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Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend

Battle for control of entire planets in this awesome first person shooter that is one of the best!

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Game Description

Futuristic Tribal Warfare

The time is now. Load up your gun, get into your armor, and put on your jetpack because you’re about to go to war in a whole new arena where gravity is only a minor inconvenience.

Official video where that lets you see the awesome graphics and intense action

Welcome to Tribes: Ascend, a free-to-play first-person shooter that turns the whole genre on its head. Running and gunning in war-torn battlefields and dreary military bases is old hat now. In this game, you’ll be flying and gunning across sprawling and wide-open maps as you and your team battle for dominion over entire planets!

Bridging the Old with the New

Tribes: Ascend brings old-school first-person shooter action and updates it for the modern age. It reintroduces concepts such as fast movement and the importance of mobility and pits you and your fellow players against each other in environments designed to let you take advantage of both. All players are divided up into different classes each of which are capable of performing different feats, from pulling gravity-defying stunts to unleashing fiery mayhem onto the opposition.

  • Battle for glory, honor and cold hard cash on over 30 enormous maps.
  • Play as nine distinct classes, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and purposes.
  • Customize each class by swapping out different weapon sets and packs.
  • Equip up to two Perks onto every class to hone their talents even further.
  • Run on the ground, rocket into the sky, slow down your fall to the earth, and glide in the air!
  • Ski down hills, mountains and inclines and use your momentum as a weapon in and of itself.
  • Pilot an array of vehicles, including the fast-flying Grav Cycle and the mighty Beowulf tank.
  • Play five different kinds of games, including Team Deathmatch, Arena, Capture and Hold, Capture the Flag and CTF Blitz.
  • Expend your energy reserves to perform all sorts of superhuman feats. Fly in the air, turn invisible, activate biotic shields, and more.
  • Earn credits within each match and use them to buy base upgrades, vehicles, supply drops, and even tactical air strikes!

Cover New Ground with the Pathfinder

In terms of speed, the Pathfinder has no equal. Capable of achieving velocities of over 200 miles per hour, he can leave everyone in the dust without ever once breaking a sweat. He may not hit the hardest nor can he take the most punishment, but when it comes to capturing a point or chasing down a renegade who has your flag, no one is a greater credit to the team than the Pathfinder.

Player created video that gives you a nice look at the Pathfinder class

  • Run faster than any other class.
  • With your high amount of jetpack charge, your Pathfinder can stay in the air longer than anyone else.
  • Ruin your enemies’ days by getting up close and personal with a shotgun.
  • Knock flags and items out of enemy hands with the Impact Nitron.

Kill From Afar with the Sentinel

Ranged combat is king, especially when the battlefield stretches for a couple of miles. In Tribes: Ascend, no one else has greater range than the Sentinel. Armed with a variety of sinister sniper rifles, he is capable of picking enemies off from a distance while laying well outside their firing range. You can never afford to stand still for a second while the Sentinel is out.

Video gives you insight into how to play the Sentinel class

  • Charge up your shots or expend energy to fire more powerful rounds.
  • Deploy a Drop Jammer to hide the position of you and your buddies from enemy eyes. Leave them guessing as to where you’re firing from and set up elaborate ambushes!
  • Put down Claymore mines to either bolster your base’s defensive perimeter or to leave a nasty surprise for anyone who gets too close to you.

Go Behind Enemy Lines with the Infiltrator

The Infiltrator has one of the most vital and dangerous jobs in Tribes: Ascend. While the rest of the team holds the line, he must get into the enemy base and destroy them from within. In order to accomplish that, he is armed with the most advanced tools necessary for sneaking in undetected and blowing things sky high. The Infiltrator may not be too good in a one-on-one fight, but as long as he is patient, he is one of the deadliest warriors on the field.

Player narrated video showing the highlights and strengths of the Infiltrator

  • Turn invisible with the Stealth Pack and prevent your foes from knowing about your presence until it is too late.
  • Use a variety of silenced firearms to kill enemy players without alerting the rest of the team.
  • Throw sticky grenades to destroy your enemies’ bases, vehicles and soldiers. Use them in the heat of battle or set up explosive traps.
  • Cloak instantly and beat a hasty retreat by throwing down a handy smoke grenade.

Do Whatever it Takes to Win with the Soldier

No army is complete without a healthy dose of soldiers. In Tribes: Ascend, the Soldier has a lot of jobs to fulfill. He can defend the perimeter of his team’s base or launch assaults directly onto the enemy team’s territory. When you want flexibility and the chance to change your strategy on the fly, nobody else has more well-rounded attributes than the Soldier.

A look at the Soldier including initial load out and gameplay

  • Fight enemies from medium range with assault rifles, get in close with the Thumper DX, and clear out rooms using some painful explosives.
  • Arm yourself with the Spinfusor, the signature weapon of the Tribes universe. Fire a ballistic round that explodes on contact!
  • Pick off stragglers with the Eagle Pistol sidearm.

