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The Last Stand

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Find weapons, traps, and other people to help you fend off waves of zombie attacks.

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How to Play

  • Move your character with the W,A,S, and D keys
  • R key reloads your weapon
  • Spacebar changes weapons
  • ESC opens the Options menu and pauses the game
  • In between fights choose how much time you will spend fixing your barracade, searching for weapons, or looking for survivors

Game Description

The Zombies are Coming

For reasons that you can only speculate, the dead have begun to rise. In a matter of days, much of the population has been killed and turned into zombies themselves. As one of the last few uninfected in the city, Jack must do whatever he can to survive.

Set up a fortification using whatever you can scrounge up, keep it in tip-top shape, and destroy each and every zombie that comes shambling by using whatever firearm you have available. Look around for more weapons, team up with your fellow survivors, and see just how long you can hold out. You may not live to see tomorrow, but as long as you still have a life, you’ll fight to keep it. This is your stand. This is The Last Stand.

Fight by Night

You will not get a restful night’s sleep in The Last Stand. The zombies are hungry and they’re drawn to your breathing body like moths to a flame. Lock and load your favorite weapon and mow them all down. You only have until daybreak to kill them all.

  • Kill the living dead with 10 distinct weapons. Use a pistol, revolver, machine gun, shotgun, chainsaw and more!
  • Score headshots to kill zombies faster.
  • Recruit survivors and have them lend you additional firepower.
  • Kill slow zombies, fast zombies, durable fat zombies, zombies armed with shivs, police zombies, zombie dogs, and more.
  • Slay the undead quickly before they topple your barricade and overwhelm you.
  • Don’t let up your guard! The zombie horde grows stronger and more numerous with every passing night.

Search For Help by Day

When the sun finally rises, the zombies return to their graves. They’ll be back at dusk, so use the time you have to prepare for the next wave of attackers. Whatever you do, just act swiftly. A lot needs to be done and there are only so many hours in the day.

  • Search for weapons. Every hour you spend hunting will bring you closer to another powerful firearm.
  • Look around for more survivors. You’ll need all the hands you can get to gun down zombies and repair the fort.
  • Make repairs to your barricade. The more people you have, the faster it will be fixed.
  • Be careful when searching. The city is still a dangerous place and people can die during the day.

Quite a Thrill

If you’re in the mood for an old-school zombie mash-up, then you can’t go wrong with The Last Stand. It combines shooting with careful time management to deliver a game that’s equal parts tactical and strategic. Anyone who wants to spill some rotten guts should load The Last Stand up right now and get to work on this urban safari hunt.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Aim for the head and hit the closest zombies to your barricade
  2. After the first two nights, spend all of the next day searching for survivors to help you fight
  3. Having more survivors helps you repair the barricade quicker
  4. Keep the number of survivors to 5-7.  If you have lots of survivors, search for weapons.  If you have few survivors, spend more time searching for survivors than searching for weapons
  5. After you get more weapons, keep your loadout to one primary weapon (distance shooting) and one close range weapon for backup (shotguns, chainsaw, etc.)
  6. The Hunting Rifle and Barret Rifle are the most useful long range weapons in the game


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