heart’s desire and set up your own dedicated servers.
  • It is also available for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as part of the Orange Box compilation. However, neither of these versions get nearly as much support as the Steam version, lack many features that have been added since its inception, and can only be played on Xbox Live and PSN respectively. Modding capabilities are out and neither version is free.

What Makes it Great?

Team Fortress 2 is a fun and fast-paced shooter with a lot of humor and style to help it stand out in the crowded genre. The nine classes are all distinct in their own way and you can tweak them even further by equipping them with different weapons as you acquire them. Best of all, you don’t need to pay a cent to enjoy what it has to offer and Valve is always adding new content to the game at no extra cost.

For a title with so little expense, Team Fortress 2 certainly has a lot of bang for your buck.


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