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The King’s League: Odyssey

Assemble a team of heroes to fight in turn based combat.  Train your team to become more powerful and ascend to the king's right hand.

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How to Play


  • The game can be played entirely with your mouse

Game Description

A New League has Begun

Ever since the victor of the previous King’s League ascended to the throne, peace and prosperity ruled over the kingdom of Kurestral. However, insidious forces were still at work. A recent assassination attempt on the king’s life left his most skilled and trusted knight, Whitney, mortally wounded. In order to find a worthy successor to Whitney, a new King’s League has been announced.

Will you be the one to rise to the top? Assemble your own knightly order and see for yourself! Recruit the bravest, toughest and most cunning men you can find. Train them to their full potential, make them earn their keep by completing quests for the hapless citizens of Kurestral, and take over lands for yourself, all in the name of winning the league. Work your way up through the extensive tournament, beat every other wannabe knight in team combat, and assume your rightful place as the king’s right hand.

The Making of an Order

Putting together a working knightly order will be no easy feat. It’s already a great commitment to turn an ordinary country bumpkin into a hero in shining armor, and you have to do this for a whole bunch of yahoos. Better get to work.

  • Assemble a team of up to five people.
  • Characters come in five classes: Knight, Warrior, Archer, Magician and Rogue.
  • Recruit aspiring heroes from the surrounding settlements.
  • Improve four distinct attributes through rigorous training exercises: Strength, Stamina, Intelligence and Agility.
  • Acquire crystals to increase the levels of your knights and grant them new abilities. Make them more lethal or hardy; it’s your choice.
  • Purchase and upgrade four facilities to accelerate your knights’ growth.

Quest and Battle for Glory and Gold

A knight may be the personification of honor and chivalry, but he needs to eat too. Your knightly order is going to cost a great deal of gold, so be sure to do everything you can to keep the money flowing. A poor order will never win the King’s League.

  • Undertake quests from the locals to earn money and other goodies.
  • Improve your reputation among the assorted factions and open up greater job opportunities.
  • Conquer lone territories with your battle-hardened knights. Tax their citizen for even more vital resources.
  • Take part in the King’s League. Pit your order against another and climb the ladder until you reign supreme.
  • Watch battles unfold in real time.
  • Pace yourself. Everything you do takes time and a lot of things are on a tight schedule.

Kurestral Wants You!

If you want to experience a whimsical little strategy game with a lot of time management for free, then you cannot go wrong with The King’s League: Odyssey. It’s a very open and easy to get into game with charming visuals and addictive gameplay. Assemble your order and become the greatest knight in the land with the next chapter of The King’s League!

Tips & Strategies

See the Official King's League Odyssey Guide (How the League works, unit breakdown, upgrade tiers, unique characters, quests, upgrades, events, and achievements)

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