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The Last Stand 2

Survive zombie attacks each night by searching for weapons, survivors, and traps during the day to help you.

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How to Play


  • W,A,S,D or arrow keys move your character
  • R key reloads your weapon
  • Spacebar switches weapon
  • Use your mouse to aim and fire

The goal of the game is to make it to Union City within 40 days

Game Description

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Walk At Night Again

Jack did the impossible. He killed thousands of the living dead all by himself, gathered up a group of survivors, and escaped in one piece to tell the tale. It looked like the nightmare was finally over. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It turns out that one of the survivors was infected and caused the escape helicopter everyone was riding in to go down, leaving Jack to fend for himself once again. His only hope now is to make his way to Union City, where he can cross the river and get away from the zombie menace once and for all. Time is of the essence. In a little over a month, the entire place will be bombed to the Stone Age, so he’d better hurry and use his running speed while he still has it.

Needless to say, it’s going to be another zombie-splattering romp with The Last Stand 2. Help Jack survive the undead onslaught. Hole up the fort, shoot down everything that approaches your barricade, lay down insidious traps, and do everything necessary to survive the night. When the rotting ones have had their fill of bullets, look around town for anything that will be useful, like weapons, supplies, traps and other survivors. Use the time you have wisely because it’s just not on your side. Be efficient, be fast, and remember to aim for the head!

Kill the Zombies

Don’t bother planting any seeds; they’re not going to save you. In order to survive this undead uprising, you will need a steady grip, a good trigger finger, lots of ammo, and a wall between you and the hordes of living dead.

  • Blow the zombies away with your favorite tools of destruction. Use a revolver, sawed-off shotgun, hunting rifle, chainsaw and more.
  • Set all sorts of traps to kill the zombies before they take another step. Slow them down with bear traps, blow them up with canisters of compressed gas, and send them to Kingdom Come with military-grade landmines.
  • Lead and arm a team of your fellow survivors. More guns in the fort means more dead zombies.
  • Kill the zombies before they destroy your barricade. Otherwise, it will be the end for you.
  • Slay dozens of different zombies, including slow shufflers, speedy runners, those that are armed for bear themselves, and even undead dogs.
  • Shoot zombies in the head to kill them faster.


Killing zombies is only half the key to survival in The Last Stand 2. The other comes in tending to your other needs. The zombies are inactive during the day, so use that time to find things that will help you get by for at least another night. Use it wisely; there are only so many hours in the day before the dead rise again.

  • Make repairs to your fort.
  • Search every building you can for weapons, traps, survivors and traveling supplies.
  • Plot your route as you travel from one town to the next. Reach Union City within 40 days to win.
  • Weigh your risk versus your reward. High population zones have more zombies to kill, but also more supplies to scavenge.

Make this Your Night of the Living Dead

The Last Stand 2 is a thrilling and suspenseful game of survival and strategy. By combining elements of shooting, time-management and tower defense, you have a wonderfully original and morbid gem not quite like anything else out there. If you can’t squeeze enough dead zombies into your day, then load The Last Stand 2 up onto your browser. It has just the right blend to get you going.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Generally aim for the zombies' heads (unless they were protective gear).  Also hit the ones that are the closest threat.
  2. Finding survivors to help you fight is key to success.  Equip them with weapons you are not using
  3. If you are having trouble, try using new weapon combinations for you and the survivors
  4. Traps generally work best as a last line of defense


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