Maintain the Perimeter with the Technician

The Technician has a far more sophisticated job than most other troopers in the world of Tribes. While they have to go fight the enemy head-on, he remains in the base to ensure that it remains safe and secure. His presence alone will make the enemy players’ lives much more difficult in there.

Check out the Technician in action

  • Patch up holes in the base using an assortment of repair tools that work better than what every other class is capable of.
  • Deploy turrets to automatically fire on invading players and their vehicles.
  • Use motion sensors to trip up enemies, inform you of their presence, and drain their energy.

Go in Guns Blazing with the Raider

If you’re looking for a more offensively-minded class, then the Raider should be your man. Armed with powerful weapons and defensive shields, he is the most ideal candidate for running interference and assaulting from the front.

Player narrated gameplay video highlighting the Raider

  • Use the Shield Pack to absorb damage with your energy.
  • Hide from enemy eyes and turret sights by activating the Jammer Pack.
  • Blow the opposition up and away with explosive weapons like the Grenade Launcher and Arx Buster.

Destroy Everything with the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut does not know the meaning of subtlety. Wearing the heaviest armor possible, he is hard to miss and even harder to kill as he literally rains fire down from the sky and onto his hapless foes. Not even the most fortified of bases can withstand his assault for long.

Montage video gives you a look at the Juggernaut in action

  • Has more health than any other class in the game.
  • Bombard things from afar with a variety of long-range explosives, like the Fusion Mortar and MIRV.
  • Use the Spinfusor MKD as both a weapon and a way to move around the map.

Strike Fear into the Hearts of Your Opponents with the Doombringer

The aptly-named Doombringer has only one purpose: to make everybody think twice about crossing him. Armed to the teeth with some of the most devastating arms ever thought possible, he is the first line of defense as well as the first thing the opposition needs to worry about when planning an invasion. No base, flag or generator is complete without a Doombringer watching over it.

A look at the Doombringer in action

  • Ward off nearby enemies with the chaingun or use the Heavy Bolt Launcher to take them out from a distance.
  • Destroy vehicles with the Saber Launcher.
  • Deploy a force-field to block all incoming fire.

Bring the Pain with the Brute

If you want a class decked out in heavy armor that is capable of both defending your flag and tearing other players to bits, then you should give the Brute some consideration. He can help man the defenses at home and wreck havoc elsewhere with a healthy variety of firearms suitable for all kinds of tasks.

  • Fight up-close with the likes of the Hammer and Automatic Shotgun.
  • Kill from longer range with the Nova Cannon.
  • Throw Fractal and Extended Fractal Grenades to make entire areas of the map deadly for anyone to pass through.

Play for Free

Few things are free in real life and that applies to Tribes: Ascend as well. Make no mistake; the game is free. If you have a Windows computer that matches the requirements, then you can get started with it right now. It’s just that you what you begin with when you set up your account is not all it has to offer. The more you play the game, the more toys you can accumulate to make your interplanetary tour a fun one.

  • Acquire experience as you play. Use it to purchase and unlock new goodies as they become available.
  • Start out with the Pathfinder, Soldier and Juggernaut. Unlock the other classes over time.
  • Get new weapons, packs and other items to customize every class and alter their play styles.

Name Your Price

It may not cost any money to play Tribes: Ascend, but it does have a cash shop that allows you to purchase all manner of game-enhancing goodies. Don’t worry about needing to spend money just to stay competitive. Nearly everything that can be purchased from the store can be obtained simply by playing the game. The cash shop is just another option you can use to improve your experience with Tribes.

  • Use real money to purchase new classes, weapons and perks if you just don’t have the time or patience to get the things you want from normal play.
  • Alter the appearances and sounds of your classes. Buy new skins, armor sets and voice packs to change them on an aesthetic level.
  • Buy XP Boosters to increase the rate at which you gain experience as you play.

What Makes it Great?

If Tribes: Ascend does one thing better than every other shooter out there, it’s how it handles the simple act of movement. Few other games give you the freedom to move as erratically and speedily as you can in this one. You can slide down hills like an experienced skier, hover in the air thanks to your jetpack, fly high into the sky, and even use the knock-back of explosions and your own weapons to get around. Movement is the key to succeeding in Tribes because attacks can and will come at you from every angle. Add to a staggering number of unique classes to play as, all of which can be tuned even further, and you have a game that you can play all the way into the wee hours of the night without even realizing it.

Best of all, it can be experienced for as much or as little money as you like! If you want a colorful new shooter that gives you more mobility than what the rest of the market offers, absolutely sprawling maps, awesome weapons, and futuristic vehicle that are capable of causing all sorts of destruction, then you cannot go wrong with Tribes: Ascend. It's worth a look for the curious.


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