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This Is The Only Level

Control a blue elephant and guide him to the end of the level....but there is no end! (or is there?)

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How to Play


  • Arrow keys move your elephant left and right.
  • Up Arrow key makes your elephant jump

Game Description

Hardly the Only Level

Just about everybody with experience in game design will tell you that making a game is hard work. You have to make sure it’s free of bugs, looks good, controls decently, and has level design that is varied and top-notch. However, one game stands out in stark opposition to that last rule. In a world where games are filled with dozens of distinct and beautifully-rendered stages, This is the Only Level dares you to spend a good chunk of your time sitting in only a single one. However, don’t be fooled by the humility of the title; This is the Only Level may have only one layout, but it uses it for all its worth to make you solve a surprising number of challenging puzzles!

One Stage, Many Puzzles

You control an elephant. Your goal is to get him outside of the room. There are spikes in the way, as well as a button that activates a door to the exit. Just press the button, go to the door, and you’re finished. Does it sound simple so far? It may be at first, but it will get tougher soon enough. Just you wait!

  • Solve 30 puzzles that grow increasingly more difficult.
  • Read the level’s title to get a clue as to how it can be completed.
  • Press the Panic button to reset the puzzle if you get stuck.
  • Guide your elephant with unexpected changes to your controls.
  • Deal with gravity that does not behave normally.
  • Fight against on ongoing headwind.
  • Complete a level using only one jump.
  • Navigate through a level in complete darkness.
  • And much more!

An Elephant Always Improves

Even after you complete the only level in This is the Only Level, you can still improve. The game records your statistics as you play. Keep them in mind for future replays if you want to master the puzzles of This is the Only Level.

  • Complete the game in record time.
  • See if you can make a perfect run through every puzzle without ever dying.

This is Not the End

This is the Only Level is a deceptively tricky and surprisingly creative little puzzler that you can play for free on your favorite browser. It may only have one level for you to complete, but the amount of ways it changes things up are hilariously astounding. Check it out right now and see how much variety truly rests within one level.

Tips & Strategies

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