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Warfare 1944

Smartly deploy your soldiers on various World War II battlefields to beat your enemy, earn experience, and make more powerful troops!

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How to Play

  • Select units with your mouse and then click on an area in the deployment zone to place them in battle.
  • Units in battle can be controlled by clicking on them and then selecting an option on the Intel Panel at the bottom of the screen.
  • Win by either getting a unit to the end of the middle depoly area, or depleting the enemy's morale by outnumbering them, flanking them, or killing a large number of them. Additionally, some missions have special objectives you need to complete as another way to win.
  • Earn experience by killing enemies, ending missions quickly, or ending missions efficiently.  Use experience to upgrade your troops.
  • For more info, view the in-game Tutorial Video located in the "Instructions" menu

Game Description

The Invasion has Broken Through!

It’s 1944 and the Allied Powers have successfully launched one of the biggest land offensives in the history of military warfare. They will now begin their march across Europe, from the French countryside to the German border.

Where will you stand in the war? Will you command the American forces in continuing the march west, or will you join the Germans and try to stop the foreign invaders every step of the way? Regardless of your choice, it will be your responsibility to lead the men under your charge. Know what troops to send in for the right job by using their specialized talents to the best of your abilities. Out-think and outflank the enemy, and you will win this war in no time!

Request Reinforcements

The military’s resources are at your disposal. It has a wide range of brave men ready to fight at your command. Every one of them has been trained for different combat situations, so use them wisely. There’s only so much time at hand and lives are at stake.

  • Deploy Riflemen, who are both economical and well-suited to fighting in all kinds of situations.
  • Send in an Assault Team, which is extremely skilled at taking out entrenched enemies.
  • Destroy fortified bunkers and armored tanks with your Bazooka Team.
  • Take control of fortified positions with your Machine Gunners.
  • Boost everyone’s morale and abilities with the help of an Officer.
  • Send in a Sniper to kill enemy machine gunners from afar.
  • Bring in the armored cavalry with a powerful tank that will crush everything in its path.

There’s More Than One Way to Win a War

War has changed from Warfare 1917 to 1944. There are more strategies for you to utilize and more ways to attain victory than ever before.

  • Keep your troops behind cover and know when to move them out.
  • Barrage the enemy from afar with your mortar team or call for air support.
  • Kill enough enemy troops so that they become demoralized and surrender to your superior force.
  • Flank the enemy by taking control of the top and bottom rows of the battlefield. The remaining troops will be completely at your mercy.
  • Take all ground on the battlefield, leaving the enemy with nowhere to deploy.
  • Complete special goals that are unique to specific levels.

Train the Troops

As in the previous Warfare game, Warfare 1944 lets you put together a strategy of your own by determining what the best way to train your troops will be. Earn skill points as you level up and spend them in a variety of fields.

  • Upgrade the men’s attributes. Increase their starting defense, attack, movement speed and morale.
  • Equip the troops with better stuff. Give your infantry grenades, equip the snipers with smoke bombs, and so on.
  • Increase the quality of your tanks and mortar cannons.

Enlist Today!

Warfare 1944 expands on its predecessor’s foundation in every way. The overall strategy has changed to reflect the tactics that were employed during WWII; you have more bases to cover, more men to send in, and more cunning enemies to fight. It’s a much more intense experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. If you want another fast-paced game that requires quick strategic thinking, then load up Warfare 1944 and lead your troops to victory!

Tips & Strategies

  1. Machine gunners sent to cover are a good all around starting tactic on most levels
  2. If you have a tank, send it in first
  3. Use Bazooka soldiers against enemy tanks early on
  4. Typically don't use snipers alone as big groups of enemies can take them out easily.  Support them with infantry, machine gunners, and assault groups.
  5. Low morale affects your troops' accuracy and firepower.
  6. Troop upgrades are generally more effective than fire support upgrades
  7. The middle row can get attacked from the top and the bottom rows.
  8. Upgrade your troops' defense, attack, reinforcement time, and grenades early on.
  9. Finishing levels quickly get your more points for upgrades.

Video Walkthroughs

U.S. Campaign Walkthrough - Missions 1-4


U.S. Campaign Walkthrough - Missions 5-8

German Campaign Walkthrough - Missions 1-4

German Campaign Walkthrough - Missions 5-8


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