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Warfare 1917

Strategically deploy your troops on various World War I battlefields to beat your enemy and get experience to upgrade your army.

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How to Play

  • Win the battle by taking enemy ground or reducing enemy morale through superior kills
  • Click on unit portraits to create them and deploy them on the battlefield
  • Click the lever icon below the trench to give orders to troops in the trench
  • Use the arrow keys to move the map left and right to see enemy trenches
  • Only 3 squads are allowed in a trench.  If a trench is full, newly created squads will advance.
  • Locking a trench will make all new units advance past that trench
  • Click on the fire support icons to launch aerial weapons (mortars, artillery, gas, etc.) against enemy troops in trenches
  • Earn experience by killing enemy soldiers and winning battles efficiently.  Use experience in between battles to upgrade your troops and fire support

Game Description

“Join the Army,” They Said

The year is 1917. The location is some no man’s land in the middle of the European continent. Welcome to the frontline of World War I, commander. The enemy is a few dozen yards up ahead. They’re armed for bear, deeply entrenched, and are ready to load up the mortars. Get in there and take that trench!

Call in reinforcements, gather as many of them as possible inside our own trench, and charge the enemy with everything you got. What kind of troops will you need? That’s your call. Just bring in the right guys for the job, kill all the enemy soldiers, and storm their trench before our morale breaks. Whatever you do, stay on the offensive and don’t give up. A lot of people are going to be heroes today. The rest are going to keep on fighting.

War in the Trenches

Your goals in Warfare 1917 are simple; break the enemy’s spirit and gain ground for your army. Unfortunately for you, the simplicity ends there. Time is of the essence in this war; the chances of your men dying pointlessly in a hail of enemy gunfire goes up with every second that passes by. Plan ahead, think fast, and do everything it takes to outlast the enemy forces closing in on you.

  • Take control of either the British or German forces. The former can deploy faster, but the latter fights more effectively.
  • Call in a variety of reinforcements, including rank-and-file riflemen, machine gunners that work best in the trenches, grenadier assault teams, and more.
  • Deploy powerful tanks that lay waste to all infantry units in their path.
  • Call in support fire at once. Barrage the enemy with mortar shells or spray them with poison gas.
  • Move your troops forward and gain the offensive by taking over enemy trenches. Fight tooth and nail to keep the ground you’ve covered.

Train the Troops

Graduating from boot camp is only the beginning for a young soldier. Experience is the best teacher, and you’ll be getting a lot of it for every victory you eke out. As you grow more experienced, you can upgrade your troops in a great number of ways.

  • Distribute harder helmets to improve everyone’s defensive capabilities.
  • Give everyone an extra ration of rum to improve their morale.
  • Increase the running speed of incoming reinforcements.
  • Improve the quality of your mortar launchers, making them more deadly and accurate.

You Want This!

Amidst its grim atmosphere, Warfare 1917 is a frenetic and challenging game of strategy. You need to constantly outwit your opponent and counter every possible attack he launches your way from start to finish. Battling over a single trench can be a tense game of tug-of-war which puts lives at stake, and taking too long to plan your next move will have fatal results. If you want to experience a war game that is as tactical as it is quick, then enlist with Warfare 1917 and battle in the trenches of your browser!

Tips & Strategies

  1. Advancing against an enemy trench full of troops is suicide.  Use fire support to lessen enemies in trenches or wait until the enemy advances, defeat the advance, and then move your troops forward against fewer enemies in the trench.
  2. Mortars work better against advancing troops than entrenched troops.
  3. Choose carefully which troops to deploy since each troop type has their own strengths and weaknesses. Riflemen are a decent starting option in the beginning levels.
  4. On battles with multiple trenches try to advance quickly with strong defensive units (infantry, machine gunners) to take control of the middle of the map
  5. Don't forget to upgrade your fire support.  Strong fire support can make the difference in battle.
  6. Gas fire support can be either used against enemy trenches or to block an area to keep the enemy from advancing
  7. Do not try to advance if you hear enemy fire support incoming.
  8. Machine gunners and snipers don't do well in the open, keep them in trenches whenever possible.
  9. Use anti-tank and artillery fire support against enemy tanks.


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